reHorror: Why Jill should be in Resident Evil 6

Ms. Valentine is no stranger to city-wide viral outbreaks, having already survived the (T-Virus infected) hell that was Raccoon City. She was able to take down the deadly Nemesis as he obsessively pursued her throughout Raccoon City’s blood-ridden streets. And she’s also a survivor of the memorable mansion incident that paved the way for her to become one of the greatest female leads in gaming (as well as the Master of Unlocking). And how can we forget about her “blonde” moment in Resident Evil 5… So, what’s next for the beloved heroine?

She’s already the central character in the upcoming 3DS exclusive entry, Revelations, and she’ll also be a playable character in Operation Raccoon City’s Heroes multiplayer mode, so it’s not like she’s keeping Billy and Rebecca company in the realm of obscurity. But do you know where else I think we should see The Master of Unlocking in next? Why, Resident Evil 6, of course, or more specifically: Tall Oaks. Here’s why I think Jill should have her own scenario in Resident Evil 6.

While many people consider Resident Evil 2 as being the best in the series’ original trio of PlayStation 1 classics, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis was also worthy of much praise. Yeah, it re-used areas from its predecessor, but it also opened up the city to players, giving them a zombified grand tour of the city at a much larger scale. And not just that, Nemesis was also roaming the streets, with his mission being to eliminate every last STARS member. Jill, having already survived one such incident in the original Resident Evil (which was on a much more contained and smaller scale in the mansion) had some experience under her belt already. She knew how to deal with a viral outbreak. So, yeah, Nemmy was surprised to find that this lady wouldn’t go down easily (unlike poor Brad).

So, what does any of this have to do with Resident Evil 6 and the new city that it introduces? Well, Tall Oaks doesn’t seem all that different from Raccoon City, making this new town a perfect new playground for Jill to try to escape from, after having destroyed hordes and hordes of BOWs.

Quite frankly, having Jill be playable in a scenario taking place in Tall Oaks would be a very neat throwback to Resident Evil 3, and after all’s said and done, Jill may want to avoid residing in an urban environment for a while (maybe she should move into a peaceful farm house with Chris). But really, when you think about how large the scope will be for Resident Evil 6’s ambitious “dramatic horror” plot, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Ms. Valentine make a return in some capacity. But how exactly could they make such a scenario fit into the story?

Leon will be spending the most time in Tall Oaks, while Chris is off fighting the evils of bioterrorism in China (and Europe). Leon’s already joined by a new partner, Helena Harper, which put a lid on the rumors from months back that stated Leon and Jill would be teaming up in the game. This doesn’t mean Jill can’t be in the game at all, though.

How Leon’s scenario will play out in Tall Oaks is still a mystery, but we do know that not unlike Raccoon City, this town has experienced a viral outbreak, with 90% of the population being infected. Yeah, that’s a lot of zombies. Now this is where Jill comes in.

Jill was probably residing in Tall Oaks, deployed by the BSAA there on a covert mission of sorts. An actual outbreak hadn’t happened yet at the time of her arrival, so there was no need to go in guns blazing. Just lay low, and investigate whatever may be off about this town and its residents, ultimately coming up with any leads for the BSAA to follow up on. Eventually she’d find herself in yet another outbreak, one which Leon and Helena are also caught in elsewhere in the city. From there, it’s just like Leon says in the trailer “it’s Raccoon City all over again.”

Basically, Jill’s scenario could run parallel to Leon’s, possibly leading up to them crossing paths (or not). This is the tricky part, though. We already know of three scenarios confirmed for the game: Leon’s, Chris’s, and “Alex’s”. With rumors swirling pertaining to Ada having her own playable segment, could having Jill also in there prove to be overkill? (I can never get enough of Jill!) This is where another interesting theory (and unfriendly term for those against this practice) crops into my mind: post-launch DLC.

The Resident Evil series is no stranger to having its games house extra scenarios, and thanks to Resident Evil 5, it’s also no stranger to having said scenarios being available as DLC. Lost in Nightmares proved to be one hell of a nostalgic DLC pack, giving fans a sense of horror that was sorely lacking in the main campaign, all while pitting them in a very familiar atmosphere harkening back to the first game.

Resident Evil 6 already seems to be taking things up a notch in the horror department (Leon’s scenario at least), but this hypothetical “Last Escape” DLC, starring Jill, could prove to be like Lost in Nightmares in that it’ll offer fans another nostalgic ride through a setting that’s eerily similar to Raccoon City. We all know publishers love to save big pieces of DLC for a game post-launch. And what better way to offer  single player DLC for Resident Evil 6 after its (set to be hugely successful) multiplatform launch than by letting players take on the role of Jill in a very familiar predicament. I don’t know about having a Nemesis-like figure, though…

What is should definitely have is locales akin to the ones traversed in RE3. Of course I’m talking about exploring various areas, including Tall Oak’s Police Station, Hospital, Power Plant, and a creepy abandoned factory. Yeah, Leon may already be busy going through them himself in the main campaign, but like in Separate Ways, this DLC could give us a new perspective of previously covered ground, possibly opening up new areas within them.

Now, I know what you must be saying in your head: “the game isn’t even out yet and he’s already talking about DLC?!” Regardless, you can’t deny how awesome it would be to see something like this actually happen; Jill would be able to have a role in the game without actually interfering with the main storyline, in an effort to avoid too many character arcs happening at the same time.


What do you guys think? Would you like to see Jill have a role in the game? Would you be willing to pay for a DLC scenario that plays out like Resident Evil 3 did? Sound off in the comments below!

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  • Dylan Tiger

    Actually Jill can’t really be in Resident Evil 6. Since it takes place in 2008, 10 years after the Raccoon City Incident in 1998, and Resident Evil 5 takes place in 2009. Jill went missing once she tackled Wesker out of the window, presumably 2007 or before, but after Revelations.

    That’s my understanding at least.

    • Kaigough

      Resident Evil takes place in 2013, Capcom has confirmed that.

  • StuntmanSnake

    Hell yeah, RE3 holds a special place in my heart as the first RE I had ever played. RE2 also holds a special place as well and I don’t need to explain why.

    I would love to play as Jill again! No matter what DLC Capcom pumps out for RE, you know I’ll be buying it!

    Also, It’s Tom Nook!!! 🙂

  • As much as I love Jill, like you stated, she has been in many new games already. I really wanna see Barry though, so if Jill and Barry had their own scenario I would be more than happy for that.

    But if Barry isn’t comming back and just one of the girls. I’d like to see Claire, there has been nothing on her officially since CV… nothing in 4.. no remakes of 2.. nothing in 5.. So I would love to see Claire back, I wanna see that ass in full HD!

    Hopefully Barry, Claire and Jill come back…!

  • Henrik

    I would love Barry to return seeing as its a world outbreak,where as he and his family took refugee(Canada I think) is not safe anymore I would love too see him return to lend his expertise.

    Not to spoil Revelation(already been spoiled myself alread)
    Jill could have a “new” partner of her own.

    Claire would be a chooise too seeing as both she and Leon survived Raccoon outbreak.

    I guess she can lend a hand too Jill.

    Its Claire time too look after Chris seeing as he might ethier become infected or have post traumatic stress since RE5(if one now shall believe the viral marketing videos too?

    But seeing as RE5 Gold included a Josh and Jill Scenario DLC..

    I could see RE6 has one or more DLCs heading its way with ethier jill alone or someone else tagging along.

  • Ben May

    As others have said, I would obviously be buying any DLC that Resident Evil 6 had. As for which character such DLC would use? Well, Jill and Chris are probably my favourite characters in the series. However, they have both been seen a lot lately (as well as Leon), so I can’t help but feel that it is surely somebody else’s turn.

    The scenario described in the article sounds good, but I think Claire would be a good fit for this. She too, had to survive Raccoon City and thus has the experience, but unlike Jill, she hasn’t been used all that much lately, except for retreads of the story we already know (Darkside Chronicles, Operation Raccoon City).

    So, I say, give Claire another shot, rather than Jill. It would still feel very nostalgic – and since Claire was originally partnered with Leon in Resident Evil 2, it would be fitting for her to star in DLC set in the same city Leon is now having to fight through in Resident Evil 6.

  • Nemesis

    Jill can’t be in Resident Evil 6
    because RE 6 happen in 2008, and she is dead with wesker in 2006 (Lost in nightmares) and chris think she and wesker are dead!

    so sorry, jill cant be in this game!

    • Mickeyoo

      Capcom said that re6 takes place in 2013 right after the events of re5…where JILL escapes with CHRIS,SHEVA, and JOSH ..

  • ShadowOne333

    ^I agree with Nemesis.
    Besides, Jill has already been in a lot of games, although Chris has been in a lot more and I got tired of him haha.

    If anyone has a chance to appear, that’s Claire. She has been missing for quite a while now.

  • tvirusgetz

    …Have you not played Resident Evil 5?
    I mean, I know the story is god awful, but what about it restricts Jill from being in RE6? She’s alive.
    And RE6 takes place after RE5.
    And if it doesn’t somehow, fuck Capcom and the series.

  • Estelvea

    I’ve seen too much of Jill lately.

    I would LOVE to see Claire again, though. <3

  • Henrik

    I think RE6 might take place both before and after RE5?

    Seems Leon’s scenario might be the start of the world outbreaks,first a small city like Raccoon but the new one(forgotten the name I type) and Chris scenario as the whole world seems too suffer.

    Seems Chris been promoted to captain too:)

    Plus Chris “forgotten” to mention such a big thing like US presidents death in RE5.

    Makes me think as said Leon’s scenario is prior or at the same time as RE5.

    Chris after RE5.

    So Jill might get some spotlight if not ingame from start,dlcs.

    But yeah prefer Barry or Claire before Jill now.

    Claire more if now blonde chick proves to be Sherry.

  • ale

    In think this is after RE 5? I mean the numbered games have followed chronological order so it wouldn’t make sense for this to be a prequel. Or like someone said it can be before and after RE 5.

    Also I agree Jill has had the spotlight a lot now, I like her and all but Claire needs attention too, last we know from her was from the Degeneration movie. She hasn’t appeared in a long time, she is a main character and it would make sense for her to be there since (maybe) Sherry is here too.

  • derkkred12

    I miss Jill 🙁 I haven’t seen enough of her. In terms of big screen games, Jill hasnt been the focus of a game since RE3. RE5 had a tiny bit of her in DLC and I still don’t like counting the 3DS game as an actual entry into the main story line.

  • Henrik

    Anyone think blonde chick is actually Alex Wesker:)
    And nethier Ashley and Sherry
    Wanted a female “villian” since Alexia.

    It would be big bomb if it turns out Alex is a Alexandra.

    Did not someone point out the female damage painting in LIN and did it not show the same in one of the Revelation demo or was it Tricell/Umbrella camp in RE5.

    Dont remember exactly but the female paintings was feat in more then one place why people pointed it out.

    Did not Oswell also said he trusted Alex alot before betrayed.
    Perhaps some female charm was involved to get close to Oswell.

    Or as blonde chick is young maybe a daughter figure?

    Maybe I go into much in it but if not Sherry or Ashley a female Wesker?

  • Dan

    Didn’t the official statement say the game was set in 2013? No reason she can’t be in it if that is the case.

    I’d love her in but she is my fave character so im biased.

  • 5mokie

    Barry, Rebecca, Billy, Claire, at least they’re finally building off of Sherry’s story (It’s about time!). They have a lot of plotting and catching up to do on these characters. I feel they’re going to include Manuela in a future installment, seeing how they have decided to switch up their game play elements; having a special operative wielding a controlled T-veronica virus would be no surprise.

  • craig

    If the game takes place before 5 then why call it 6?

  • If Jill were a playable character in 6 I would actually be excited for this game

  • rscida

    Claire before Jill please

  • Expertz0ne

    Awe snap you just blew my mind…lol that would be an interesting twist.

    If the guy were a new character or HUNK, the woman actually being Alex could make sense as a support role since Alex was known to be very intelligent (most likely no lack in the department of Hematology).

    Thinking about these things is fun. 😉

    Oh and off-hand comment, I would totally pay for Claire or Jill DLC scenarios.

  • Eric

    All you Claire fans, need to stop saying that Claire needs to be in it first. She was already confirmed with no part in the storyline in RE6.

  • Nemesis

    @ tvirusgetz

    i played RE 5 too, i said “Lost in Nightmares” this is a DLC for RE 5!
    CAPCOM Officially said RE 6 happen 10 years after raccoon city incident (1998), that mean 2008. xbox said 2013 but this isn’t confirmed!

    i love jill valentine i hope to see her in RE 6, but according to official information jill won’t be in RE 6, Unless RE 6 happen in 2013 and/or RE 6 have a flash back. but maybe jill be in mercenaries mode!

    RE 6: 2008
    RE 5 DLC: 2006
    RE 5: 2009

  • Henrik

    Someone said in that Alex is offically a male something being said in Japanese version but lost when it reached US/EU.

    Nothing I ever heard before.

    The only thing I heard of is Wesker’s Children and the name Alex
    what cant say that women hide behind that name?

    How many women does not use the name Alex for short of Alexandra?

    Never heard it stated elsewhere that Alex is officaly a male as yet?

    But if its true guess my Alexandra theory can be scrapped I guess.

    But it was news too me anyway that its already been said that Alex is offically a male.

  • SasTheVirtuous

    Well yeah, but wouldn’t it be great if they stopped overusing the leading characters? How about giving them a supporting role to those introduced earlier but whose storylines have not yet been explained in depth? I wish some of the Outbreak characters returned in a mainstream game.

    • JamminJess83

      Because then you end up with the Hollywood film garbage.

  • rscida

    @Eric we’re aware of that. We’re just saying Claire is deserving of a returning role before anyone especially Jill.

    I hate when fans try to shut up other fans. Freedom of speech mother fuckers

  • Harry Mason

    I like Jill and all, but she was in 1, 3, 5 and Revelations. I think it’d be better if someone like Rebecca, Claire or even Barry could show up. They’ve only been in a few games and mostly only as side/mercenaries characters.
    And besides, it seems to be stretching it just a bit to have Jill just happen to be in Tall Oaks.

  • Jesse

    I can’t get enough of Jill either!!! Since Chris’s team is composed of 2 guys, it would be soooooo sweeeeet if Jill partnered up with Ada in some sort. Let’s say Jill DID get sent to Tall Oaks for some kind of covert mission and that she just so happen to get caught up in the outbreak that takes place there while Leon and Helena are doing their own thing. But what if Jill came across Ada (who was on her own mission to track Leon or something) and together they teamed up to survive the outbreak while tying up the events from their respective sides (Jill=Chris and Ada=Leon) I think their partnership could tie the events of Leon and Chris together somehow. Just using my imagination! Lol

  • Jesse

    It would be awesome to have Jill in the game. Does anyone know for sure if this takes place BEFORE she sacrifices herself to save Chris from wesker or AFTER?
    I’m a little off with the timing of events.

  • Will

    Resident Evil 6 is after Resident Evil 5! Chris looks the same in Revelations, lost and nightmares and Re5! He looks a lot different in Re6. Older. Resident Evil 6 is after Re5! Jill should be in Re6!

  • Aya

    I think Claire should also be in it. Show Claire some love!! >_<

  • Aya

    Also, it’d kind of not make sense if the mercenary was Alex Wesker. He’d be as old as Albert Wesker was (in is early 50s) and he clearly looks younger than that.

  • Aya

    And also… >_> … I believe that RE6 would be in 2013 (as the description on xbox live said), even though capcom said 10 years after the incident. They could have meant 10 years after the closure of the incident. It would make no sense for the game to happen before RE5.

  • ZenTzen

    Wasnt this supposed to be 10 years after the fall of umbrella and not 10 years after the raccon city incident. I think i read that somewhere. Also the 2013 from xbox live

  • Henrik

    Someone posted a supposedly leaked info of cast of RE6 on

    “Taking this with a grain of salt, but:

    Someone has posted this list in which a portugese company localized the game with the original script or something like that and this information was posted.

    Leon S. Kennedy
    Helena Harper
    Chris Redfield
    Piers Nivans
    Jake Muller (Wesker’s son)
    Sherry Birkin
    Ada Wong
    Carla Radames (Ada’s clone)

    …Wesker’s Son?


    Some believe it’s a translation for ‘Wesker Children’ –> Alex Wesker with a new identity.

    I am not believing this at all but I really, hope it’s not true…” (End of Quotue)
    No Sources ofcourse so hope this is just BULLSHIT.

    Otherwise Capcom’s writing has fallen very far from grace.

    But who knows it could possible be true but hope not.

  • ale

    lol Ada’s clone? As in they are taking ideas from the Re movies?
    I hope that’s BS.

  • Henrik

    Yeah plus its hinted that RE Revelation will tie into RE6.
    After spoiled myself I can agree somewhat when one also compare RE6 trailer.

    If above info holds some truth I think it would remove Revelation ties.

  • TrueAnakin09

    I just hope that whatever characters they leave out in RE6 can get an RE7 role.

  • c

    Omg nemesis. Jill is NOT dead. Play midway through re5 to figure it out.

  • c

    Um the offical re6 trailer from capcom in the info it says 10 years after raccoons death. Um 1998+10= 2008. No jill in re6. Silly morons.

  • Expertz0ne


    Nemesis never said Jill was dead, silly moron.

  • Elyssa

    Whether they decide to include Jill in some form or other in the game/dlc, I just hope that any future dlc that does come out will be a lot like Lost In Nightmares. Now THAT was some great dlc, although I do wish they had added a bit of a variety of enemies. Even just some zombies with the Guardians would have been awesome.

  • Estelvea


    The official product description is that it’s set in 2013. Saying it’s ’10 years after the Raccoon City Incident’ is just a simple generalization (albeit a 5 year large one).
    As much as I’d prefer to see Claire over Jill, it’s entirely possible that Jill appears in the game.

    Silly moron.

  • mmm

  • Prodigy25

    Have you guys ever thought after her ordeal Jill either retired or she is working at HQ in a support role?

  • Jackie Buck Daily

    Actually the game takes place in 2013, it is confirmed! 😉 JILL FTW and CLAIRE!

  • dillon

    hope jills in re6 cuz if jills in re6 then tell bring bakk sheva and for all u sheva haters out there fukk u all

  • Midnight-Drew

    I would really like to see Mrs. Valentine more.

    Yeah, I get it, people feel that Jill has been seen a lot lately but not really if you
    look at it.

    Most of America played RE5, not Revelations.

    Also, she was only in Resident Evil and Resident Evil 3 as Main.

    Resident Evil 5, she was like at the end, one chapter before the game finished.
    Yeah she got DLC, but that was more of a mini game, nothing to compare to Separate Ways.

    I would really like her to be a main main character again.

    No one seems to be complaining about Leon and Chris.

    I would like to see Claire again, also Barry, but most of all Rebecca.

    Wouldn’t it be insane if Barry lived in Oak Town?

  • i mean like she’s been always there!

  • i hope NEMESIS may have a comeback !
    but through a progectile virus!

  • gary

    Jill Valentine is my favorite character in the whole RE series, it’s disappointing that she is not among main playable characters anymore. I don’t understand why her role in the series has been reduced so much since RE 3.

  • i would Agree with this but i see well A downfall in this Jill Was never in association with Leon or “Helena” aka the presidents daughter Jill Valentine was morely involved with Chris Sheva alomar Rebecca chambers and a few others never have i seen a game with her corsponding with Leon.

    if i had to say this tho it would morely be good for her to Cross with Chris redfield tho but Yes Jill has been my fave RE character the entire time of the Series the one thing that i’m hoping they Keep is the Weapon upgrades that you wer able to do in RE5 but on a much bigger Scale triggers Scopes Supressors stock Clips damage piercing etc and a few abilities to boot thats only Pre req to the said dif characters Like Alex would morely focus on hand to hand since i played the demo and he practically kicked ass in it tho that guy has a mouth “awe is the honky hurt? heard em say that when i was playing the demo me and my friend wer like WTF? as well as noticed a few new perks n stuff to boot and glad that their bringing back the Emblem hunting but also adding EXP to it so i’m sure their adding Skill Pre sets health damage Ammo ETC which i’m assuming any way which i’m hoping so because i loved having inf ammo like last time Especially if i get to Run around with that nice Sexy 50 cal again that Pierce has <3 it i'm more of a sniper gal hehe .

    Also if any one on here wants to add me my xbox live Gamer Tag is Gothic Molly P.S keep in mind i got like 10 slots but you can also add me VIA My Facebook and i'll add you their and then eventually add you on xbox live if a spot opens up just make sure you leave a message either Voice or W/e and let me know where you met me or seen post 🙂 <3 Diane.


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