Resident Evil Revelations’ box art has a bizzar typo

Well would you look at that! We all know Resident Evil Revelations will be bringing fans back into the world of survival horror, but now we’ve just learned that even the game’s actual case will give us a trip down memory lane.

Dan Hsu (1up’s former editorial director, EGM’s former EiC, and Bitmob’s co-founder) has tweeted an image earlier today of the Revelations review copy he received. Well, what could possibly be wrong with it, right? Well, as the title of this story suggests, there’s indeed one very bizzar typo on the case’s spine. Take a look for yourself at the image above.

Yup, that right there says Resident Evil Revelaitons. Personally, I think this is a cool throwback to the series’ past, which used to sometimes involve some in-game typos, mostly due to localizations. And hell, if you find yourself with one such copy, then consider it rare since Capcom’s own Christian Svensson has stated that they’re “aware that this has affected a portion of the production run.” He goes on to state that ” there’s likely to be some news to follow closer to launch on this topic.”

I sincerely hope my review copy has this typo.


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  • Dante

    Hey, you guys spelt Revelaitons wrong!

  • Lol, that shit’s gonna be worth money someday! Like Revenge of the Jedi posters or something!

  • You also spelled bizarre wrong.

    • son of pluto

      It may have been intentional as Resident Evil (PS1) has a typo in the opening FMV talking about “bizzar murders”

  • c

    It should come to PS3 and 360, to make it fair to long time fans with those consoles. No more nintendo exclusives!

  • StuntmanSnake

    Is this European copies only?

    If it’s the US too, I’ll be sure to snag one even though I don’t own a 3DS. Lol.

  • Dash

    Considering there is a big ESRB rating on the front I’d assume that means it’s a NA copy if I’m not mistaken.

  • Henrik

    Me too Stunt I actually ordered Revelation the game ages ago but dont have a 3ds.

    I still hope its ported to PS3 or Vita(with higher resolution and all)
    otherwise 3ds is the last resort.

    I know what happened to my handhelds in the past,gathering dust in a corner of my home.

    That is why I think its a bit sad that 3ds got this one as I know I would not bothered with it if it had not been for Resident Evil.

    So yeah will have the game soon but still pondering whetever I should get a 3ds or wait for a port.

    Maybe wait for more price drops in that case.

  • Elyssa

    Haha a copy like the above photo would be too awesome to own.

  • Estelvea

    My pre-ordered copy of the game came with a spine that actually had the RE: Revelations logo, not the typed out name of the game. That was in the UK.

    To be honest, I was looking forward to the possibility of having a misspelt spine.


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