Saved data in Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D can’t be erased, what’s the problem?

Here’s a shocker: your saved data in Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D can’t be erased. This is a good move on Capcom’s part in  regards to fighting used game sales, seeing as how someone isn’t going to want to get the cheaper, used version of the game knowing that the previous owner’s data will still be there. Now, we have a lot of people who were already planning to buy the game new, on launch day, complaining!

Seriously, guys? Okay, I understand that sometimes we enjoy the freshness and challenge of starting games over with a blank slate but this game isn’t a narrative based affair, it’s a progressive type of game: you’ll gain upgrades the more you play and gain unlockables as you go. Why would you want to clear that data anyway? I’ll refrain from going on further on this topic, because I know I’ll be getting a lot of heat for my stance on this issue, but I’m just amazed that once-potential buyers are now opting to boycott the game. That’s just stupid. What do you guys think? What do you think about this whole scenario?


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  • I find it bad for those who wish to start a new, or pass the games to their friends. I’m against Gamestop because of their used games scam tactics, but Capcom should have went a different route and added some type of DLC for new copies. Similar to what EA does.

  • Red-Dragon-Cro

    Well to me this ain´t a problem cuz anyway i m not thinking of selling it afterwards as some people do or borrow it to someone(nobody i know has a 3DS and is interested in this game,yet..)Well yeah but for the upcoming game Revelations could be a problem if you can´t make another savedata for example if a friend wants to play it or you wana start all over again.

  • I thik this is an awful idea, I live in Mexico and in a lot of times I’m kind of short in money to buy brand-new games, so I need to drop by any Blockbuster to buy used games to get them in a cheaper price. With this feature Capcom is taking away from us the chance of trade game with our friends or to buy them as a pre-owned game… In just a few words: IT SUCKS!

  • Petrol

    I agree with this article. It’s so stupid how people are upset over such a trivial thing.
    I’m still gonna buy it today like I was planning to since the game was announced. 🙂

  • Elyssa

    Makes no difference to me. I have never really bought used games & I don’t lend out my games so I personally have no problem with this.

  • DarkDreamTCK

    So now, if my cuz wants to borrow the game, they are forced to play on the settings and such that I already have. And if that cuz, say, does horribly on something and ruins my overall progress, its done on MY account.

    If it turns out that the game sucks, or its 2 years later and I don’t want it anymore, I can’t do anything with it cause it won’t let me start new data.

    Lastly, if it starts now and does well, it gives Capcom the go ahead to do it with other games. What if it happens in Revelations? Will I just not be allowed to start over if I get stuck in a bad situation with no ammo at a boss fight? Will Legends 3 not allow me to try boss fights and scenarios differently? Will I only be able to have one save state, and be unable to have a backup save in the case I screw something up?

    I like my games like I like my books. Engrossing, entertaining, and re-readable. If this trend continues, my games will turn into my burgers. One and done until I buy another one. And I ain’t buying games twice.

  • xXxJamesxXX

    Well for starters, that is a big deal in terms of choice. You see lets say you yourself played this game to death right, and you technically got everything this game had to offer only to find out it just isn’t as satisfying the first time around unlocking everything, you want to experience it again. No not happening so your screwed. So you want to pass this game on to someone else, they check it and go what the hell because they want to experience the samething you do. It may not seem like a big issue to you people who keep stuff to yourself and just to yourself, but don’t go all blant ignorant about how this is not going to effect you, but it’s ok for others to get thumbed down without thinking it through.

    Whats more stupid is people complaining about how people buy used games. Seriously, I know alot a folks who buy used copies because of the budget and economy now. Well, seeing how proving my point is fruitless here, I just say simply say I’m not buying, stupid to you perhaps, but aleast I thought things through versus saying not buying it because this sucks.

  • Lexi

    I understand that used sales hurt the game companies a lot. I’m not living in the US, and haven’t encountered used game sales in my country since the Sega Mega Drive era, but from your comments it seems like a wide-spread habit.
    For this reason I can excuse those 1st day DLCs the buyers get for free, because it doesn’t in any way hurt the buyers.
    But for whatever reaosn, a buyer might want to delete his saves. I’ve friends that do that in the Gran Turismo games for example, because they love the process of slowly getting the new awarded cars once again.
    If there are people that like to do this buying Mercenaries, then these buyers are hurt. And that’s just a bad tactic. So, yes, I think the buyers are right in wanting to boycott the game. Like excessive security protection in PC games, this is a tactic that frustrates legitimate buyers even when there are better alternatives to use (again, day 1 DLCs)

  • SHFandemon

    The companies do that, because there are still too many idiots who buy their crap.

  • xXxJamesxXx

    Hahaha funny and true.


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