Resident Evil 6 set in China?

Earlier today, rumors had spread as voice actorย Joe Cappelletti is apparently working on voicing an undisclosed character in Resident Evil 6. You can view our previous report HERE.

Now, another voice actor adds to the rumor mill.

Biohaze reports that voice actress Wendy Mok (who has worked for Dead Island) is apparently voicing a “chinese villager/zombie” for Resident Evil 6. Yes you read that right, ZOMBIES!!!

Could this mean that the long wait for the return of rotting flesh eating zombies is over? Is Resident Evil 6 gonna be set in China?

Still, without any confirmation I will take this rumor with a grain of salt, sound off in the comments and let us know what you think!

Update: Another EWPACT profile is associated with RE6, Derek Lui included a “Voiceover” for Resident Evil 6 in his other credits.

[Source][Special thanks to Biohaze and Facebook User Daniel Gaspirini]

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  • Wow I was just reading and getting interested when you posted this great timing. I look forward to to seeing the return of classic horror.

  • Elyssa

    Awesome. RE6 was inevitable but its still exciting to hear rumors popping up left & right!

  • Henrik

    Yeah wrote this in the voice actor part of this forum.

    As I wrote there if its China they can have both big cities and rural areas.

    Asian rural areas are creepy play fatal frame and Siren series and you get what I mean.

    If Zombies are back too it would be awsome.
    Maybe they should include shibitos too:p

    Zombies+ganados= a smarter version of shibito:p

  • KoRnCreep

    More rumor…

    Yeah internet is full of rumors these days, I hope zombies do come back
    But guess we are gonna know more at E3 2012 ๐Ÿ™ that`s so loooong…

  • Grace Saunders

    Zombies and Las Plagas together in China would be great. Just imagine how trigger happy you’d have to be to survive all that coming at you.

  • KoRnCreep

    And I hope Leon is the star of RE6 with a new sidekick, time to retire Chris and the rest of the crew for some time ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • KoRnCreep

    Ok Claire can also be in it so, Leon and Claire and retire the rest!

  • Henrik

    China guess Ada Wong is a must then?

    I do not want Leon though we seen Jill,Chris and Leon in the latest RE installments plus 1 movie and one upcoming starring……………………..fucking Leon again.

    Rather see Claire again in that case.

    She has met Ada too so dont really need Leon Ada plot AGAIN!

    Let Claire return with Ada and let us see if Ada’s employers has something in store for G-virus infused Sherry unlike US goverment that just seem to just let her sit around and rot.

  • leon again cant wait

  • mkdfan

    China would be awesome for it to be set so that’s cool if it’s true.
    I don’t think I could stand Leon in the driving seat again (as awesome as he is).
    I love Jill & Chris too but I don’t think they should be in it either.
    Claire, Ada, Sherry or even Barry would be a nice choice.

    But I guess we got ages to wait so not gonna get hyped just yet.

  • KoRnCreep

    Last time I played with Leon was RE4 on Gamecube and that was 10 years ago wth are you talking about guys?!

  • Henrik

    Leon has been feat in RE4 degenartion movie and the upcoming movie.

    Had longer episode with krauser in Darkside chronicles.

    Leon has been feat as much as Jill and Chris if one shall consider the most recent playable main protaganists.

    I dont want to play chris or jill as they where in re5 and now revelation but dont want to play Leon ethier he has had his spotlight for some time now.

    Its time the rest get some loving too like Claire,Rebecca or Barry or even new ones but not Leon again….

    Its not called Resident Leon give the rest of the cast a chance.

  • Henrik

    Forgot to add too to post above

    RE4 gc was released 2005 thus 6 years ago and DSC 2009 which feat a heavy plot with Leon and Krauser so its not been ages since Leon was playable in new plot.

    Ask again instead when Claire,Becca or Barry was last playable dont count mercenaries.

    Give us another old cast beside Chris,Jill and Leon or if they must but I dislike it new cast entirly but not NOT Leon again.

    Can not still forgive that made Leon as awsome and realistic as he was in RE2 to a cocky action hero wannabe.

    One of the formulas most horror movies goes by to tell a horrific story is not to let protaganist feel invincible.

    That was what Leon in RE4 felt like.

    Like he was a one man’s army taking on the whole world with a duty too throw out punchlines every half min.
    Glad they toned him down in both Degeneration movie and Darkside Chronicles.

  • kman

    hopefully they wrap the story up with this one and start from scratch

  • Henrik

    Yeah maybe time for a proper reboot.

    New cast or reimagination of old.

    New plot so we can get rid of the countless plot holes the current ones have.

    Also ethier keep the charactet gallery to a minimum or wrap up character plot so Capcom dont “forget” still alive character only to put them somewhere to be forgotten.

    Yeah hopefully RE6 wrap up old things so they can start refreshed again.

  • KoRnCreep

    @Henrik so if Leon is a star of RE6 you wont be getting the game? ๐Ÿ˜›
    2002-2005 same thing its a still loooong period.
    Yeah in RE4 Leon was like a bad copy of Dante but still cool, he is my favorite character.
    If not Leon then its time for a new star, a new iconic character? Why not…

  • Ernie

    Please… And hopefully not Leon! Yes, we get it he’s “cool” and a fan favorite which I don’t get. Anyway let it me Claire!

  • Ernie

    Oops! Be* Claire.

  • kman

    they should wrap up everyones story line (like it was promised for RE5), like what happened to billy and sherry…hell even steve

  • Henrik

    I will still get RE6 if it stars Leon I have all RE titles released.

    But I never understood the fanbase of Leon well not RE4 Leon anyway.

    There is so many character in RE univurse we have not seen for a while.

    I still hope for Claire she has not been in a RE since CV and Umbrella Chronicle episodes but that is the same RE2,CV plus a minor role in Degeneration movie which starred well….LEON.

    He has had his share of fame now.
    Leave room for the rest of the cast.

  • Ted

    Yeah,put ADA and FONG(Dead Aim)
    And probaly no Leon of course,cause he planned to CGI movie project

  • Bonen


    we wantz zombies please!

  • W

    i would really like to see sherry and rebecca team, or an all new cast. what would be cool is if they let you create your own character and your clothes can get ripped. i would also like to see a return of the old save system something about check points being activated every 4 mins made the game less of a challange and took away from the “oh i hope i dont die” aspect. im also hoping capcom don’t reboot the series or if they do dont team up with another company. the DMC reboot is a perfect example of what not to do with a reboot. looking forward to hearing more about RE6 and playing Operation raccoon city

  • KoRnCreep

    I Fing hate Rebecca, I love every RE character except her.

  • Many

    I want everyone to be in here….imagine Leon, Chris, Jill, Rebecca, Billy Coen, etc….all in here :O!

    And I feel it that its going to be….

    Well I don’t really know if I want that or not…but, I hope there’s a new hero in here :D!

    He/She gets to meet Leon and such as the game continues!

    Oh i also forgot, I hope that Bruce from Dead aim becomes here too! it would be awesome…

  • Name….

    I’d like to see the whole cast make a cameo appearance and kill a couple off, do some flashbacks, tie up some holes in the plot, and of course RE6 be a game like 1-3. Slow zombies, atmosphere, etc. But i get the feeling campcom just want to copy everybody else, and I don’t think they care about the storyline. I mean c’mon, killing off Wesker like that!? Pfft. That’s awful.

  • Claire has never met Ada. Please don’t count Darkside Chronicles as canon, it’s not how the fucking story went. Fuck Capcom and their retcon.

  • momandsonRE5team

    We agree that a RE6 set in China would be awesome! The characters though should be Chris & Claire. The brother/sister team fighting against zombies side by side. Don’t get me wrong………..Chris and Sheva were great in RE5, but, let’s see him and his sister reunite in a battle against EVIL! ๐Ÿ™‚


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