Silent Hill Downpour: Anne’s Story Revealed at WonderCon 2014

IDW’s comic book side-story to Silent Hill: Downpour still lives. At WonderCon 2014 the comic book publisher announced that Anne’s Story, a comic book series that follows officer Anne Cunningham’s personal adventure through Silent Hill will begin this summer.

Anne’s Story was announced quite some time ago and seemed to have been put to the side, perhaps never to see the light of day. Silent Hill: Downpour itself released two years ago as of last month, and it didn’t seem to do so well critically and in stores. Despite this, we’re still getting this side-story – and I’m quite happy about that. I very much enjoyed Downpour, and a story focused on Anne’s personal experiences would be very much appreciated.

IDW sent over some information and images (see below) for the series. Silent Hill: Downpour Anne’s Story is being written by Tom Waltz and illustrated by Tristan Jones. Issue #1 will be releasing on August 20 for $3.99 and several cover variants by different artists will be available. Howard Blackwood, the enigmatic postman of Silent Hill is said to make a return along with other characters.

Here’s hoping the sudden revival of this project hints at some more Silent Hill content that’s not just merchandise; I want stories!

[Source, via Silent Hill Memories]

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  • Ross Ingram

    Great news. More comics to collect and an expanded story to go along with Downpour.

  • Ahmad Al-Hamily

    Haven’t we always wondered about the details of Anne’s “visit” to Silent Hill. Looking forward to this 🙂

  • Mark Morgan

    Awesome! I’d be interested in a side story featuring Angela from Silent Hill 2 as well.

  • Steven Bayne

    This is awesome! I loved Downpour. I can’t wait for Kojima to just announce that he’s going to make the next Silent Hill. Maybe at E3. I’ve got my fingers crossed…… 🙂


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