Resident Evil 2 Remake won’t be a simple remaster


Some confusion was caused yesterday, thanks to Capcom’s recent investor report. In it the publisher stated that the upcoming Resident Evil 2 revival project would be a remastered game. This led many to believe that Capcom was going to just settle for remastering the visuals of a 1998 PlayStation game. Thankfully that’s not the case.

Capcom UK senior marketing director Stuart Turner has confirmed to fans that the game would actually be a full remake:

I mean, this shouldn’t really be a surprise at all. Since its first reveal, including the teases we got, it was basically already set out to be a remake as opposed to a remastered game. But at least this will clear the confusion!


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  • MiddleIndex

    I would like them to use the same engine as the res1 remake and done in that style too. Its what would have happened if the res remake had preformed.

    • Ben Reilly

      Right on. Well, REmake is performing now for some reason, so I guess it’s a case of better late than never. My guess is that Capcom will make RE2 in REmake style since it seems to be selling again. Despite the doom and gloom in the RE community, this is a pretty good time to be an RE fan.

  • Andy

    It better be fixed camera angles and pre rendered backgrounds. That’s all I want.

  • TH3J4CK4L

    I’m glad its not gonna be a simple Remaster…… Means for the first time since Re4 Capcom’ll actually….gasp….have to work on something and mend the bridge between the fans they’ve alienated since then. I’d love to see them make a proper sequel to Dino Crisis 2 and even remaster them.

    • Drinkyourtea

      Preach it.

    • NoticeMePls

      I’m pretty curious about what happened to Dylan and Paula 🙁

      • TH3J4CK4L

        Probably got retconned considering capcoms penchant for non canon

  • SecretX

    I’m not really hype because mostly because of the voice actors. Then again a mod will probably add that 😛

  • Drinkyourtea

    I’ve actually been saying this from the very start and people don’t seem to understand the concept of a remake.


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