Resident Evil Revelations’ Keith and Quint kick ass in new Raid Mode screens

Yesterday we got fresh images showing off what Jessica and Parker could do in Resident Evil Revelations’ Raid Mode. Today it’s Keith and Quint’s turn to shine with these new screens, again, showing off some Raid Mode action.

These two are yet another pair of new faces being added to the series’ expansive cast of characters. Though, like in Jessica and Parker’s case, they haven’t been brought up in the the most recent, chronologically speaking, game in the series, Resident Evil 5. So, something may happen to all these new faces that are being introduced with Revelations. Maybe some sort of mind wiping antics will go down, ensuring that Chris and Jill don’t remember all these new people…OK, I completely made that last one up.

Anyway, check out the new screens below!


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  • Elyssa

    Keith looks quite different in the second screen. Guess its the outfit.

  • B.S.S.A.

    Have this game,Quints one of my favorites in the new cast of faces!They are a good team (-Keith saying everything freaking blows!)Though,Haven’t unlocked him in Raid Mode.Hoping to soon!


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