Silent Hill 8 to take cues from Silent Hill 2

For fans who may be concerned that Silent Hill 8 will follow-up on the gameplay mechanics seen in Silent Hill: Homecoming, you can all sleep easy now. Vatra Games’ head honcho, Matthew Seymour, recently spoke with Zive on their upcoming Silent Hill title. He goes on to state how as opposed to popular belief, there really hasn’t been a “Silent Hill dev team” in Konami, just a handful of key people that’ve been with the franchise for a while. Those people, will be overseeing this new project, offering input and making changes where they see fit. Oh, and saying how Silent Hill 2 is the main inspiration for him and his team is definitely a sign of good things to come. Survival Horror lives on!


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  • Matthew

    “Silent Hill 8 to take cues from Silent Hill 2”

    Hate to be a cynic, but that’s what they all same. Even the people who made “Homecoming.”

  • Will

    @Matthew- Well, yeah, but Silent Hill had almost NOTHING to do with silent hill 2, or any other actually. I recently camr to a conclusion, though. Silent Hill Homecoming took extreme influence from the movie. The nurses, swarm, cultists, and even pyramid head looked the same as the movie. The transition from “normal world” to “otherworld” was the same too. It also had the same general atmosphere as the movie. Really hope we get the atmosphere from the first 3 in this one.

  • Will

    Oops! I mean. Silent Hill HOMECOMING had nothing to do with any silent hill games.

  • Lukas

    I know i’m late with this reply Will, but Silent Hill 2 has less to do with Silent Hill than Silent Hill Homecoming has. Much less.


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