The USS meets Nemesis in this new Operation Raccoon City footage

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City videos continue to pour out. We already got to see the game’s opening moments, along with the G-Birkin boss battle, and today Game Trailers brings us another piece of footage from the game. This time it focuses on Nemesis and the NE-Beta parasite.

After battling through hordes of the undead in the city’s cemetery, the USS arrive in a secret warehouse where they’re tasked to find Nemesis and put him under control (by injecting a controlling agent extracted from a T-103 Tyrant). This is where things get crazy. The team is faced with NE-Beta parasite-controlled specimens, and they prove to be quite a threat. And then Nemesis wakes up, joining the party.

Again, I know you probably want to avoid videos such as this and experience these moments for yourself when the game hits in March, so feel free to avoid the footage below. For everyone else, sound off below letting me know what you think of this Nemesis encounter.

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