Silent Hill Book of Memories releases on Feb. 14th in Japan

Silent Hill Book of Memories has been set to release in Japan on the most love-filled day of the year: Valentines Day. The Japanese release of the game will retail for 5,980 yen (around $70) and be available for download at 5,480 yen.

One thing that I am admiring about the Japanese release is the game’s cover art. I’m not sure if it’s by Masahiro Ito, but it looks pretty snazzy and I wouldn’t mind owning a copy.

Book of Memories arrives in Japan just three months after Silent Hill Downpour–which received a 31/40 from Famitsu. I wonder how Book of Memories will fare with Silent Hill‘s Japanese audience; will the game’s RPG direction be received better over there than it has in the West? Regardless, I still want that cover.


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  • Now that’s a cover 🙂

  • luigiix

    The JPN cover is nice, but honestly i prefer the US cover, i think it looks more “classy”.

  • All SH have better JPN covers

  • Nick

    It’s out in Jap in my Birthday XD


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