Resident Evil Revelations’ box art has a bizzar typo

Well would you look at that! We all know Resident Evil Revelations will be bringing fans back into the world of survival horror, but now we’ve just learned that even the game’s actual case will give us a trip down memory lane.

Dan Hsu (1up’s former editorial director, EGM’s former EiC, and Bitmob’s co-founder) has tweeted an image earlier today of the Revelations review copy he received. Well, what could possibly be wrong with it, right? Well, as the title of this story suggests, there’s indeed one very bizzar typo on the case’s spine. Take a look for yourself at the image above.

Yup, that right there says Resident Evil Revelaitons. Personally, I think this is a cool throwback to the series’ past, which used to sometimes involve some in-game typos, mostly due to localizations. And hell, if you find yourself with one such copy, then consider it rare since Capcom’s own Christian Svensson has stated that they’re “aware that this has affected a portion of the production run.” He goes on to state that ” there’s likely to be some news to follow closer to launch on this topic.”

I sincerely hope my review copy has this typo.


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