This new trailer for Resident Evil: Vendetta will Trigger you


A new trailer has just been released for Resident Evil: Vendetta – the latest animated film in the series. This trailer gives us some explosive new details of what to expect when the film releases sometime in 2017 (May for Japan).

The film’s villain, Glenn Arias, is definitely one bad dude. He’s taken over Neo Umbrella and Tricell’s operations and is planning to unleash the Trigger Virus (yup) in New York City. Said virus creates BOWs that actually know the difference between allies and enemies, a step up from mindless zombies. It’s up to Chris, Leon, and Rebecca to save the day.

This trailer was way more… explosive and action-oriented than I was expecting the movie to be. But, hey, at least we’re seeing these characters team up, especially Rebecca, who’s been sorely missing from recent entries. And speaking of Rebecca. Not only does she love her old-school outfit, but she also gets captured in this! But who is the mysterious woman that captures her?

You can watch the trailer below!

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  • Liam Mountain

    They better not kill Rebecca off.

  • Chris Hawk

    They got rid of…the previous voice actors?! I mean it would be fine if they emulated the voices right ,but holy christ they both sound like teenagers then harden veterans.

    • Zain

      I think its confirmed that Matthew Mercer (Leon’s voice actor) is in the movie but Idk bout Chris’s voice actor tho

    • John Ruth

      Both Leon and Chris have the same Voice Actor. Rebecca will most likely have a new Voice Actress since the Remake and Zero are stories from another decade ago.

      And boy, Capcom is really fascinated by the over the top action of Andersons crappy Live-Action Movies. But in an animated film, it doesen’t look so cheesy. The creature design is awesome, the animations not even half near a Level of Kingsglaive, but really solid and fluid. The villain really catched my attention. Makes me wonder if this was the concept for the original Resident Evil 7. It also would be a disappointment if Vendetta and Resident Evil VII won’t share any connections.

      • Chris Hawk

        I don’t remember RCS sounding that young ,or even leon. I mean the voices sound similar to their counterpart but…not. Like someone cut off their balls or something.

        • Yudha

          I think they used Chris’ voice from Umbrella Chronicles…. Who’s the voice actor again?

      • John-Paul Conway

        Where did you hear that Chris has the same voice actor?
        I believe Matthew Mercer is confirmed for Leon but I have not heard anything about Roger Craig Smith returning as Chris.

        • John Ruth

          That’s definitely Matt Mercer and I bet my right nut this is Roger Craig Smith speaking. But Chris made a good point, their voices sounds a little pitched.

          • Ben Bristow

            It’s not RCS apparently, there’s a Twitter post going round with him stating that he’s ‘apparently not’ voicing Chris in the new movie.

          • Chris Hawk

            Well I guess I won John Ruth’s right nut.

  • Tvirus Getz

    looks bad fam

  • Zain

    Imo it looks amazing! and of course its gonna be action heavy for the most of it like the past cgi movies but its looking rly gd, cant wait for it 😀

  • Yudha

    Ok, so Trigger Virus makes the BOW know the difference between Enemies and Allies right? But didn’t that goal/capability already been achieved by Las Plagas and Primary C Virus Infection?

    • Dan Shiveley

      Good point. From the trailer, I gather that he’s referring to the zombies/zombie-like creatures. Maybe “no friendly bite zombies” are cheaper than Las Plagas, etc.?

      • Yudha

        I guess cheaper could be a good explanation. J’avo uses firearms and swords which I think it’s all provided by Neo-Umbrella so not only they have to worry about the virus development cost, they also have to worry about the cost for their weaponry.

        as for Las Plagas…. Some of the Ganados and Majinis can use anything that they could find as a weapon so I guess the development and experimentation on the parasite could be the most expensive part.

  • MassDistraction

    Ha! I was right about Neo Umbrella not necessarily shutting down after RE6! For once I was right!

  • Chris Hawk

    Also the “This is what RE7 should’ve been” comments are annoying as fuck

    • gantarat

      even this is RE 7 people still not happy because too much action like RE 6

      PS. Did Leon use John Wick Move ?

      • Chris Hawk

        Exactly , they are such hypocrites

  • SecretX

    It looks alright. I judge it when i see it the last one was Ok.

  • Even despite Matt Mercer being confirmed for Leon, I swear I thought it was Paul Mercier when Leon began talking.

    As for RCS??? I couldn’t tell. I hope it’s still him, though.

    And finally. . . Rebecca is back. . .

    Thanks, Capcom for my life.

  • Henrikm

    Looks cool I prefer Capcoms own Cgi creations over Andersons crap even though action heavy.

    Nemesis 2.0? Instead of STARS focusing on REDFIELD(S?)

    Killing of Rebecca???

    I like Rebecca and killing her off would be a bold move,sadly I think Capcom lacks the guts.

    They rather go for new main protaganist instead of main cast(poor Piers)

    My favourite Jill valentine would have sacrificed her even if Capcom had the guts to kill her off but we all saw what happened in RE5..
    On the other hand it is as they killed her off now,not been seen or even heard off since RE5 probably still feel guilty for all the bad things she done under AW control?

    But who knows??? I have avoided as much major spoilers as possible of RE7.
    Capcom migh change routes when it comes to main cast deaths…or Ethan for being the new guy ala Piers???

    What a mindfuck it would be if RE7 was all a VR expetience to just train new BSAA reqruits:)

  • Dan Shiveley

    I’m pretty pumped for this. I enjoyed the first two and I’m sure I’ll like this one as well.

    I love that RE7 is steering away from the arguably overused main cast, but that we can still enjoy them in the CGI movies.

  • Carlos Omar

    …is it me or the guy looks a lot like a wesker..? just saying…

    • Dan Shiveley

      He has some Wesker-esque qualities. Reminds me a bit more of the Wesker model from Code Veronica before they slimmed him down in the later games… and also a bit of the Wesker from the Anderson movies.

  • Yudha

    Is this confirmed for worldwide release?


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