Resident Evil 6 sales continue to weaken

Initially, Resident Evil 6’s sales were strong. While review scores were another thing, Capcom was happy with the sales numbers they were seeing at first. But that was then, and this is now.

Since its launch, the game’s sales have started to weaken, so much so that Capcom has now lowered their financial forecast for the latest numbered entry in the beloved franchise. They’ve cut 3.3 billion yen ($39 million) from their original estimated profits for the fiscal year. Oh boy.

I know what the general response to this news is going to be here: “THAT WILL SHOW CAPCOM! NOW CUT THIS ACTION CRAP!” So I’m not going to be surprised by those inevitable comments. And while the game’s mixed reviews could be a huge factor in the game’s dwindling sales, I always hate to see a game from one of my favorite series not perform as well as it could. But with a franchise as famous and as big as Resident Evil, we know it’s not going away anytime soon.

I just hope Capcom looks at Revelations and uses that template for a future entry. It still has action, but it embraces its survival horror roots. More of that, please. And speaking of Revelations, perhaps this will be the revelation that shows Capcom what fans really want (or don’t want) from the series.


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  • I’m quite happy it’s sales are weakening.
    Extremely disappointing. Not just as an RE, but as a game in general

  • expected

  • As the prices drop in stores throughout the UK (can pick up for £15 in some places) I expect it will keep selling, and the new updates may sway some people.

    I finally got around to completing in the other day and I enjoyed the experience. I liked how each campaign was different. My only real annoyance was the camera and that has been resolved more or less now… sure some of the lamer “on railsesque” vehicle moments suck but they’re few and far between.

    It may be below what they expected but it’s no doubt shifted a lot of copies still.

  • I’m Disappoint that the sales have gone down I don’t like the idea of one of my favorite franchises failing. The game not that bad there just very little replay in it. I mean as much as i hated the AI in 5 it was still fun.In fairness The reason for why the sales started strong was because of the fan who would stick with the series till the end. Unfortunately the causal gamer also had Operation Raccoon City the same year and even as a die hard fan i can say it was rubbish (DLC saved that game). If that was your first experience of the series would you want to go back to it.

  • Neutron15

    the next RE should be a reboot, and make it the same as Revelations (a successful blend of action and horror) and less QTE

    • That’d be really nice, as the story has gotten so convoluted and Chris and Leon are the most boring characters ever, yet they seem to want to force them on me every new game. And QTE? Kill it with fire.

      • Rayek

        Reboots are an insult to the people who played and followed the games from the beginning. I call that easy gamemaking for the masses, but unfortunately you’re mostly right.

        There was nothing wrong with Chris untill they beefed him up to bring in more action oriented gamers. He is still the deepest character in the RE universe, but you have to be able to look further than the surface to see that. RE6 didn’t do him any justice either…

        • I should have rephrased: They have become the most boring characters ever. I wouldn’t want a reboot either, but at this point, it is necessary. Not that the story in RE has ever been extremely well done or anything, but now it just feels like the ramblings of a crackhead.

    • Grif

      I’ve beaten Revelations three times and I completely missed the horror. Where was it? Was it hiding behind all the enemies I could just pummel to death with a bulletstorm?

  • ChambersRebecca_

    I Liked RE6…but i want a game more like RE2 And RE4

  • Suck on this Capcom, you really deserve it.

    • brunopessoa

      well, is so easy to blame capcom but, the real thing is the fans are responsable on that not capcom. Did realy that if capd colection of RE remake and Re zero it would sell much more than RE6??? no, and you no why because they like this way!! so stop blame capcom is uselless.

  • Even though I’m a big fan, I’m glad it dwindled. It was, in all honesty, the weakest, and most unplayable game I’ve experienced in a long while. I love the series, but because of that, I have to hope that this doesn’t do well. I’m happy that ORC is out there and is getting a sequel, because though it isn’t a classic RE by any stretch of the imagination, the game, at it’s core, is a fun experience. It wasn’t the most polished, and though they tried to fix that in the patches, it was still a bit of a mess, but it delivered fun and replayability, and in that regard, I can call it a success. I’ll definitely preorder the sequel, but I wont buy 6 or any other cannon part of the series until they show marked improvement.

    But that’s just my 2 cents.

    • Operation Raccoon City was a steamy pile of mass-produced shit. It’s people like you that capcom uses as a sounding board for the stupid direction they’re taking Resident Evil, so congratulations.

      • I don’t like exactly what you like, therefore I’m an idiot? I enjoyed the game, you didn’t. Big deal. I didn’t like it at first either, but I didn’t think those who enjoyed it were dumb. I played it again with a few friends and found a hidden gem I missed. It’s a video game, not anything important.


  • katarokinimoto

    I was going to say every reason why this happened, but I’ll just boil it down to: I’m not surprised and they get what they deserve.

  • idkmybffJill

    maybe the reason the sales are weakening is because everyone bought the game when it came out. Ever think of that?

    • Rayek

      Yes, because they made such a big lie about it being more survival horror oriënted. They even had people on some gameboards erasing the true, but bad reviews and comments about it, thinking we are all zombies who are braindead. How corrupt can they get? (this is a rhetorical question btw) 😉 I don’t support a company like that.

  • Smiley

    Revelations had solid game play and felt very much like it belongs in the RE4 category. Only real complaint was that its vision was obscured because it started out as another co-op Chris/Jill game reminiscent to RE5. And it shows in the story and game play because despite the final product being a single player game the bulk of the experience pins the playable characters with a co-op AI partner that just tags along and talks to the other characters. And the story itself is one giant convoluted mess. But the biggest problem the game had was launching as a 3DS title because most people are not going to buy a 3DS for one game, and the lackluster lineup of hand held titles in that market will not persuade buyers otherwise.

    But if Revelations was obscured then RE6 over all was one big cluster**** if you pardon my meaning. Game play couldn’t decide what demographic it was catering towards so it tried to cater to everyone. An inevitable failure some of us have predicted the moment Capcom directed their efforts at changing the Biohazard formula for action gamers as opposed to survival horror. And even with their patches that attempt to address some of the issues like the camera I’m afraid it’s too little too late at this point. People are moving on and the initial RE6 launch has no made a great impression.

    Seems like this year was disappointing for a lot of Resident Evil fans. The only real RE game this year that made progress was Operation: Raccoon City. The spin off action title that was panned by critics and RE fans alike for its deviation to the main series in story and game play as well as initial bugs and glitches that needed patching. But unlike RE6 the game had reasonable sales expectations and maintained consistency throughout. It knew what kind of game it was going to be from the get go and catered to the tactical co-op/multiplayer crowd. Unlike Revelations it released on home consoles and PC ensuring that the game made its profit back and then some. The patches this game had addressed bugs that were present, but it never had to make game play adjustments where as RE6 is still continuing to do so like a January patch that will break the chapter selection down some more.

  • Ali

    “Mixed reviews”? Last i checked it was heavily criticized facing negative reactions from fans and critics alike. I really enjoyed Resident Evil 6 but let’s not sugar coat things, it was a weak entry. I hope they learn from this mistake.

  • The sales were great at the start, so of course they will be less now. Surely looking at overall sales from launch would be more appropriate? I’m not complaining. I like Resident Evil 6, but would prefer a more horror / puzzle centred game like the old ones. Perhaps creating REmake 2 in order to gauge what people what? That would be a cheap way of them testing the horror market

  • Gazombie


  • manos17

    Speaking of RE6, I really loved the camera options! They made the game more enjoyable!

  • ariessiren

    i think its a great game and its not a failure by any means. it still sold very well, they made money. the next game wont ever be a return to form, but they may tone down the qte and 4 character stories. maybe focus more on 1 or 2 leads so its more cohesive. but dont kid yourselves, its never gonna be survival horror again. it wasnt a failure, selling millions is not a failure, its just a lowered projection thats all. i know many of you live off hate and failure, but this is not the case. capcom is totally fine!! hehe

    • kue101

      I honestly wonder what Resident Evil 7 (or whatever the next installment will be labeled) will be like now. I mean sure like you said it probably won’t go back to full blown survival horror, but say would they make it like Fallout 3/Skyrim and make it an open world zombie apocalypse game? Hey, one can wish lol

  • Hopefully CAPCOM will stop trying to be Call of Duty and do what it used to do best – survival horror. That is what made Resident Evil famous. RE 6 was not bad, but it was not that good either. It could have been much better and as a fan of the franchise I expect much better. Survival horror is what RE needs to go back to. Also, fans (like myself) have been wanting an HD remake of classic RE games for a while now and CAPCOM just does not seem to care. Maybe now they will pay attention if they wish to fatten their suddenly lighter wallets.

    • Grif

      pssst Capcom does fighting best, not survival horror.

  • Grif

    I still think it’s funny that you can say RE6 was more action packed than Revelations. Revelations was just as linear and the only real difference is that the 3DS can’t render tons of explosions.

    Still has way points.
    Still completely linear.
    Still not scary or tense whatsoever.

    • Grif

      Oh yea, the useless God Mode partner and the much better variety of enemies that 6 had.

  • Capcom time to consider respecting you fans…we know what will make the product sell. XXDD


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