Silent Hill free for Playstation Plus members next week

The Month of Madness just got a little bit better for Playstation users. Sure, they’re pretty upset right now at the quality of their other Silent Hill games, but at least those with Playstation Plus can get the very first game, a true classic, for absolutely free!

Silent Hill will be available as a free Playstation One Classic on April 3rd for all those with the subscription service. I just might have to get Playstation Plus.

You don’t see Xbox Live giving free stuff away like this. Also, Sony really needs to add PSOne support to the Vita, already. I still own the original Silent Hill retail version, but I’d like to play it on the go on that pretty little screen the Vita has.


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  • nice

  • Benjamin May

    Wish they couod release Silent Hill 1 on Xbox Live Arcade.

  • Gast0n

    lol and they think this fix something?first is just a paid service !!!Second this is… I dont even have words… they kinda sell it but they didn’t include it on the collection pack????
    WTF is wrong with Konami!!!!!

  • Faceman

    Hey CJ, could you pass it along to Jorge that if RE: Code Veronica X HD has a price drop on the psn to mention that in a brief article as well! =) Thanks


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