SDCC 2015: Watch Resident Evil Zero’s journey from the N64 to modern platforms

Most Resident Evil fans know that Resident Evil Zero began as an N64 game, but few have seen it in action. Today at San Diego Comic Con, Capcom showed off some footage of the original Zero prototype.

It’s only a few snippets cut between footage of the Gamecube and new remastered versions of Zero, but it’s still cool to see none the less. I remember seeing pictures of this┬áprototype in gaming magazines over a decade ago, never thought I’d see it in motion! Be sure to check out the footage below.


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  • Aden

    Didn’t realise how much had changed! Shame about Rebecca’s face though, I prefer it in the original

    • Hellen

      They don’t really show her old face up close, at least not in the trailer. The dude’s face is gorgeous as it is, though!

      • Aden

        I’m just used to seeing it on various models online I guess… Hell yeah, Billy could get it haha

  • WifiJedi

    Poor Rebecca needed a quick turn button while aiming at those zombies, instead she’s forced to do the sloooww turn which looked scary as hell. Looking forward to the HD remaster, RE0 is my second fave after RE2.

  • Andy

    As much as I love the RE0 we have now. I do really like the original game on the N64. It has a lot of RE2 and RE3 vibes going on. The voice acting is not that bad either. It would of been cool if it came out.

  • Wojciech Olczyk

    So, prototype was ever released as rom?

  • Liam Mountain

    would of been cool if they bundled the prototype demo with the actual hd re-master game as a pre order bonus. But more then likely would be to hard to emulate maybe ?

    • disqus_qwYHorFTGc

      Yeah, plus you’d have to consider that the train section might have been the only part completed. I remember hearing that they didn’t get very far on developing the N64 version of Zero

  • Henrikm

    It seemed to me that the cinematic still has old Rebecca face.

    Remake the original(GC) cinematics was made with ingame engine so if one used say Chris and Jill’s alternate costumes it was showed in the cinematics aswell.

    But Zero orginal(GC) had pre-rendered cutscenes so if one used say Becca’s alternate costume it was still orginal in the cinematic.

    Seem HD remaster uses orginial cutscenes aswell,as said in that train cinematic it looked like they used old face of Becca(1:35), a little bummer if they now gone through so much work fixing her HD model and so forth.

    Hopefully they might fix the cinematics aswell.


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