Silent Hill fans have their prayers answered with Silent Hill Kart Racer

Did your heart just skip a beat? Don’t worry, Konami isn’t actually making a kart racer based on Silent Hill (despite there being a gag in Book of Memories referencing such).

With the power of the Source engine and the Source Film Maker, Youtube user LambentFox has created a trailer for the fictional Silent Hill Kart Racer game. In it, characters old and new can pick a vehicle and race each other within the foggy town. Look at that rusty wheelchair! That’s a muscle vehicle, right there.

Here’s hoping Konami gets inspired by this video and moves forward with a full-featured Silent Hill kart racer! I call Valtiel’s Rolls-Royce!

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  • Angela

    what the hell

  • hahahaha

  • Wow, thank god it’s just a joke 😛

  • This would a fine funny side game XD oh no, did I just say that?! No seriously I wouldn’t mind it at all.

  • rather play this than book of memories haha

  • MassDistraction

    Am I the only one who is reminded by Carmageddon 😀

  • This is the greatest damn thing i have ever seen. I would definitely preorder this game. The preorder bonus should be that you get the famous toilet for James Sunderland and Heather as a kart. 🙂

  • It’s even in 3D if you’ve got the TV for it! Amazing. No Mira though?

  • The vehicle physics! Better than forza

  • That actually looks pretty damn fun, Alot more then the new mario kart (i like M:K btw)

  • This is fantastic!

  • Neutron15

    Silent Hill Kart Racer 3D and HD editions


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