Sega moves for Colonial Marines settlement

It should come as no surprise to anyone that what we got with Aliens: Colonial Marines was not what was satisfactory, by any means.  In the ongoing lawsuit regarding false advertising for the title, Sega has agreed to a settlement with the plaintiffs, which would require Sega to pay out $1.25 million.

This would give plaintiffs Damion Perrine and John Locke $2,500, their attorneys’ fees $312,500 and leave $200,000 for administrative fees.  But since this is a class action lawsuit, that leaves $735,000 to be distributed to other members of the suit.  Ideally, that would give everyone who was a part of the suit $59.99, the cost of the game, before applicable taxes.

But once you consider the sheer number of people involved in the suit (around 135,000 people), that gives you about $5.44 per.  Better than nothing though, right?  Hopefully this would send a message that gamers do not take, nor will we continue to take that kind of bullshit.


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  • ariessiren

    Good job. Gamers are getting fed up and should take a stand.

  • franky mcdonald

    Shots Fired…angry gamer stands resolute with 6 bucks in his hand. while Sega employee(and man of smoke) “John Locke” holds the angry gamers other 53 bucks and gets away with it all…Thank you Paul Simon..”anyway you look at it, You lose.”


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