The 7th Guest appears on Steam Greenlight

1993 marked the release of The 7th Guest, a puzzle-adventure that takes place in an abandoned mansion and which has garnered quite a cult-following in recent years. It was (much) later ported to IoS devices, but soon avid PC gamers will be able to relive the challenges they faced many years ago again on a familiar platform.

A studio known as Trilobyte Games placed the game on Steam’s Greenlight service, which allows users to vote on whether or not they think the game should appear on the platform. Trilobyte Games was previously responsible for the aforementioned port and also The 7th Guest: Infection, so I am interested in seeing how they will handle the compatibility issues that come with getting a DOS game to run on modern systems. It’s also worth noting that, according to Trilobyte, they are doing this to promote the upcoming The 7th Guest 3, which is currently in development.

As cool as this may sound, I don’t recommend rushing off to vote “Yes” just yet. Both The 7th Guest and the original sequel The 11th Hour are available on Good Old Games, who are generally cheaper than Steam and don’t bog the game down with intrusive DRM. What do you think about all of this, though?!


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  • Henrikm

    I own both games the 7th guest and 11th hour (original)
    7th guest is the better of the two and at the time fmv was the big thing as a kid I thought 7th guest and Phantasmagoria series and Gabriel Knight 2 was awsome.
    Must have missed 7th guest infection..But a third installment sounds fun.
    Sadly my brain was never really developed for puzzle genre like 7th guest and 11th hour handled. I played the game for the eerie atmosphere and the cool villian Faust and still play the score Mr.Death time to time.
    As my brain aged 20 years atleast Iam not sure I could handle a third installment ;P but who knows.

  • Jake_Indiman

    I played 7th guest to death. The puzzles were amazingly fun and addictive. I just loved the atmosphere and soundtrack. Good times.

  • Love this game, played it a lot and I also downloaded it for my iPad


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