Resident Evil Revelations: T-Abyss origin revealed, enemy descriptions

Another day, another Resident Evil Revelations post as we continue marching ever onwards to the game’s February 7th release date. Yup, all’s right in the world! Today we have something rather cool for you to check out: official descriptions for some of the game’s enemies, straight from its official Japanese site. Oh, and there’s also a neat little bit of history pertaining to the T-Abyss virus and its origin. You can find my summed up version of all the information below.


As with all bad things, it always starts with curiosity. A group of scientists from the Montpellier University of Marine Science one day stumbled upon a species of deep-sea fish. They just so happened to be carriers of a virus that ended up being referred to as “Abyss” because you know, they were found deep in the sea, and also because of the fear of said depths. So what happens then? Well, this “Abyss” virus was combined with the T-Virus and…yeah, you probably know what happens next. It’s classic Resident Evil from that point on, with BOWs galore!

The site then gives us a listing of some of the enemies we’ll be facing off against in the game. First up are the regular Ooze we’ve been seeing a lot of for months.


This is what happens when a regular person is infected with this new virus. Their entire cellular make-up gets altered, making them able to absorb an uncanny amount of water and also making them liquid in their physical state due to all their internal organs basically melting due to osmotic pressure. And after infected, they absolutely need to suck on victims for fluids in order to survive.

Then there’s various mutations of the Ooze. Some of them have claw-like arms, others are completely distorted in form, and others shoot bones like bullets.

Sea Creeper

This monstrous BOW is what happens when the virus is injected into a female host. The woman’s long hair is still here, in a mutated form of course, and it covers the creeper’s entire body, allowing it to move freely through water. It also allows them to move underwater silently. Kinda creepy if I do say so myself. Once this creature gets near its prey it emerges, holding the poor victim with its six arms tightly while it happily eats its flesh. It’s impossible to escape when you’re being held by this creatures, this act of embracement is strong because it reminds the creature of its mother’s love. (I see you, Lisa.)


This big boy here is one of the boss-like BOWs we’ll be facing in the game. These are special mutations that occur rarely (can only be accomplished in 1 out of 100 subjects). Basically, the host presents a strong resistance to the virus, said resistance only slows down an infection that will eventually succeed in overflowing through the blood of the host, though, so it’s only a matter of time with these rare cases.

As the infection begins to do its work, the host shows signs of a high fever and tumors growing around their neck/shoulder area. As the infection continues, the host starts to gradually lose consciousness. It’s quite sad because the host knows that they’re being manipulated by this virus, yet they can’t do anything about it. Then we have what we see pictured above, and even in this “ultimate” state, the host can still be heard muttering words.


We’ve seen these guys before! They’re the piranha-like creatures that lurk through the flooded areas of the luxury cruise ship. This is what happens when the virus infects regular fish– and these mutated fishes resemble what the scientists found before, which had the “Abyss” virus coursing through their blood. A group of these ferocious sea creatures can eat through large mammals, bones and all, within mere seconds. Might want to be careful around these guys!


The good ol’ Hunters! But wait, these aren’t regular Hunters…These aren’t the mean-green machines from the past (though I’m sure they’re still big meanies!) now they’re infected with the T-Abyss virus, giving them a new name: Farfarello (derived from one of the 12 devils from Dante’s Divine Comedy). These new pale Hunters have been granted new abilities by this virus: now they’re able to mimic they’re surroundings and camouflage, making them even more deadlier than ever before.


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  • Petrol

    awesome article – can’t wait for this game! This has to be my most anticipated game for this year along with Tomb Raider 😀

  • Yeah, the new Tomb Raider looks quite nice, too. I’m definitely buying that day one. Looks promising. Oh, and you can’t forget about Operation Raccoon City!

  • Red-Dragon-Cro

    Well after taking a look at the official web to see this news and the info it looks like these creatures are after all “zombies” tought not the classic ones.

    Also when does this new Tomb Raider come out?Interested in it aswell.

    Oh and got a question.Is the RE:ORC Special Edition a worldwide release or an American release as some of us on the Capcom forum have been searching info around it and couldn´t find anything for the European release?

  • That’s a good question. I’ve done some digging now too and I don’t see anything downright stating that it’s hitting Europe, too. I’m sure you guys will get a special edition of some form, though. We’ll have to wait.

  • liam

    need this game now !!!

  • Thedoc1984

    Men just gets better and better nentendo power gave a 9 out of 10, guys I cant wait no more,
    Come on feb,7

  • xXxJamesxX

    Thats nice their putting more detail into this new virus strain, I wish they could have done the same with RE5’s Uroboros, but I guess it was cool that they put together enemies affected by different strains, mostly Las Plagas , but at least they had Licker Beta(Progenitor) and the Reaper which is the only byproduct of Uroboros that was not a human subject. Also I like to point out that the Farfrello the new Hunter strain, the invisibility ability it has seems like a nod to RE4’s Novistador, you know those man sized insect baddies that can fly and decap in old Hunter fashion

  • Thedoc1984

    Its going to be a good one!!! Hope they show alex wesker !

  • Braindead

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like things being revealed BEFORE the game’s released? This is the kind of stuff we should uncover while playing the game…

  • Nero

    For what I have seen with the enemies names is that they are all Italian since this game occurs near there. It will be like the enemies in RE4 having Spanish names or RE5 having African names. Maybe parts of this game will happen in italy since Veltro is a Italian organization.

  • Henrik

    Were did people get Finland from early on.

    Personally I would loved too seen it taking place in Finland but maybe its still are.

    With Chris and Jessica’s wintery scenary?

    I like how they returning to monsters again rather then just human looking enemies possessed by parasites etc.

    I have not paied much attension too revelation as too much info disappointed me alot with RE5 when more then half of its cool content talked about and showed was scrapped.

    Trying to avoid as much as possible so I can go into the gameplay with opened mind.

    I like the ship and watery scenery and all but for some reason I find Chris and Jessica’s snowy episodes more cooler as been said here before got The Thing vibes from Chris episode with the snowy isolated area and infected dogs/wolves plus O’Brian looking a liitle like Kurt Russell.


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