Resident Evil games on sale on Xbox Live

There’s currently a big sale going on for Xbox Live members. Games on Demand titles are seeing some pretty good price drops. We’re currently in Day 3 of this Ultimate Game Sale, and today it’s all about Resident Evil.

Five Resident Evil games are on sale today on the service. Four of the five games are available at 50% off their original prices. Said games are Resident Evil 4 HD ($9.99), Resident Evil 5 ($9.99), Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City ($19.99), and Resident Evil 6 ($19.99). The fifth game in this sale is Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X HD, with its price being $4.99, 75% off its original price. It’s a must-buy if you don’t already own it!

Chances are you already own these games in some form, or maybe you prefer to have an actual physical copy as opposed to something digital. Regardless, this is a pretty good sale for those interested!

Now I feel like replaying for CODE: Veronica X…


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  • luigiix

    These discounts are awesome! Unfortunately the sale took me by surprise. I only had about 300 MS points in my account and i already spend it on another game D:

  • Dealhunteroflove

    What lunatic did the currency conversion on this deal. So in the US CVX is $4.99 but in the UK its £4.79…. That makes zero sense. Screwed over once again.

  • Rayek

    Code Veronica X… A good choice i’d say 🙂


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