Resident Evil Revelations will “blow people away”

In an interview with the official Nintendo magazine producer Masachika Kawata explains why people will be blown away by Resident Evil Revelations:

“The graphics on Mercenaries are some of the best you can see at the moment. We’ve been working really hard though to make sure that when Revelations comes out next year, that will really blow people away graphically.”

Please go here to see the short video interview.

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  • Resident Evil 5 looked great but was underwhelming. Hopefully they focus of the meaningful stuff more.

  • Petrol

    I just got RE:Mercs 3D today and I’m obsessed with it and since Jill is my favorite character i’m really looking forward to Revelations specially after playing the demo… The soundtrakc was awesome! (from what we’ve heard so far)

  • Grace Saunders

    Not a fan of tiny screens. But this is one game I’d make an exception for!


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