Silent Hill 2 cast meets with Konami; Silent Hill 3 HD’s fate left uncertain

The original cast of Silent Hill 2 had recently met up with Konami’s Devin Shatsky and Tomm Hulett, the producers behind the latest Silent Hill game, Silent Hill: Downpour. The little get-together was brought about because of the past drama behind the Silent Hill: HD Collection’s recasting. Guy Cihi, Monica Taylor Horgan and Dave Schaufele joined the two members of “Team Silence” for pizza and beer in a bar in LA.

The cast of Silent Hill 2 had to sign voice waivers for Konami to reuse their performances in the re-release. It seemed like the game would contain only the new voiceovers, but Konami’s pact with the cast of Silent Hill 2 has allowed for their performances to be reused (although no official confirmation has been given). However, Silent Hill 3 seems to be a different matter.

Guy Cihi, the original voiceactor for James Sunderland has stated on Facebook that: “Konami people have been unable to locate/contact Heather Morris so they cannot get her to sign a rights release.”

What does this mean? Perhaps that Silent Hill 3 is in jeopardy of missing the original voiceovers in the HD Collection.

In our interview with Silent Hill 3’s Clifford Rippel, he told us that Konami had been in contact with him over obtaining the rights to reuse his voice. He also told us that Konami may be having trouble finding the rest of the cast. Guy Cihi’s latest comments seem to confirm those unfortunate claims.

I would love to be able to have the option to revert back to the original voiceovers. If Heather Morris is needed to make that desire a reality, let’s hope she gets wind of all of this hubbub in the Silent Hill fanbase and makes her presence know.

[Source, Via Silent Haven]

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  • Shaun

    Cant wait to play these HD re releases 🙂

    Thanks for the news 🙂

  • Dan

    Whatever the hold up may be, my desire to play Silent Hill 2 on the PS3 with HD graphics and trophy support has had me so excited. I also feel like it will be reminding me how high of a bar Downpour is tasked with reaching which judging by the trend of Silent Hill games (here’s looking at Homecoming) seems unlikely.

  • DC

    This being the same Heather Morris on Glee? She should be easy to track down. FFS

  • DC

    Nevermind…Totally different Heather Morris. LMAO

  • Bonen

    Maybe the whole Silent Hill Community/Fan Base should look for Heather Morris if it is desired to get the same treatment for SH3 HD. Hmn.

  • Smiley

    Yes we need to be on the search for Heather “Not from Glee” Morris. It’s been difficult but if someone can contact gaming sites, Silent Hill sites and perhaps make facebook pages and the like to promote the search then perhaps our voices can reach out to Heather wherever she may reside.

  • Andy H.

    Exactly what I was thinking, the fans should unite to try and get a hold of Heather Morris.

  • I sure hope they can get a hold of her, Silent Hill 3 wouldt quite be.the same.without her. Anyway,, I hope she is okay, wherever she is.

  • Tam

    Any word on what’s happening to Richard Grosse’s voice in Silent Hill 3? It’d be nice if it was kept as a sort of in-game tribute.

    But still, we should try to promote our search for Heather Morris Internet-wide, as others have suggested, in the hope of her googling herself 😛

  • mkdfan

    Would hardly be a collection without SH3, they already haven’t got SH1.

    Let’s hope they find her!

  • ljbad

    Didn’t she recently lend her voice to Shattered Memories? I could be wrong but I swear that sounded just like her in the end. Guess it’s hard to be sure since the voice actor went uncredited in SM. It’s a shame they can’t find her since that’s where Heather Mason’s named comes from.

    Also, meeting “for pizza and BEARS in a bar in LA” gave me such a funny image in my head.

  • Venom2501

    pizza AND bears??

  • @Venom, IMAGINE? But no, typo. My mistake.


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