The Last Of Us is a major success, sells 3.4 million units in 3 weeks

Not only is The Last Of Us a critical hit, it’s now a massive commercial success as well. Naughty Dog’s new fungus filled IP has gone on to sell 3.4 million copies in just 3 weeks time, a massive achievement for a new franchise.

President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida went on to say the following:

“The teams at Naughty Dog are true visionaries and their storytelling capabilities are second to none, this title is an undisputed demonstration of that. SCE continues to be committed to delivering unique gameplay experiences that redefine the interactive entertainment industry and The Last of Us is a perfect example.”

It’s wonderful to hear that the game has sold so well, especially this late in the console generation. Hopefully, it entices more developers and publishers to take more risks with  new AAA IP’s going into the next console generation.


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  • Valentino Montez

    GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a game that amazing deserves those sales 🙂

  • Henrikm

    I love this game,finished it on normal and hard gonna try on the survival mode.
    I loved the mature theme and emotions displayed.
    Yes some was a bit chliché but what the heck it worked in this one.
    Honor to ND too have the courage to have such a young character as Ellie in main game and have her killed in various grusome ways if one fails.
    I suspected to just see a Death or Game over Displayed on screen.
    But both Joel and Ellie can die such ways its rivals RE4 Leon death scenes at times.
    But gameplay and story was ofcourse awsome too. Cant wait too see if ND has some more up there sleeves for this one.

  • luigiix

    Resident Evil 6 sold more than 5 million copies and it’s considered a failure by Capcom. Realistic expectations are better i guess.


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