Silent Hills to be shown on Konami’s TGS stage

Konami’s Tokyo Game Show lineup has been revealed and we can now confirm that P.T. / Silent Hills will be making an appearance. With a supposed release set sometime in 2016, it didn’t seem likely that we’d see a lot more from this game so soon after its reveal, but according to Konami’s own TGS lineup page, P.T. will not only be shown, but it will also get a spotlight on Konami’s conference stage.

The extent to how much we’ll see is unknown, but with the huge buzz that P.T. generated last month, there’s little doubt that Konami won’t flaunt the game as much as possible. Perhaps we’ll actually get a look at the game in action, or knowing Kojima, we may get some background video content showing more of the behind the scenes work that went into crafting the game’s concept and maybe even Norman Reedus’ involvement.

Personally, I hope we get a real trailer. Kojima’s MGSV trailers are all jaw dropping and well-crafted. I’d very much like to see a Silent Hill game get the same treatment with its trailers.


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  • Spencer2236

    Boner intensifies.

  • I can’t freaking wait. Hideo Kojima is going to give Silent Hill what every other developer after Team Silent could not do, and perhaps even better than Team Silent did.

    I have faith in Hideo Kojima and now that he has Guillermo Del Toro who directed Pacific Rim and The Strain horror series (the pilot episode), not to mention the iconic Norman Reedus’ involvement after becoming the top icon from The Walking Dead, I’m sure that people will have more than one or two reasons to love this franchise.

    • Carl Johnson

      Fact: Hideo Kojima is an absolute lunatic.
      Fact: Guillermo del Toro is an absolute lunatic.

      Put two lunatics in a room and tell them to make something scary, no doubt you’ll be shitting yourself after they’re done.

  • Ahmad Al-Hamily

    What if they announced a release date and provided us with footage of the game XD now that a) would be a shocker b) soooo Kojima-like, but I don’t think that’ll happen. Let’s see what Kojima and Konmai have to say.

  • Jeremy Kaminski

    I have a feeling this game will be the jump start survival horror needs to have a serious comeback. I just pray they stick with 3rd person. I don’t mind if they add some 1st person ala SH4 but it needs to be limited, I just cannot conceive playing a SH title in anything but 3rd person. I loved PT but that is not what I anticipate out of a Silent Hill title.

    • Megan Schneider

      As someone pointed out in a previous post. I doubt they’d use Norman Reedus if they were going to go first person and not show his face.

  • luigiix

    I can’t wait for this game, but i’m still not convinced about Norman Reedus as main character.


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