The USS meets Nemesis in this new Operation Raccoon City footage

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City videos continue to pour out. We already got to see the game’s opening moments, along with the G-Birkin boss battle, and today Game Trailers brings us another piece of footage from the game. This time it focuses on Nemesis and the NE-Beta parasite.

After battling through hordes of the undead in the city’s cemetery, the USS arrive in a secret warehouse where they’re tasked to find Nemesis and put him under control (by injecting a controlling agent extracted from a T-103 Tyrant). This is where things get crazy. The team is faced with NE-Beta parasite-controlled specimens, and they prove to be quite a threat. And then Nemesis wakes up, joining the party.

Again, I know you probably want to avoid videos such as this and experience these moments for yourself when the game hits in March, so feel free to avoid the footage below. For everyone else, sound off below letting me know what you think of this Nemesis encounter.

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  • daniel gasparini

    Nemesis looks awful. I hate how he’s using a gatling gun like the stupid movies too.

    Ugh…RE6 will hopefully overshadow this in every way and we can all forget about this uninspired shooter.

  • This Nemesis isn’t nearly as bad as the movies. I don’t understand where this buff appearance came from. He was slim, but stacked. He is created from a Tyrant, so he should retain the same body structure, not have a pumpkin for a head.

    I can deal with this though, not too bad. But still could be better.

    It also occurs to me that they might be messing with the canon in ways we won’t know how to decipher. Creativity vs canon decisions are hopefully clearly separated.

  • Major Ripclaw

    What was up with that part at the end where everything when totally dark. The bottom of the screen said “Deploy Parasite” so I think it was still part of the gameplay, but I could see nothing until Four Eyes stabbed the Nemesis…strange.

  • rscida

    Hope this game bombs

  • Grace Saunders

    I think they changed the look of Nemmy cos it’s a current-gen console. Nemesis debuted on the PS1 in 1999 so that hardware is very outdated. This is 2012 and we’ve exceeded PS2, GameCube, and other console limitations, etc. That’s a big gap, mate. 13 years!

    But if memory serves me rightly, he looked awful in The Umbrella Chronicles as well. So it’s just one game but several fairly recent appearances of Nemesis in non RE Capcom puzzle games and in Hollywood movies, that has tainted his legacy a little.

    And the Gatling Gun thing is so T2 by the looks of things. When they developed Nemesis in the lab or whatever place he came from originally, it’d be so amazing if he didn’t do an ED-209 type malfunction and shoot everyone in the room. LOL. He seems impossible to control.

  • liam

    I remember pooping my pants when the nemesis came after jill in re3 , but now his fear factor has just gone since the movie and other resident evil games like umbrella chronicals.

    also I dont think it helps that im older now then I was back when re3 came out.

    we all know this game isnt going to be game of the year material, it will just come and go , im still gona buy it though as im a big fan of resident evil action or horror and soon to be ” dramatic horror”

  • Mrox2

    What the fuck ? I hope this person who suggested making Operation Raccoon City Die as well as Slant Six , Poor Nemesis R.I.P :'(

  • Aran

    Dont remember where i read it but some time ago i read that Nemesis had other weapons in addition to his well known Rocket launcher, like an assault rifle, a hand gun, even a combat knife. This wasnt presented in the original RE 3 game, but i sure would’ve wanted it to be.
    His model desing is OK, Though i gotta admit that i preffer his more agile and athletic look from RE3; however i expect this game to be one worth your time and money

  • Grace Saunders

    Nemesis only killed 2 people. Well, actually 1 since Mikhail killed himself and Nicholai apparently flew off in the chopper. So that just leaves Brad. Was there anyone else?

  • c

    With all the stuff ORC has added (models and raccoon map) we could easily get an RE2 and RE3 remake. Will capcom ever do it? Most likely not. If they do though, IT BETTER NOT BE NINTENDO EXCLUSIVE.

  • SilverFF

    @Grace-Nem only killed Brad. Unless you go non-canon where he does kill Nicholai depending on your choices on RE3. So…. Anyone getting this on PS3 and needing teammates?

  • Cory

    this game looks awful…..OO

  • ale

    I hope this isn’t the finished version, gameplay doesn’t look really fluent… and Nemi gained weight, I guess years without action do that. 😛

  • Jawmuncher

    Jesus what’s with all the negativity
    I gotta say I’m pretty excited, and have likes everything we’ve seen so far.
    To complain that this game isn’t scary STILL, after all the media confirming such (it’s not like they’ve been trying to hide it). Is just plain annoying.

  • Anthony Macias

    I agree with Jawmuncher, this games looks great to me, who cares if its not horror, it wasn’t made to be, and they resident evil has proven they can do horror or action, and it still be a good game. In my opinion if you didn’t like any of this, your a not a Resident Evil fan

  • drew

    Lest we forget that Nemesis was actually a BOW with programmable targets, and that he was programmed to kill STARS members…so why in the fuck is he attacking the Umbrella Security group?

  • drew

    @Anthony Macias – I hate it because I’m a Resident Evil fan.

  • lahey

    why is his gatling gun firing like an m60?

  • Red-Dragon-Cro

    @drew Nemesis has a malufunction/error and thats why he went beserk so Delta team is sent to insert a controling parasite from a tyrant into him to bring him back under control after which he gets his iconic rocket launcher and screams his famous sentence S.T.A.R.S.(that info was in a article)

  • Blawlz

    I’m just taking this for what is is, a fun shooter in the Resident Evil realm. And I’m pretty excited, hopefully this holds me over until November.

  • boo

    What the hell do you think you’re doing Bawlz, a true RE fan isn’t supposed to like a game that allows you to move and shoot or understand what the word “tie-in” means. That said I hope that they polish this game a bit before it comes out and that Nemesis runs after you after he drop the gattling gun.

  • kris

    To be honest the game doesn’t look that great. Ill file this game away long with the terrible resident evil movies which are also non-canon. Only way ill buy this is if it came with re6 demo haha.

  • xXxJamesxX

    I have to say this, this True Fan stuff is complete bullshit. So far the game looks good. So in order to be a True Fan I have to hate this?!? In that case I don’t want to be one anymore if it means sacrificing my freedom enjoy myself just to keep a false labeled status thats stuck up and snobbish and isn’t going to help me get job or make my life any better.

  • chris redfield smokes pot

    did i just see 2 nemisis ok what the fuck? theirs only one oh well still looks good to me and im a true fan i live and breath resident evil all u people bitchn bout the movies and games need to realize their making this game to make money so they can make remakes of 2 and 3 at least thats what i got from too many sleepless nights of searching resident evil everything and honestly revelation is the game that looks fuckn stupid ive allready watched the gameplay vids online and found it stupid and boring re is dead deal with it!!!

  • xXxJamesxX

    @chris redfield You have the right idea on the first half for that I appreciate it. But RE is not technically dead just became a big franchise. Nothing terrible about it, normal wise its natural, I can pull out the Mario thing and I can ask with stuff like with titles like Party or Kart Racing do they still make Mario games? This is the same case. As for scare factor its opinionmatic just to be fair about it. Some people like myself don’t find it series scary while some find it easily scary it depends on the person. When my I was playing RE5 with my sis, she found it scary. Revelations to me was not scary, the old school play is do able but I could careless, the plot personally was the only good thing. RE5 had good gameplay but a so and so plot.


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