Rumor: Fatal Frame for PS3 listing spotted

Asian gaming site TGBUS has found quite the interesting listing for a PS3 Fatal Frame title. The details are a bit slim, and are hard to determine if there is much truth. The listing comes from a Tecmo document that must have been leaked.

Two E3s ago we got wind of a Fatal Frame 2 remake, but nothing has been heard of that title since. Perhaps development has ceased for the Wii and the remake is now coming to a more powerful console. A PS3 remake of Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly would be a remarkable thing.

Hopefully more details will arises in a more official form soon. The last Fatal Frame game to ship overseas was the third. Some fans patched the fourth game with English subs, but it officially never shipped outside of Japan. Let’s see what happens.


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  • DarkDreamTCK

    I JUST beat Fatal Frame 2 3 days ago.. I am seriously considering dropping the cash for a PS3 just for this game if its exclusive. That’s how awesome this series is.

    • Daniel

      so do I I want it in ps3 lets just pray that they release it in ps3 ok 🙂

    • Rin

      I too want this on ps3 I hope they release it very soon and I hope the rumors are true and it will be made in ps3 english version

      • Walter

        I really cant wait for it to come out in english version

        • Walter

          fatal frame 2 was my favorite in all fatal frame series Im touch to the story so thats why they had remake it hehehe I wonder if there is a twin boy or a girl in the ff2 remake sacrifice boy and a girl twin yea thats what I want to see I wonder but its ok for me even they had none

          • Walter

            but what do you call it if a twin boy and girl being sacrifice “alternate twins” hehehehe

      • Yoh

        Im so proud resident evil 6 Im so happy that they bring back the zombies I miss them they are cooler enemies than resident evil 4 and 5

    • DarksideLord

      I agree with you man I want it out too in ps3 hope the rumors are true that they are making it on ps3

  • Henrik

    Since I never got my hands on FF4 I sure hope we will see a new fatal frame at all,as said been very silent for some times since the first FF2 remake news.

    So really want a new one whetever its remake or new entirly for wii or Ps 3 just want a FF soon.

    • Jermaine

      you are a lucky one un like me beacause I dont have wii I suggest that they release it both in ps3 and wii hows that sound so everyone could play:)

      • Ryan

        I want I want it I WANT IT I WANT!!! fatal frame 2 is my most favorite of all fatal frame I hope they better release in other videogame play like in ps3 or ps2

        • Ryan2

          oops sorry ryan I didntt know that there is already a ryan here thats says Hi at first

  • Rayek

    I don’t want a remake of a game i already played. I am sick of remakes. What’s the use of new consoles when they only make the same ol’ games all over again. I want Fatal Frame 4. Nothing less!

    • Rayner

      so do I I want fatal frame 4 as well and this remake because it has different places now and others like I see mio following the butterfly in a bridge theres no like that in ff2 the first one and you may not know that the sae chase would be long I dont know this but I think they probably make it a long ff2 chapters unlike the first I didnt know it is only way to short for me of the 1st ff2 unlike ff3 its until hour 14 and I really wish they would release it ff4 and ff2 remake on both ps2,ps3and xbox so that all of us can play hows that sound dude? and the trailer I dont know if theres gonna be a trailer I want to see the trailer in a new improved ff2 remake :)) so please :(( the one making fatal frame series please release it in PlayStation version:((

      • Jerald

        I too love the sae chase lets hopefully hope that it will come put on ps3 version the ff2 remake and 4 I dont much of the fourth one but I want it too

    • Lee

      everyone lets just pray that it will be release it on ps3 the ff2 remake tecmo please hear us out this isnt just for me but also the other guys thath is requesting it

  • Ryan

    Hi i was hoping to have new fatal frame series on the PS3 or xbox360 console.Had played all Fatal Frame 1-3, didn’t get to play the forth as it only on the WII console.Please take our comments into consideration, as i really enjoy the playing the Fatal Frame series.

    • Daniel

      yeah you heard him please Tecmo release it in ps3 and xbox Im begging you so that every fans of fatal frame can enjoy playing not only for wii but also in playstation and xbox please please 🙁 try to hear out all of our comments

      • John

        yeaaaahhhhh thats what I wanna hear make it for ps3 so everyone can play it not just on wii :))))))) whoooooooooooo

    • Roy

      I surely hope that they will be making ff2 remake in ps3 I know they can do it :))) please tecmo here us out all of us who wants it on ps3 :)))

  • Gman25

    This better be true, make it happen tecmo…… Make it happen-_-

    • Paul

      your right they better be release it in ps3 or xbox

      • Guest

        it better be release in other like the playstatuon console becasuse I realllllllly love fatal frame I finish both fatal frame 2 the first one and fatal frame 3 but still I want this because this one has a nice graphic please be out on playstation :(((

    • Henry

      Please as a fan of fatal frame please be out on ps3 please I really wan it I want it because its beautiful survival horror game

      • Rey

        I agree with him I too such a fan of this game hope it will be release in ps3 soon

    • Roy

      Yur right I agree with you all I know that tecmo can do this just like the other fatal frame I know that they can do it for ps3 console hope this rumor is true and be out on ps3 soon

    • Richard

      Tecmo make it in ps3 I really really want this game I want ff2 crimson butterfly remake on ps3 so we are begging you to do it in ps3

    • Richard

      Tecmo make it in ps3 I really really want this game so please hear out our comment for all of us hey please is my way to how come other guys have please too? well no matter that means many are suggesting it for ps3 so Tecmo reallly really wish our suggest will become true soon

  • Pain

    listen this other guys are right so that we can play fair to not only for wii but for ps3 as well

  • Guest

    I hope to that someday that ff4 will be release in ps3 I know is out but I really wish tecmo make a new ff4 for ps3 and this one ff2 remake as well

    • Jaime

      again please here us out please make it on ps3 🙁 for all who request it I hope about rumors on ps3 console is true 🙁

  • Paul

    Yur right I agree with you all I know that tecmo can do this just like the other fatal frame I know that they can do it for ps3 console

  • Darkside

    Hey guys I just research about this fatal thing it is possible too but Im not sure I just see it in VGreleases on ps3 I see 2 fatal frame there fatal frame and fatal frame 5 means it is possible for ff4 and ff2 remake too be in ps3 and I just see tecmo games in ps2 and ps3 I see the games there and 3 were there in my ps2 console ff1 ff2 and ff3 and there I see in ps3 games I see fatal frame game but it has no release date yet and research in others they say it is exclusive rumor yet but I really wish this true enough ff4 and ff2 remake please be out on ps3


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