Whispers recording this week, bring out your questions

What?! There’s life outside of Silent Hill: Downpour? YOU LIE!

It’s that time again, true believers! Another podcast is recording this week, and we need your questions! DELICOUS QUESTIONS. Don’t be afraid, we wont hurt you!

I was going to have Piglet in the rain as the pic, but then I remembered, VIVA LA ACE ATTORNEY!

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  • Question: What are everyone’s favorite puzzle from any Silent Hill game, and on which difficulty?
    Thanks guys keep up the awesome job!

  • Ross Ingram

    Will those of you that can, be checking out Yakuza Dead Souls on PS3?

    We need to start a “Whitney needs a PS3” fund. If Twin Perfect can scrounge enough for two copies of Downpour anythings possible. Who’s with me?

  • StuntmanSnake

    ^ I have Yakuza Dead Souls and I’m loving it!!

    Question for you guys, what do you like and dislike most about Downpour? For me, I LOVE the atmosphere and exploration elements. What I dislike is the unsmoothness of the game. It seems to be glitchy and has framerate issues. The texture pop-in doesn’t bother me because the amazing Shadows Of The Damned made me used to it.

    • Ross Ingram

      I’m loving it too. Have you played the other games in the series. I love that Majima is playable he is insane 🙂

      • StuntmanSnake

        I’ve only played Yakuza 3. I really love how the series feels like Shenmue! Shenmue is one of my most favorite games of all-time.

        • Ross Ingram

          You really need to play Yakuza 4. My personal Game of the Year 2011. Best in the series so far.

  • MindlessWalter

    Hi! My question: what is your favourite and least favorite game in Silent Hill series and why? And what do you think about new Akira’s project – Lollipop Chainsaw?
    thanks for attention C:

  • Ahmad S. Al-Hamily

    So while playing Downpour do you guys ever sing to yourself. Like make your theme song? I found myself doing that heck I do that for every SH title.


  • Iceweb38

    Aaaw that Ace Attorney pic, so many memories <3 <3 <3

  • Li

    Best and worst SH monster, both in terms of metaphorical meaning and combat? I’d also be curious to know about bosses.

  • Li

    While I’m at it, which RE character do you enjoy most, in terms of character arc / dialogue / design…?

  • Mr.Awful@9

    What do you guys think makes a good videogame monster?

  • I would like it if maybe you guys comment on the mixed reviews for Downpour from other websites. I read the one here by CJ, and it was a great review, but after reading the review from IGN, Gamespot, and GameInformer (among a few other) I would just like to hear what you guys think about the mixed reviews on this game…

  • Levito

    Oi again Whispers crew,

    1.) Do you think the Silent Hill releases this month are being properly promoted and advertised? There’s been very little marketing behind Downpour, to the point where even most people on hardcore gaming sites like Neogaf and r/gaming had no idea it was coming out/came out.

    2.) Do you think the Deadly Premonition Remaster on PS3 will come out this year?

    Also, upon your recommendation I watched School Days, and you guys were right. The final couple episode were pretty fucked up, they played out like a Cannibal Corpse song. lol

    Thank again and keep up the good work crew!

  • 1 – Favorite random Silent Hill: Downpour SideQuest?

    2 – Give 3 “MUST FIX” for Vatra if they were to do another entry to the Silent Hill Series.

    3 – What did you overall think about Murphy’s journey in Silent Hill and which ending you got?

  • StuntmanSnake

    Another question for you guys.

    Are you and Tomm Hulett pretty close now after the interviews and play testing?

    Any chance you can find out if a PS3 patch may be on the way? The game’s jenkyness and framerate dips are making the experience unsettling.

  • Fred

    Another Question for you guys

    1. Is Silent hill Downpour deserving to be a silent hill game in terms of scares and tension, and what about the monsters design?

    2. what do you think about Downpour’s Music , is Daniel Licht a deserving to becomes silent hill’s new composer for the silent hill franchise?

    3. Favorite Silent hill Theme song?

  • What would Silent Hill be like, if Alan Wake ever went there?

  • By the way, we’re recording on Sunday, folks. Making sure the whole cast has finished Downpour.

    • Ross Ingram

      So jealous 🙂 but at least I’ve got plenty of zombies to kill in Yakuza Dead Souls.


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