Roam, a Kickstarter success

While the Kickstarter campaign for Akaneiro is drawing to an end, it’s time for the next interesting horror game to come out of the fundraiser. Roam is a survival game in which the players have complete freedom to move around the world, scavenge the necessary items and fight zombies at their leisure.

What makes the game special however is the fact that it’s a 4-player online (or solo offline) experience in which the player(s) can freely build their base wherever they please. Barricades, traps, gates and everything else can be built as long as there is room, kind of like an RTS. Based on the prototype video, which shows the game six weeks into development, it looks like something I’d personally really love to play. The core-gameplay also sounds a lot like a minimized DayZ, which also sounds pretty interesting.

The Kickstarter goal is set at $40,000, but it has already been obtained. A few stretch-goals have been prepared, such as a skill system at the 50,000 mark and vehicles at 45,000. Could this be the next big thing or are zombies sooooooooooo last season? I’ll leave it up for you to decide.


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