Resident Evil Revelations gets DLC Season Pass, PC pre-order bonuses revealed

We’re a little over a month away from Resident Evil Revelations‘ HD release on May 21st. The former 3DS exclusive title will land on current home consoles and PC with brand new content all its own, ranging from a new difficulty mode (Inferno) to new weapons and Raid Mode characters (HUNK and Rachel). But now, it seems that the game will be getting even more content beyond the aforementioned additions.

Capcom has revealed that the HD version of Revelations will be receiving a DLC Season Pass. I know, I know, season passes aren’t all that consumer friendly, but this revelation indicates that we’ll be getting actual DLC additions to the game post-launch. I’m still hoping for a Rachel scenario.

Capcom has also revealed the pre-order bonuses for the PC version of the game on Steam. Pre-ordering through Steam will get you a digital soundtrack, digital art book, the Season Pass and a digital copy of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition. Not a bad deal. Of course, the Season Pass is the biggest revelation here, and I can’t wait to see what content Capcom has planned for the game in the months following its launch.

What content would you like to see added?

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  • HUNK’s campaign DLC

  • ariessiren

    If its single player I’m all for it

  • Branden_Lucero

    the fact that this game is $49.99 is absolute shit. i was able to find the 3DS version like $20.

    • you expect a console game to be cheap?

      • Branden_Lucero

        i actually expect it to be “cheap-er” you know. games that get ported later on are usually “cheap-er” this port is $10 MORE than what the 3DS originally launched at.

        • This isn’t a direct port and they put work into content not on the 3DS version and will not be available to it at all. So that makes it a new game pretty much like previous re-releases RECV, RE4.

          • Branden_Lucero

            its a still port regardless in the sense, because the game itself was “previously” released on another platform before this one. it doesnt even matter one bit, if the game has been enchanced for better technology, it is still a port. it still has the same story, the same characters, etc. in the same sense as Ocarina of Time 3D, another enhanced port – still has the same characters, the same story, the same ending. just tweaks and improvements here and there.

  • Rachel campaign. If that happens I’ll buy the game. Again.

  • Pablo Iranzo

    It seems like there wasn’t anything post releasse except for the 2 costumes. Is capcom serious?


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