Resident Evil: Vendetta hitting theaters nationwide this summer

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The Trigger Virus will spread nationwide this summer when Resident Evil: Vendetta hits theaters. The CG animated film (the third following Degeneration and Damnation) is being produced by Takashi Shimizu of The Grudge fame. It STARS Chris Redfield, Rebecca Chambers, and Leon Kennedy, reuniting the bros and finally bringing back one of the series’ most cherished characters.

There’s a new virus and a return to a mansion setting, for part of the film at least. The film will also take place in New York City by the sound of things, where the villain, Glenn Arias, is plotting to spread his Trigger Virus – a virus that creates BOWs that can identify friends from foes.

Check out a trailer below!

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  • Naissus

    They need to tone down the cheesy action and increase the horror. I wish they would at least try to make these movies stand alone as good movies.

    • David Hinkle

      This is canon to the games they have to make this movie like this

    • David Hinkle

      It can’t be a stand alone movie it’s canon to the resident evil game series

      • Naissus

        I’ll rephrase. I wish these movies would stand on their own. The last two were forgettable.

        • David Hinkle

          Resident evil degeneration and Damnation are awesome movie’s i love these movie’s

    • I think the cheesy action is due to a few things. A lot of Japanese action films, live action & cartoon have cheesy action. Also since the other movies, besides The Final Chapter, did kinda well in America & worldwide, are nothing but cheesy action, Capcom thinks that it has more appeal.

  • Yudha

    After the Final Chapter, This is kinda of Capcom’s way in saying “Let us show you how we do it, Paul W.S. Anderson”

  • Survival Horror Specialist

    Damnation was great, I am looking forward to seeing Rebecca again


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