Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City will have 19 minutes of cutscenes

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City has just been given a rating of 15 by the British Board of Film Classification, due to the game’s use of blood-filled violence and strong language (potty-mouths). But better yet, the BBFC has also given us one new juicy piece of information with this rating.

It seems that the game will be no slouch when it comes to cutscenes. While nowhere near the level of other more cinematic titles, like Metal Gear Solid or even Uncharted, Operation Raccoon City will still have players spend a reasonable amount of time watching cutscenes, 19 minutes to be exact.

How does this number strike you? I think it’s just perfect, especially seeing as how this game’s more about being right there in the middle of the action than being exposed to lengthy cutscenes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a sucker for cutscenes, I just think 19 minutes sounds pretty good for the game. What do you think? Would you have liked to be met with more lengthier cutscenes?

[Source] (Thanks Trevor!)

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  • Daniel Gasparini

    You guys seem to be overly positive with this game.
    I don’t get it, I mean sure it’s Raccoon City but it’s so generic and it’s seriously killing this series by turning it into a dumber version of itself. Especially if this does extremely well they will slowly kill off anything that fans used to love about this game. 19 minutes of cutscenes is horrible. Even RE5 had an hours worth.

  • Braindead

    No Resident Evil game ever had lenghty curtscenes. I guess 19 minutes will do.

  • Iain`

    I have always been drawn into the RE universe due to it’s compelling story. I would have liked to see it have more.

  • derkkred12

    that’s so short 🙁 the trailers alone were almost 3 minutes. that means we already saw almost 1/6 of all the trailers in the game.

  • nemesis91286

    I am pretty sure that since the game has multiple scenarios and different outcomes in situations that there would be more cut scenes than just 19 minutes. Because will all know that the game will have different ending since you can change the outcomes of the game by killing Leon and Claire or letting them live.

  • Henrik

    I think there will be cutscene made in the engine too not only cgi,my problem is not whetever I should get this or not.

    Its the chooise between PS3 or my PC.

    As someone else mentioned because of the modding community for PC we could most likley play all characters from RE 0-5 plus Outbreak.

    While PS3 might have a couple of dlc.

    Plus Iam more used too keyboard and mouse when it comes too fast action like this.

    RE4 and RE5 was fast too but not this fast.

  • this will be tight

  • cuts should be longer

  • MInerva

    As has lasted almost the same as RE4 (the scenes of this takes about 21 minutes), also has scenes made ​​with the engine console (I think it says so), as we have seen, in which the USS Nicholai meets are very real and good …. so for me is good, although it may be a little misunderstood, and that what we have seen, suggests that it is who knows the end?

  • CGZ

    bullshit.. 🙁

  • xXxJamesxX

    It makes sense, at the same time thats cool. MGS4 was it had longer cutscenes but hell it was rewarding and awesome to watch the cutscenes from previous RE games weren’t that long, enjoyable though, but I’m absoulutely excited about this one especially with such a complex plot.

  • Henrik

    Remember ORC is made mainly for multiplayer then people playing tigether wont sit through 10 min cinematic.

    Left4dead mainly had the intro the rest,ending in each episode and certain scenes in between was made within game engine.

    This game does not need more cinematic then it have.

  • Robert

    I think that this game needs more cut-scenes. To further go into detail of how our team came to be the team of Ops to clean up after Umbrella. But, as long as it’s going to be fun (which it will be) it doesn’t really matter.

  • KoRnCreep

    Because this is not RE6 just a Bside Resident Evil how I like to call it I don`t care about the length of cutscenes and I`m sure I`m not gonna get this title.
    But RE6 is another story so from a real RE sequel I expect at least 100min of cutscenes.
    BTW I`m sure RE:Revelations will have a lot of cutscenes…

  • Grace Saunders

    Yeah, it is just a side story, but Capcom has shown they can still make great games not part of the official numbered series and still make them canon and highly playable. And they say it is canon as long as YOU want it to be. Outbreak 1 and 2 was not really dissimilar to RE2 & 3 in terms of gameplay, etc. The virus meter was a great new twist. While ORC may be more about action, it will be a great game just the same…

  • Gt

    Resident evil is dead since RE Némésis ans code veronica :(.Capcom destroyed this serie directe it’s sad…RIP R.E
    They should call this serie now: call left 4 evil dead

  • nemesis91286

    Oh well, i guess the haters are going to hate and the people who are going are going to enjoy it will enjoy it. But in my opinion i think it’s going to be an awesome Resident evil game whether it’s a spin off or not and BTW this game is an online game at core so it’s meant for many people to play this so i don’t know what all the hate is for.

    But if that’s the case than i guess we shouldn’t consider Dead Space or Dead Rising a horror game because it’s a third person shooter but than again so is RE-RE:CV. in other words what i am trying to say is if there’s undead creatures and other monsters in a game and are fighting to survive than it’s a horror game no matter what the critics say.

  • nemesis91286

    And BTW ‘Left 4 Dead” was a first person shooter, RE4 and RE5 was a Third Person Shooter there’s a big difference.

  • Gt

    I’m sorry but all the first fans the true fans of R.E are agree With my opinion RE is dead the guys as u are only news gamers who they like stupid game when you Must kill zombie every 2sec and who run like a ball you call it survival horror? RE was amazing the manson the enigms the story was authentic now its just shooter spin off because Capcom want win money with little boy new gamers like you its sad. 80% fans are agree With me 🙂 .

  • Gt

    Re is dead. Go play RE5 go have fun with re5 the most horrible shit marketing game in the serie and don’t try to talk as a true fan because you YOU NOT ….pffffff

  • 18 of those minutes have Leon crying.

  • nemesis91286

    Okay, First of all I’ve played all of the RE games from RE1-RE5. Second, I most likely know more about the Resident Evil series and it’s storyline better than you do. And third i am not a newbie when it comes to being a video gamer, I’ve been playing them since i was 5 and am 25 so BAM in your face.

  • KoRnCreep

    I`m 26 and I somehow agree with Gt, so BAM in your face!
    I also started with RE in early age and its my favorite series, reason I was buying consoles. Gamecube was my first Nintendo console just because of RE Remake,Zero and RE 4.
    I dont like RE4 and I dont like RE5 thats my problem, do not comment it!
    Last and the best RE is GCN Remake for me. Nothing will top it, even if Mikami returns to Capcom.
    All I`m seeing this gen are western developers ruining my favorite series Bside RE, and that is Silent Hill and Devil May Cry.
    What is left? Metal Gear Solid!

  • nemesis91286

    I’m not saying that RE4 and RE5 is a perfect horror game,It has it’s flaws. The only thing I’m critical about is why on earth did Capcom got rid of the Zombies and other T-Virus monsters and decided to put Las Plagas as the new enemies in the series ? That was one of Capcom’s biggest mistakes it made. And as for the game play go’s with over the shoulder aiming system i have no problem with it as long as Capcom can bring back the horror that Resident Evil 1-Code Veronica had. But who knows maybe if Capcom can play it’s cards right with Revelations and it works out okay than maybe there’s hope after all.


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