Resident Evil Revelations will support the 3DS expansion slide pad

You know that attachment that was recently leaked in Famitsu for the 3DS? You know, the one that grants the handheld a second circle pad. Yeah, it wasn’t exactly…visually appealing, but rest assured, it could come to good use, especially in the case of game like Resident Evil Revelations.

It’s been confirmed, via Resident Evil’s official Facebook page, that Revelations will support the upcoming expansion slide pad. Obviously, it isn’t a necessity to use said add-on, but it may enhance one’s time with the game, gameplay-wise. It’ll be quite a blessing for those who prefer a more Vita-like approach with the game, in terms of controls. Well, now you have your dual pads! Everyone wins!

  • Smiley

    Everybody wins! Everybody wins!

    I may not get the tumor for my 3DS, but everybody wins!

    If anyone played Mercs 3D and tried the demo for Revelations you’ll know that unless angling the camera is that much of a deal to you then chances are that second analog may prove to be useless in the grand scheme of things. But why worry? Because everybody wins! EVERYBODY.

  • Elyssa

    Not interested? Don’t buy it. It’s available to those who want it, & that’s how “everybody wins”. Get over yourself.

  • Astraea

    Look at that huge eyesore accessory. Christ, you think they could have implemented the second circle pad in its original design. I’m sorry but that add-on looks like a gaudy piece of shit and I wouldn’t be caught dead with that bulky thing. I mean, can you imagine taking that thing out in public and people not think you look like a total dumbass?

    Hopefully they’ll release a new 3DS system like how they did with the DS systems and make a better, sleeker design with the second circle pad.

    …because that thing is hideous…