Rumor: Resident Evil Revelations 2 coming this December?

Resident Evil Revelations has become one of theย  most fulfilling and faithful entries in the series since the release of Resident Evil 4. It was well-received and it recently got an HD port for home consoles. It’s one of my favorite games in the series, and I really hope Capcom decides to continue with the game’s blend of horror and survival action.

Capcom’s very own Masachika Kawata has gone on record expressing interest in developing another game in the Revelations sub-series. So, having said that, let’s look at this “leaked” promotional image.

Yup. Real or fake? We’re not really sure yet. But an announcement of a direct sequel to Revelations wouldn’t be all that surprising. It would be very, very welcome. And with a release date of December 3 of this year, we won’t really have to wait that long.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments section below!


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  • Jenny Stein

    I wouldn’t mind this, but I don’t think they should just call it Revelations 2. Should be Resident Evil: Downfall and star Claire, just like that one rumor awhile ago said. Wouldn’t doubt this game’s existence though.

    • OverCasanova

      Agreed. Needs Claire

    • Thomas Votik

      Funny how I found this page on my own and you’re the first comment. We are awesome!

  • OverCasanova

    Sounds fake. The poster looks like the most simplest photoshop project of all the other fake Resi stuff I have seen. Plus, it JUST came out on console and they wanted to see how well it did, right? Now would be the time they are probably thinking that over about what to do now. Unless right away they decided to make a sequel or something,

    • handsomejack47

      Then again, the first Revelations was on the 3DS was very successful for them and that was motivation for them to think of a second game. When you think about it, the main reason why they re-released Revelations on consoles is because they wanted people to like them again after disappointing a lot of people with RE6. That being said, I won’t buy into the possible Revelations 2 hype until I hear something from Capcom.

      • SecretX


  • Xander

    3DS logo in the corner, interesting….
    Maybe this one will have some actual revelations pertaining to the overall series.

  • tigerspaw

    Would it be too much to hope that Claire is playable? But realistically it’ll feature Chris. Because he’s such a complex & interesting character we just can’t get enough. /endsarcasm

  • Liam Mountain

    CLAIRE CLAIRE claire !! ( if it’s real)

  • siravia

    As much as i love Claire, I just wouldn’t want to play as Claire again, maybe on another Rail Shooter yes, though we just got a recent Jill game, i just get the feeling that revelations game felt more like a spin off game in a way, granted most of the story at this point doesn’t make any sense. My point i would love to see Jill in the sequel, no more new characters FFS! we have so many old characters who could use a cameo or two.. Just saying.. Billy..

    P.S Sorry, I just cannot get enough of Jill >.>

    • Thomas Votik

      Sorry, Billy Cohen has nothing to add to the story of Resident Evil. He’s a fugitive and has no connection to Umbrella. His character is bland and he’s a jackass. Normally I would like that, but with Billy, it’s just irritating. As for Jill, we’ve all had enough of her. Never want to see her again. Or Chris. We need a reunion of RE2 characters. And what the hell, lets have Claire and Elza meet! XD

    • mitsuhoney

      I would love Billy to be added! ๐Ÿ™‚

      I dont see how you (Thomas) thinks he is bland and a jackass. I actually think he is ALOT better than half of the men in RE. The only “bland” character in RE to me is Barry, I dont get why so many people want him to return, he is so boring and uninteresting (save for his classic lines in the original). I think a story with Claire (main protagonist like Jill in Rev), Leon (main protagonist like Chris in Rev) and possibly find some way to incorporate Sherry, Ada, Carlos, Billy and/or Rebecca.

  • luigiix

    I think it’s fake. The release date is too soon.

  • Justin Cabanting

    Maybe this could actually be something close to getting a remake of RE2…

    What if this starred Leon and Claire? It’s definitely been a while since they’ve been the mascots for a Resident Evil game =D

  • mitsuhoney

    As much as I would love this to happen, I think this promo is a fake. I dont think they would name the game this even as a promo stand in and the date is read as DD/MM/YY as how its read in countries like Japan (where it would have used the title Biohazard) rather than using the American way of MM/DD/YY. Regardless, I hope I am wrong and I hope we do see Revelations 2 ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Prometheus

    Leon was the main RE character in the two CGI movies as well as the RE: 5 Live Action crapfest. He was also in RE6 and has had a total of 3 main entries dedicated to him in the series. You can also add him being featured in the Darkside Chronicles as well if you like. He has had an ongoing presence in their games and movies. So the one person that people can’t talk about being underutilized is Leon especially if you think Jill is overexposed as they are pretty much the same. The only arguments that can be made from the original characters are Claire, Rebecca and Barry as far as being underutilized.


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