Resident Evil Revelations Xbox 360 and PS3 bound?

The Korean Rating’s Board has recently rated Resident Evil: Revelations on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The listing on their website suggests that the game will be jumping ship from the 3DS and making is way to home consoles.

I missed out on Revelations due to not owning a 3DS, so I’m looking forward to I’ll finally being able to play a new Resident Evil game with a stronger emphasis on survival horror (unlike Resident Evil 6). I suspect that Revelations will make its way to both the Xbox 360 and PS3 as a downloadable title. Could a Vita version also be in the cards? We’re still waiting for Resident Evil Portable, you know.

Here’s hoping this listing leads to an actual release. The more people able to play a good game means more happy gamers.


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  • Wow… Jill looks real bad on that pic.
    Oh yeah and about the news, I hope it’s true. I don’t want a 3ds until Nintendo releases the inevitable redisign of their portable.

  • Chris, Jill and 3 eyebrows.

  • markm

    Sweet, I enjoyed playing this game on the 3ds but the small screen did my eyes in! On the harder modes this game defo brought back the old resi evil feeling along with retracing your steps, collecting keys for previously locked areas, monsters that creeping from corners, chests or drop on top of you from the vents and a partner that doesnt actually do much besides the occasinol gun shot and distract monsters (as they are invincable). This game is how future resi games should of been based on, but with resi 6’s graphics.

  • Rayek

    I was waiting for this news. This game is gonna take away the bad taste in my mouth after RE6.

    • ariessiren

      i thought it tasted incredible 🙂

  • Retarded, there’s no emphasis on survivor horror in this game to be true, but it’s way way better than RE6 though.

    • eledhrim

      This, lol.

      A couple hours into the game and it’s non-stop action. Not that I mind, I dig RE’s evolution due to the better storylines but Revelations story was, unfortunately, a bit too goofy… with even goofier haircuts.

      Overall, I was disappointed. Regardless, I love how people say Revelations was actually ‘survival horror’ when the majority of the people who say so, haven’t even played it. Melendez, the article writer, even admits to it.

      • Should have said “stronger emphasis” at least according to Jorge who reviewed the game.

      • ariessiren

        it has a more classic resident evil feel, but yeah it gets action crazy real fast. but alot of exploration and creepy atmosphere helped offset the re4/re5 action. to me its pretty much RE4 on a cruise ship. its a great balance but its not classic survival horror like re 1-3 were. yet gamers act like its pure survival horror when its not. but the 3d was amazing. be great to have more people experience it as im sure it will have 3d for ps3 3dtv owners.

  • Yes please!

  • they should port it for the psvita too

  • LilyWong

    Wishful thinking. Maybe people need to get over their damn insecurities about owning a Nintendo console. It doesn’t make your dicks shrink, people.

    • Rayek

      I have a lot of nintendo consoles. Just not into handhelds 😉

    • luigiix

      I’ve been a huge fan of Nintendo since i first got my NES back in the day. I own all of their home consoles. But i’m not generally into handhelds. I like to play on a big screen, specially for this kind of games 😀 Besides, i don’t have the cash to buy a 3ds right now.

    • ariessiren

      hehe the 3ds is a pretty cool system. was my 1st handheld really and turned me into a handheld fan. now i have a vita and i play my ps3 less and less. the 3d really is that great on the 3dsxl. i love it. those people that complain are just mad they cant afford one so they bash it because it makes them feel better. all they are doing is depriving themselves of great gaming on 3d. their loss. 3ds rocks

  • Thomas

    No they should give, those who put all the money into buying a PSP
    (although i doubt very much that it will ever be for the PSP but very
    much for the VITA, not that thats a bad think off course) in the first
    place, a completely NEW and original Resident Evil game just like the
    one for 3DS…….

    Enough with the rehashes,
    re-releases, re-re-releases & the awefull simple port-overs how
    about something that is really truely a NEW Resident Evil game. Not the
    joke of a resident evil game that RE 5 and RE 6 was and is……..

    and off course make sure that it is actually a “survival horror” game
    like the old-school once. There is nothing wrong with pre-renderd
    backgrounds, Pre set camera angels & tank controls. It´s what that
    put this franchise on the map/made the game what it is.

    Anyone who complains about that go and play your “modern warfare´s” and “call of duty´s” and leave resident evil alone theire was nothing wrong with it to begin with…….


    • ariessiren

      what a stupid stuck in the past gamer this guy is.

      • Thomas

        Okay name calling thats fine……. What a stuck in the 21 century mindset, condescending, Childish & sad person you are. You and people like you who have no control over what they are willing to put of with or buy these days are the reason that game franchises like Resident Evil are going downhill fast…….

        I useally dont do this kind of thing so remember who cast the first stone…….Buddy…….

        • ariessiren

          your just a jaded hateful annoying gamer who thinks his way is the only right way. newsflash, millions of gamers disagree with you about the going downhill part. MILLIONS. actually you cast the 1st stone by putting down certain gamers who play call of duty etc. because you imply they are beneath you when you should be thanking them for making gaming mainstream so we dont have a video game market crash again. you should be thanking them and capcom for keepin RE alive and evolving it into the success it is today. its not all about you and what YOU want

          • Thomas

            Im an annoying gamer funny i was thinking the same thing about you. If i affended you im sorry about that. The only reason i put out the modern warfare and call of duty thing is because more and more games that are NOT shooters are turning into clones of said games. I never said people were beneath me or i would ever think that im all that because im not. Im the most down to earth guy you´ll ever come across in this world.

            Another thing freedom of speech and the right to voice your/my opinion. Thats all it is MY opinion. Are there someone out theire who´s not gonna like it yes but thats the way the world is.

            I play Modren Warfare and Call of Duty myself good shooters. Ive even played RE 5 and RE 6. Are they good games YES, but RE5 and RE 6 are not Resident Evil games.

            And that i will gladly disagree with millions about…….

          • All I have to say toward this little squabble is… Thomas don’t romanticize it too much you may not like the new games but the old games really… were not that great gameplay wise either… I for one would rather have over the shoulder action than fixed camera horror

          • Thomas

            A little squabbleing never hurt anyone it makes you think so no harm done. I like Old-School style Resident Evil games more then you and thats that…….

            Its hard not to “romanticize it” because i really like the old school once and theire are no excuses not for making old school style Resident Evil games on new hardware its been done in the best Resident Evil game to date. I am off course referring to RE REmake & RE0 respectively. These were old school style games on never hardware and good once to. Does this mean i dont want Resident Evil games for those who want a more action oriented experience no absolutly not but when its the ONLY kind being releashed that what that gets me upset. Dont alienate the once who love the RE from what it was in the very beginning who are now getting worried that CAPCOM only want to please the biggest majority og gamers out there by making the game more “action” and barely “Suvival Horror”. Yes the “Action & Suvival Horror thing” again yet another thing we proberly wont agree about either…….

            This is just so frustrating that there are people out there who are willig to buy anything that has Resident Evil written on it…….

  • Benjamin May

    This is fantastic news. It was pretty frustrating to be stuck with Operation Raccoon City while the 3DS had Revelations, so I’m really looking forwards to the chance to be able to finally play it!

    • ariessiren

      if you loved re4, your gonna love revelations.

  • underthescope

    if they do bring it to consoles, it better be more than just a mere port and have extra content, upgraded graphics, new areas and available on disc. otherwise forget it

    • Bob

      Some people just cant be pleased.

      • ariessiren

        for real huh

    • Residentevil6isamazing!

      It makes no sense for them to have to do that. The game alone would be enough.

    • ariessiren

      just dont play it “underthescope” nothing pleases you anyway so why even bother posting? your loss the game is really great

  • Atila Lopez


    Now you see if we make this game sell really well, we’ll show Capcom how much important horror is then what it is now.

  • Awesome! I doubt there’ll be a Vita version just because that seems to be ‘the way it is’ (even though that would be awesome)..but I’ll get the PS3 version

  • Residentevil6isamazing!

    I’m getting a pikachu 3ds xl in 2 weeks and was gonna get this so I don’t know how I feel about this.

  • SecretX

    i already have it so is not big news for me, but if it comes out for the wii U i might be interested.

  • Henrikm

    I really hope the news is true.
    I too skipped this one mainly as it was for handheld console which I really did not want to get so it could eventually gather dust in a corner of my room as most handhelds in the past.
    But I truly hope its true as it also gives me hope that maybe Konami might do the same with Silent Hill Book of Memory.

  • Grif

    There is nothing survival horror in revelations any more than six. Even on the hardest difficulty, it’s still just “walk towards a waypoint blasting everything in my path”. I really don’t understand how anyone can say the Revelations is so much scarier and exploration based than 6 if they’ve actually played both.

    Still has waypoints, still linear, still has an annoying god mode partner following you everywhere…

    Actually, they’re pretty much the same game aside from the setting.

    • kevin thomas

      Except the controls in RE6 are god-awful and Revelations doesn’t pose as one long drawn-out Michael Bay movie.

      Other than that, yeah, pretty much the same game…

      • Grif

        The controls in RE6 were fine, the controls in Revelations were annoying as shit. Holding a shoulder to turn? That’s retarded. An incredibly common control scheme? Not so bad. That said, it’s entirely a matter of opinion and can’t be used as a judge of quality for either game.

        And let’s not forget the whole “3ds can’t render mouths moving much less thousands of explosions” which it more than made up for in other set pieces.

        • ariessiren

          kevin thomas is just a troll who hates EVERYTHING. lets not feed him going forward. he is just a pure hater with no life or valued input.

  • I think some games deserve console platforms (Such Revelations, Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, God of War), It’s great seeing Capcom doing something as that. And it will be amazing for Resident Evil as Franchise either, not just to us players.

  • luigiix

    What’s up with Jill’s face?

  • I want this on the WiiU

  • I BET my RE Revelations that now they will include Rachael on the Raid mode -.-” or even her own chapter with Raymond

  • TrueAnakin09



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