The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth will have more status effects, introduces Mom’s Perfume


The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth will revise the way status effects work, claims creator Edmund McMillen on the game’s website: “we are doing it in a more interesting way, now the status effect isn’t just a % chance, when a tear hits it does the effect.”

To explain this mechanic further, the gif image below was included in the post and you can see the yellow-colored tears changing the enemy’s behavior and appearance. These tears are the result of a new item called “Mom’s Perfume”, which will improve the rate of fire and give tears a 15% chance of becoming yellow and inflicting “fear” on opponents. As the name suggests, fear makes enemies avoid Isaac for a short duration of time.

Mom's Perfume

I am curious to see how these new status effects will fit in the game and to what degree it’s possible to mix or stack them together.


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  • zackfurniss

    I neeeeeed it!


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