Rumor: Microsoft gunning for Silent Hill IP ahead of E3 (Update: Phil Spencer says no)

Update: Xbox head, Phil Spencer, has just confirmed via Twitter that this is false. You can check out the tweet here.

Original Post: Well here’s a crazy rumor that would shatter the world as we know it if true. Microsoft is reportedly in talks to purchase Silent Hills from Konami in order to get exclusive rights to put the game on the Xbox One. I know, this sounds craaaazy, but the rumor comes from a trusted source of Rooster Teeth. The latest episode of The Know states that they have been informed by their source that Konami is trying to secure the rights to Silent Hills as an exclusive ahead of their E3 conference in just a few short weeks. Allegedly, Silent Hills is 80% complete (huh?) and will release in March 2016. Microsoft is reportedly pursuing the IP for a cost in the billions. Oh, and P.T. being taken down from PSN was supposedly Konami’s show of good faith to Microsoft.

Now, just as The Know guys say, take this with a grain of salt. Perhaps a lake’s worth. Microsoft gunning after the Silent Hill IP makes a lot of sense given how universally popular P.T. was and how universally upset everyone got when Silent Hills was cancelled. But Silent Hills already being 80% complete despite Kojima Productions working on getting Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain out the door? That’s hard to believe. And if Microsoft makes Silent Hills, is it going to be the same Del Toro-Kojima production that was originally announced? Or will it be a big budget title with the same name but different team? Or, and let’s get overly hopeful with this one, is Microsoft in talks with Konami for the rights and Del Toro and Kojima for development? Both are in a position to take on work outside of Konami…

What do you think? Is Microsoft the green savior you wanted? Miffed about Silent Hills maybe being exclusive on the Xbox One? Or are you just tired of your heart strings being pulled? I can’t feel anything anymore regarding all of this, so let me know how you feel!

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  • Andrew David Brown

    I think we need to let the Silent Hill series die. Coming from a long time fan, I think it’s time to let it go. If anything though, I’d be more interested in seeing a spiritual successor to the series from key members of the original Team Silent WITH Kojima and Del Toro’s involvement. I think the lot of them can come up with some amazing ideas together without Konami sticking their oily fingers in their pie. All though, I’m honestly not sure about Norman Reedus. Nothing against him or his acting skills, but I just don’t see him being a Silent Hill character.

    • Krueg518

      There are morons out there who will literally buy an Xbox One just to play this SH knock off. So it won’t die until the retarded consumers let it.

    • Nahuel Benvenuto

      it is a shame really, i believe they fucked up big time, the franchise had such potential, but after team silent left they could have done anything with the franchise but only recicled silent hill 2 again and again and again, dont get me wrong, i liked those games and they are ok games, but they could have done so much great things with the concept

      • Andrew David Brown

        Silent Hill had sooooo many interesting concepts; it wasn’t just some town that drew people in to make them undergo some sort of extreme psychotherapy. It had sooooo many different possibilities and SH2 was originally a different take on the idea. I would love to see the original team come back together to create something that may continue with the concepts that the original 4 had, but with a new story. Or a brand new concept with elements from past titles incorporated within the game.

  • Michael James Tabbut


  • Rashed Mokdad

    I think it’s highly possible for Microsoft to secure the rights (they got the cash). But that 80% complete sounds like total bullocks.

  • Guilherme Teruya

    I’d rather let the series die than to see it as a Xbox Exclusive.

  • Space Blizzard

    “Allegedly, Silent Hills is 80% complete (huh?) and will release in March 2016”

    “Microsoft is reportedly pursuing the IP for a cost in the billions”


    There’s no way Silent Hills is 80% complete- it’s probably not even 1% complete, Konami themselves described it as “embryonic”. And there’s ABSOLUTELY NO WAY Microsoft or anyone else are putting down billions of dollars, the IP isn’t worth that. *No* IP is worth that.

    I can believe publishers might be sniffing around after high profile Konami properties, and Microsoft could well be among them (they’ve already snapped up one unlikely quasi-exclusive in Tomb Raider) but the rest of this is clearly bullshit getting mixed in among what may be half-truths.

    • Krueg518

      They meant 80% ready to start production.

  • Andrey Martim

    This remembers all the Resident Evil 5/6 Xbox Exclusive… Everytime…

  • luigiix

    But seriously, if MS pulls this crap, i’ll have no other choice but support them. And honestly i wouldn’t be surprised. Sony has been a bit lazy when it comes to exclusives and i have the feeling that MS is gonna own them this E3.

  • Brodequin

    To hell with console exclusive tittles policy…

  • Andy

    Why would people not want to see it on Xbox? People were so bad that it got cancelled. I guess it’s mostly Sony fanboys that want it to stay ps4 exclusive which is really sad. If this is true and MS would save it you would have Silent Hills back. I guess if you don’t want it on Xbox you really don’t want it that bad.

    It’s like when Nintendo saved Bayonetta 2 and made it exclusive to Wii U because Sega didn’t want anything to do with it.

    • “No one should enjoy what I want if I can’t!”

  • RiesenRatte

    I don’t understand the ‘it’s exclusive to XBOX’ argument. Do you want it or not? It’s not like it would’ve come to PS4 if MS hadn’t interfered. It’s either this game will never exist, OR be exclusive.

  • franky mcdonald

    Spending Billions on the IP, Microsoft would expect billions in sales(won’t happen, nobody’s that optimistic) They also have a track record with Kineckt, (how are you going to yell “Jarith” to win without it)

  • Liam Mountain

    I own both consoles so I don’t need to act like a Sony or Microsoft fanboy about this , if it happens cool and if it doesn’t happen oh well.

    • luigiix

      Good for you, but keep in mind not everyone has the money to buy multiple consoles around the same generation.

  • Elcor

    *leaves flowers next to SH’s grave* Konami… You always said you’d take me there again some day… But you never did.

  • Shane

    AHAHAHA, guys the SH IP is not worth billions and 80% complete? give me a break.

  • Shane

    Okay, just to clear this up Phil Spencer himself said it’s not true to avoid misleading anyone. I’ve heard rumors before E3 but this takes the cake.

    • luigiix

      Yeah, just saw that on IGN. They outright denied the rumors.
      Oh well, back to mourning.

  • E1ectricOrange

    I’d rather see it be made by people who care about the history behind the game. If it’s never made, so be it. Seeing as the rumor is false, I’m sort of glad. I wouldn’t expect humans at xbox to develop something close to the original 4 games. Probably something shitty like Konami has pooped out more recently. Now if it’s developed by people who care, and released for both consoles. That would be cool so everyone could experience it.


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