E3: Resident Evil 6 DLC on Xbox first (surprise!)

Today’s been a big day for us RE fans, hasn’t it? New (AMAZING) trailer, new (AMAZING) gameplay, and new (…) announcement that Resident Evil 6’s DLC will arrive on Xbox 360 before PS3. Not really much of a surprise there, considering that RE6 (and the industry as a whole) has been making a steady move towards locking Sony’s system out of perks.

In other news WE CAN DRIVE THINGS IN RE6!!!! (sorry couldn’t help it)

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  • Murphy Pham1689

    …….seriously? why is sony getting shafted

    • Fecal Sandwich

      They aren’t getting shafted just because another console gets the content first. They’re still getting the same content.

  • Levito

    RE6 isn’t “locking Sony’s system out of perks”, Microsoft is paying Capcom for the timed exclusivity.

  • ZenTzen

    F capcom, you put the demo a whole month before ps3, other DLCs on other games timed exclusive as well, i hope you go under

    • AriesSiren

      listen and learn little zen, MS payed for it. its business. they have like 2 games only coming out for 360 so they are buying up all the timed dlc they can for sales. sony has tons of games coming out so they can wait. its business. with all the good games coming to ps3, you can wait a few months for dlc.

  • I really would love to go over to Capcom offices and slap the developers mutiple times……OO

    • Fecal Sandwich

      You’re an idiot. You think the developers have anything to do with the delay in console specific DLC? Microsoft pays Capcom an extensive premium to get DLC days before Sony does. Sony ends up with the same DLC, but spends their money on other things.

      • It’s Crapcom’s fault for giving into MS….just saying….all they care about is money these days, not their games!!!!!!!!

        • AriesSiren

          cory im sorry but you have to be the dumbest person ive ever seen on here. when your an adult and start realizing money keeps you alive and makes businesses flourish, you will hopefully understand why capcom and other developers do this. ITS HOW THE WHOLE WORLD WORKS. god damn kid your not right in the head. its basically FREE money to developers they use to better the game and continue on to make new games and keep jobs. does cory understand??

          • back then, when capcom made good RE games, it wasn’t all about the money. the made their games for QUALITY. Now they just turn the series into a bad action game, and dlc crap like this. I am not stupid. I just want the OLD Capcom back and that is never happening. Honestly, I am done with the series. RE6 was the final nail on the coffin.

        • Swcloud99

          Crapcom… Nice.

      • AriesSiren

        thank god someone in here knows how the world works.

    • AriesSiren

      yeah and i hope they will slap you back for being a moron. its pure business. they arent turning down MS money because cory goldberg wants his lil dlc now or hes gonna cry and doesnt have a clue money talks. come on.

      • read the above post ^….. is that much to ask for mutual respect. I never insulted you, don’t do it to me….

        • AriesSiren

          cory your just ridiculous. like seriously. everything you say doesnt make sense its like your living in on a different planet that revolves around fans, not money. its always been about money, always. even the producer of RE said, “if we made games only for fans, we’d be broke.” what dont you understand about that? you have a total misconception about capcom that they only make games for you, its never been about you kid. its about business and what sells. how do you think nintendo got the whole library? MONEY. all that money furthered future RE games and the new gamers. come on cory. if you cant back up what your saying, shut up. you wonder why gamers have a bad stigma, some of you are just insane

          • you are ridiculous. defending this fail series. back then, when capcom made good RE games, it wasn’t all about the money. the made their games for QUALITY. Now they just turn the series into a bad action game, and dlc crap like this. I am not stupid. I just want the OLD Capcom back and that is never happening. Honestly, I am done with the series. RE6 was the final nail on the coffin.

          • AriesSiren

            oh i guess re4 and re5 were rated1/10 and one star. just because you dont like something makes it a fail. lol. i give up your just too stupid to listen to reality.

          • dude I LOVED re4. It was a great game. But RE5 was a fail. RE6 looks exactly similar to re5. Maybe if it didn’t have co-op I wouldn’t hate it so much. But it still looks pretty bad. Other way around, you are the stupid one who doesn’t know the meaning of respect. fail troll. >_>

          • You know… I think that you are the only moron in here (AriesSiren) I think you really need to chill out. I’m not the type of person to support drugs, but I think you really need to take a hit of weed, or something, anything to calm you the …. down. I’m still a big fan of the R.E. series, but as far as you go, I agree with Cory.

  • Silent Evil

    Aaand Microsoft does it again. Since they don’t have any good first party titles this is what they’ve always basically resorted to.

    I’m glad Apple is at least kicking their butts. Stupid Microsoft.

    • Swcloud99


  • Benjamin May

    As an Xbox player it doesn’t bother me, but it seems a real shame that Capcom are so willing to (pressumably) take Microsoft’s money and do the dirty on their PlayStation 3 owning fans.

    • AriesSiren

      fyi everyone does this its not new. MS got Tomb raider dlc, re6, south park, tr underworld and many others like summer of arcade etc. what world do you live in that you think people turn down money for you? wow you guys just set back the evolution of the human race about 1000 years. im sure apes grasp this concept, but you gamers…nope.

      • Benjamin May

        What on earth is your problem? I never insulted Microsoft, Capcom, or even you. I merely stated how I personally felt about the situation being discussed here. So why do you feel the need to post such nasty replies to people who are only voicing their opinions?

        If you have a differing opinion to another poster, then surely you can express it without stooping to the kind of insults you have resorted to here.

        I try never to insult other posters, no matter how vehemently I may disagree with them, so is it really that difficult to expect that same level of basic decency in return?

      • Swcloud99

        Ignoring the derogatory tone of your reply, I would submit that the world would be a much better place should devs focus on making good things instead of making has much money has possible.
        To support my claim, I would submit Valve has an example of a company with good value.

  • StuntmanSnake

    I can look past this dumbass “business decision” because PS3 owners are getting so many good exclusives like The Last Of Us, Playstation All-Stars, Beyond (new David Cage game), and Deadly Premoniton Director’s Cut.

    What’s Microsoft getting? Halo and Gears. Big surprise.

    • I may not even buy the game due to this dirty practice. I refuse to support this crap.

      • AriesSiren

        thank god. bye cory, good luck in life.

        • I wasn’t even talking to you…./facepalm…now you are just trolling.

    • AriesSiren

      exactly. deadly premonition, last of us, beyond, gow4, and many more. ps3 is all about games and diversity. 360 is all about apps and gears of war/halo. 360 has the least diverse portfolio of games since launch. they need to do this because theres only a few games on the horizon for their console.

  • Ty

    Everyone is so upset they can’t get the DLC right away? I thought everyone hated Capcom for DLC.

    I try to think of the glass half full. Now PS3 owners have no choice, and another good excuse to give Capcom the big middle finger by not buying their DLC. It’s a good push in the right direction.

  • windice

    capcom stop making day one dlc. seriously.

  • AriesSiren

    either hang up your controllers, or suck it up people. its here to stay.

  • From what I hear the game is gonna be long enough and they are bringing out DLC too. Oh well I’ll get it all anyway.

  • Nick

    this is the 3rd time where i heard a “OMFG XBOX 1ST DLC DERP”

  • Link_sow

    They’re already talking about DLC? The fuck…

  • vinny

    Who cares…PS3 still has great exclusives like Uncharted, Infamous and God of War 3….At least we still get the DLC so microsoft can shove that up their ass


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