The Walking Dead heads to PSN this Tuesday

Telltale’s first episode of the highly ambitious The Walking Dead will be available this Tuesday on the Playstation Network.

The first out of five, ‘A New Day’ will be available for $4.99.  Additionally, you can pre-purchase the entire game and not only save yourself $4.99, but you’ll also receive an exclusive PS3 premium theme.

Jake Rodkin gave the heads up on the Playstation.Blog and reminded readers that while other games released by Telltale lately might have been light-hearted and fun, The Walking Dead is anything but.  In fact, it’s the darkest game the team has worked on.  Ever.

Not only is The Walking Dead game darker and more violent than anything the studio has done before, but it also provides a very different gameplay experience compared to our previous titles.  One major way that the game differs from previous Telltale offerings is that your decisions, through action and dialogue that you choose will have huge repercussions on how you experience the story of the game.

We’re eager to find out exactly what Jake means by that.  What about you?


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  • AlexziW

    I’ll wait a few days to see what people say about it before I download it myself. I love the comics & like the show so I’m hoping it’s all five by five.

  • CasuallyDressed

    Got it on PC, finished it about an hour ago. Good game, very RPG-like in the conversations and interaction needed with other characters. Got stuck once or twice, but not because of puzzles. If you get stuck then all you have to do is exhaust every possible conversation with each person. You’ll eventually hit the right person who you need to progress.

    Graphics are sharp, music is good and atmospheric, and character development is great. It’s only the first episode but I feel like I already know each person inside out. I never read the comics but i did obsessively watch the show and 2 characters make an appearance. Hoping for more in the coming episodes!

    I’d give it a 7.5/10 personally. Maybe a little too RPG for my tastes but you can’t fault zombies and there was plenty of gore to keep me happy. Eagerly awaiting Episode 2 now!


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