Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Teaser Trailer

Check out the brandnew teaser trailer for Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City below:

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  • Samuel Coronado

    Why another game taking place of Racoon City? We know what happens, it’s over!

    When are we ever going to get updated about Sherry Birkin! What the hell happened to her after being taken in by the gov. and then Wesker?! Finish the Story!

  • Woekerini

    Though it’s a vague trailer, the game obviously takes the eerie atmosphere of the Raccoon City incident to a whole new level. Still excited and curious for what Capcom has planned for us. 🙂

    @Samuel Coronado: Capcom is rereleasing the whole series this year. Resident Evil director’s cut has come to PSN and XBL just now and RE4 and RECV will be released later this year under the name ‘Revival selection’. I believe this game is a way to commemorate RE2, RE3 and the RE Outbreaks. I do want to know what happened to Sherry, but I’m sorry to inform you that Wesker met his end in RE5. :S

  • Samuel Coronado

    Yeah i know Wesker died in Resident Evil 5. And now i’ve read that he may not be completely dead. So it’s hard to see what is true or not. In the case of Wesker, it sucks that he is gone. i don’t know if i agree about him being in the mercenaries game. Looks like part good guy and that really wasn’t his role. But Sherry has been completely ignored and i think fans that love the story would like to see what had happened to her and Wesker’s experiment with her. A lot of times it seems that the makers of Resident Evil keep remaking what we already know. But there are some things unknown. Why keep doing the past over and over again? Make new stories and fill in the holes that stay true to the Resident Evil saga and still keep it Resident Evil. What it was always meant to be.

  • Samuel Coronado

    In the way of commemorating RE2, RE3, and CV; i thought that was Darkside Chronicles was for. It is kinda weird because most of the original games were single player. The 2 player was okay and i did like some new feature in the story that did fill some holes in the story. Like Wesker being in earlier parts of the game of CV. But it gets kinda confusing when you have both characters around all the time when they originally weren’t. All i’m saying i guess is enough is enough with Racoon City. There had to be outbreaks in other places and environments that could bring something new to the table. Just updating graphics to the new platforms isn’t enough. We already played them.

  • Woekerini

    Keep in mind that this is a spin-off title, I’m sure they will continue the story in RE6.

    I’m a fan of Raccoon City and found it quite disappointing that they blew it up. Not only am I psyched to return to the city of the undead, we get to play as the Umbrella Corporation itself, from whose point of view we have never looked before.

  • Samuel Coronado

    Good point. i guess the only ones was Carlos from RE3 and Hunk of RE2.

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  • i am curious how the game will end and the trailer was really good but the game will be amazing if we able to unlock secret files or searching for files.


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