Secret message awaits at the end of Resident Evil Remastered


Anyone who has just picked up Resident Evil Remastered after having not played it for a number of years will tell you…that shit’s hard.  I’m one of those people, and thinking about actually playing the game on a harder difficulty just makes me feel bad about how I will never, ever accomplish it. But there are those who can, and those who have.

At the end of Invisible Mode, a secret message from Shinji Mikami awaits.  Yes, if you’ve never heard of it, Invisible Mode is exactly as ridiculous as it sounds.  After playing through Normal or Hard difficulty with both Chris and Jill, or completing the Real Survival (item boxes not connected and auto-aim is disabled), Invisible Mode is unlocked, in which enemies are invisible. And you need to complete it in under 5 hours.

All for a letter.  If you want to savour the moment, don’t read on.  You just keep on dying and slugging away at a game that can be described as unforgiving on fucking easy mode.

“Thank you for taking the time to play all the way through ‘biohazard’ (Resident Evil). If you’re reading this letter, I salute you! You are truly a remarkable player! I imagine you must have had some pretty memorable experiences along the way!

The pain of seeing the “Game Over” screen time after time… The sweet taste of victory after you finally beat the game… The feelings of camaraderie you shared with your character… The excitement… and the overwhelming sense of dread.

We believe that games are more than just the product of a team of developers. It takes the support of dedicated players like you to make a game worthwhile.

For this reason we are truly delighted when someone enjoys one of our games as thoroughly as you have.

Therefore, on behalf of the entire staff, please allow me to express our gratitude and congratulate you on a job well done!

Thank you very much for playing!

Shinji Mikami

Dev Team Representative”


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  • David Shocker

    Wasn’t this on the original version of the Remake (on GC) too, I remember unlocking and it was saying the same thing, sooo nothing new? 😛

  • Liam Mountain

    DAM ! I thought it was something new like a hint at RE2 remake. lol

  • Is the grenade launcher ammo glitch with Jill still in the game?

    • Krauser

      nop they fixed it since PAL gamecube version and about the article it’s the same message from the original gamecube version . If you apply the knife run tactic it’s easy peasy .

  • Demi

    I found this one to be the easiest RE game to date, the new control scheme allows to do the circle runing glitch to fool the AI, so zombies barely even touch you. Just did a knife run for the first time ever and you only need to kill 4 enemies (including bosses) in the whole game.
    The more enemies you kill, the more crimson heads/hunters you spawn, so not killing anything makes everything extremely easy.

  • Andy

    RE Remake is that hard lol. Some parts can be tricky. I’ve beat it numerous times though.


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