Resident Evil 6: Remembering the Past

Whatever the details are, there is one thing that cannot be disputed at this time. Resident Evil 6 is at the top of the pile in terms of media attention. The highly anticipated next installment in Capcom’s increasingly successful franchise is on the way, and much sooner than anybody would have guessed.

The debut trailer for RE6 which can be seen below, depicts many things which throw both newcomers as well as classic fans into a barrage of questions as well as heated debates. When it comes to the world of Resident Evil, most belong to one of two groups. They either have been with the franchise since the beginning era, or they came over in the massive overhaul Capcom brought to us with the widely loved RE4 which released on Gamecube and later on the PS2 and Wii.

There has since been what I personally refer to as a “civil war.” While there surely are those who love the franchise from beginning to end, there are definitely two defined groups representing both classic and modern styles that believe the series is better directed to their side of the proverbial coin. We here at ROH felt it would be a great time to address some of the possibilities in RE6 based on classic story elements that the new Resident Evil fans may not be aware of, and perhaps caught off guard. So come along and let us discuss what comes to mind.

So here is a bit of information on things we feel the fans should know while heading into RE6. From possibilities to directly effect RE6, to general knowledge of the past that isn’t widely known to anybody but the long time fans.

Sherry Birkin

Appeared in: RE2, Darkside Chronicles, RE3 (Epilogue Only), RE6(?)

Daughter of the brilliant scientist William Birkin, Sherry was subject to a lonely childhood. Being alienated with her mother and with her father being so enveloped in Umbrella’s best interest, viral experimentation. That was only the beginning of her struggles.

Sherry was stuck right in the middle of the Raccoon City outbreak in 1998, at the age of 12. During the “ClaireA” and “LeonB” scenarios of RE2, Sherry was actually hunted down by her mutating father who released into her body an embryo with the purpose of creating a G-Virus offspring. This was possible because her and William were compatible on a cellular level because of their direct blood relation. She was eventually vaccinated.

Sherry was reported to have been taken into government custody after RE2. We later see in “The Wesker Report”, what would seem to be that Wesker may have been behind it or made a move to obtain her at one point as he claimed she “is in our hands.” She has been one of the most highly demanded characters to return as the fans want continuity or closure.

Why we need to know:

In the RE6 trailer. We see a blonde woman whose identity is currently– officially– unknown. While some people claim to have sources, there has been no official word of any form. One of the more notable debates happening right now is centered around the identity of this woman. Many people are claiming she is Ashley Graham, many of which have no idea who Sherry Birkin is. And, of course, many are in anticipation while maintaining hope that this is indeed Sherry. It is anybody’s guess as to who this is and while I have my own opinion, we are all waiting to know.

Speaking under the possibility that it may be Sherry, we need to know what it could mean to Resident Evil 6. There is a high possibility that with Sherry’s past with RE2 and the G-Virus, as well as being in Wesker’s web of tactic; Sherry may be infected on some extremely minor level. Although the G-Virus was “vaccinated”, who is to say there is no possibility of the virus’ genetic material still laying dormant within her body? The government agent who speaks to Leon in Darkside Chronicles, claims she does indeed still carry a remnant of some sort. Even the vaccine has the make of what to attack, thus giving a blueprint for the G-Virus. Also, Wesker himself said “I would never underestimate Birkin, there is something about this girl” when speaking of Sherry. Who’s to say the G-Virus, or another viral candidate wasn’t given to her beforehand by William, or later on with Wesker? All it takes is one cell to infect a host.

Plot-wise, Sherry can still retain information that can be important to the franchise. Again laying back on the fact that she is who she is. Being the daughter of two key figures of Umbrella, victim and witness to the outbreak, holder of knowledge about wherever she was captive/victim to Wesker, presumably. This could lead into RE6 in a variety of different ways if it is indeed her. She could be free, actively fighting in the cause against the viral superpowers, be under influence and following another person’s ambitions or even an unwilling victim caught in another nightmare while trying to escape her past which keeps catching up to her.

Just some eye colour comparison for debate. Looks like the unidentified female has blue eyes. Ashley clearly has brownish eyes. Sherry’s look blue also.

Steve Burnside

Appeared in: RE:CV/X, Darkside Chronicles.

Steve Burnside is a troubled young man who was a prisoner on Rockfort Island as a result of his father being exposed for selling Umbrella’s secrets while an employee. His mother was also killed because of these actions. During the attack on Rockfort Island by H.C.F., Steve escaped. Unfortunately, so did the T-Virus.

Steve soon met up with Claire Redfield who was also freshly sprung by the generous Rodigo Juan Raval. They met up and struggled together through Rockfort Island and ultimately ended up in Antarctica where Steve met his ultimate fate at the hands of Alexia Ashford and the T-Veronica Virus. He spouted one last breath to tell Claire he loved her, then he met his demise.

Why we need to know:

With the end of RE:CVX, we are faced with a showdown between Chris and Wesker. Before the face-off commences, Wesker expresses that he is no longer concerned with Alexia being dead, because he now has Steve to work with. He even taunts the possibility of Steve being revived and able to see Claire once again.

This has always caused debate in the RE universe. With “Operation Javier” taking place in 2002, Wesker is said to have a sample of the T-Veronica that he had taken from Steve’s body for Manuela Hidalgo. This is about four years after Steve apparently died. Now there are certainly many different factors that can come into play. And the term “Steve’s Corpse” has been thrown around a lot. But with no 100% confirmation of his final fate, one can assume it wouldn’t be hard to bring him back. The viruses in the RE universe have quite a tendency to make the dead walk.

Other theories that have been thrown around are the possibilities that Steve is either “the mercenary” or the big monster in the RE6 trailer chasing that same mercenary. Many of these people also believing the blonde woman is also Sherry since both would have some sort of entanglement. Afterall, they were both part of Wesker’s web. They likely met at one point in time if they were captive in the same facility/area that we have not seen yet. The theory for “the big monster” is based on the blonde woman primarily being Sherry, and the very present hair on the enemy. The Mercenary theory actually has more of a evidential approach with what would seem to be the same hair colour, facial marking and somewhat same facial structure.

One thing is for sure. If the sample itself can survive that long and be intact, Steve’s return at some point is certainly a possibility.

Barry Burton

Appeared in: RE1, RE3(ending)

Barry Burton was one of the three reported surviving members of the STARS Alpha team that entered the mansion. He was an unwilling Judas in setting up Wesker’s game to kill the Alpha team and gain BOW test Data. Wesker had used the lives of his wife and two daughters against him to do this. Following the mansion incident, Barry took his family and left to Canada to ensure their safety the best he could. He then left to assist his comrades.

Why we need to know:

Barry has been one of the most requested characters since RE1. Making a cameo in RE3 and various mercenaries game modes are still not enough to quench the thirst of his fans. While Capcom has told us that they have not forgotten Barry, we still have yet to see him front and center. A recent post on “” got people talking. There is no knowledge as to whether or not this was a fan, or rather a clue to his return.

Billy Coen and Rebecca Chambers

Appeared in: RE Zero, Umbrella Chronicles, RE1(Rebecca only).

Two characters that newer fans of the RE franchise have more than a minimal chance of never hearing of. Billy and Rebecca were central figures in the events before the mansion incident in RE:Zero. Billy was on the run as after he escaped his transfer on his way to a death sentence via court martial. Rebecca was the sole survivor of the STARS Bravo team by the time the mansion incident ends. These two accomplished very much and uncovered secrets of Umbrella’s origin. They were exposed to a lot of information and can contribute to the series’ plot and fans would much welcome their stories to be continued.

Why we need to know:

These two characters are simply beloved. Most people sense it is only a matter of time before we see one or both of them. Billy is rumoured to be the mysterious shadowed man in the “RE: Damnation” trailer. And Rebecca has no remaining story elements at all. With such a strong fanbase, new fans should go back and experience what these two went through. It may serve them very well in the future.

Ada Wong

Appeared in: RE2, Umbrella Chronicles, Darkside Chronicles, RE4.

Ada is no stranger to either new or old Resident Evil fans. She needs little pointed out to make her presence felt all over the RE franchise.

Why we need to know:

Although Ada’s past is shadowed in darkness, we are aware of enough information to know that she is a force of ambition. She has yet to fail her primary objective, despite the direct intervention of many formidable foes and worthy RE characters. Krauser was an elite character in the RE franchise and she dispatched him with ease and grace. Combined with her ties to “The Organization,” everything comes together into one gigantic character.

Friend, or foe? Both? Her true ambitions give a sense that they yet have to be unveiled. But rest assured, when they do, she will likely have already won the battle. Her activities before the outbreak involved infiltrating umbrella’s intelligence circle through John Clemens. In the outbreak, she was tasked with obtaining the G-Virus and did not disappoint. In RE4, fate would have Ada achieve her goal once again. Successfully deceiving everybody who trusted her and escaping with the Plagas sample. There was however, a very distinct feeling of emotional attraction to Leon, during the outbreak. A kiss was shared as well as some caring words. We could see this come to light again since Ada and Leon have yet to meet under any circumstances warranting much discussion between the two. RE6 looks to be no different, but these two will no doubt find some closure at one point. Good or bad? Only time will tell.

Viral Origins

It is important to know the potential viruses that could be returning in RE6. From the trailer, there is evidence to at least consider two or more of the previous viruses could be returning. These go hand and hand with panic, outbreak and top of the line suspense. Whichever virus we see will have to have an original distribution into the new environment and create new plot devices or deepen our character cast further.

Why we need to know:

Viruses are the heart of Resident Evil. With every game we get, there are outbreaks, catalysts and reasons to pay attention. The history of the T-Virus actually began with the Progentitor virus. The Progenitor virus was a very difficult thing to obtain in the first place. Coming from a flower, the Progenitor virus was only produced in a biological harmony between the flower and a certain surrounding environment. Otherwise, it could not be produced and lead nowhere. After being extracted successfully, Marcus then combined the Progenitor virus with leech DNA and the T-Virus was created. With Birkin and Wesker both present for his death via assassination, Birkin assumed research and all credit for the T-Virus and continued its research. The G-Virus was the pet project of William Birkin.

The G-virus was widely regarded as the ultimate biological weapon with the ability to create superior offspring with compatible DNA. The T-Veronica virus is a strain of the Progenitor virus that a young Alexia successfully combined with the DNA of an ancient queen ant containing what is called the “Ancient virus.” Alexia achieved complete assimilation without uncontrollable mutation by going into a controlled state of sleep within a hibernation capsule for nearly 15 years. What emerged was something as deadly as any foe, with complete mental control by Alexia and her will.

It is important to everything about these viruses and their origins to understand what is to come. Check these links to the RE wiki below for the most in-depth information.

Tyrant Virus (T-Virus)
T-Veronica Virus


In the beginning, Resident Evil changed the way we look at video games by defining the genre of “Survival Horror.” It has since gone on quite a ride.

Why we need to know:

One thing that differs in Resident evil with each subsequent title is the atmosphere. Even through the classic installments, the compact feel changed into many other things.

The RE1 mansion created an atmosphere that took the world by storm. The closed-in exposure to monsters and surprises lurking through every door, made it a sure adrenaline pumper and had everybody on edge. Little room meant little time to react, every encounter was a critical one and any monster has more than enough capability to end your game. Moody music and a solitary feel really heightened the emotions of the players and put everybody on edge. RE1 relied more on this than an in-depth plot and did a great job executing that. Many were scared and thrilled. This kept us all coming back for what turned out to be a sequel which has stood the test of time with ease.

Resident Evil 2 took everything we had in the first game, and at least doubled it. Moving from a solitary mansion to having an entire city to chew through in what proved to be a masterpiece of a game. Primary available scenarios doubled, having two variations of each character’s experiences. Extra bonus scenarios were added. Great CG inclusions as well. Hell, there were even double the viruses in RE2.

Everything was ramped up and while we all retained the dim feeling of hopelessness, it wasn’t so much of a horror title as the pioneer which was RE1. Bigger spaces, epic cut-scenes escalating in size. It was the horror genre, taken one step up into an epic survival thriller. Widely regarded as the best installment in the series to date. Entire groups of fans (including myself) are ambitiously awaiting the day that Capcom decides to remake this game after seeing how amazing the original RE1 remake was. It is a flame that will never die.

Many people believe that the essence of RE2 will be the game most resembling to RE6. With the trailer hinting at both horror and action, RE2 was a game to combine both in a very natural fashion. The fundamental elements of a widespread outbreak are something that new RE fans are likely not to know anything about. Sure, we shot down Ganado and Majini in RE4 and RE5. But there are feelings of what can only conjure the word “frantic” in a massive viral outbreak. RE2 and RE3 captured this perfectly right from the start. There were next to no survivors in the sea of viral mutations that were bombarding the city.

It’s one thing to strategically eliminate a Ganado with a series of precise shots, but what if you weren’t given the time to make these shots? What if a door opened and a crowd of zombies are to be taken on all at once? A sudden feeling of fear and the need to run is what comes to mind. Many CG depictions through classic RE games had many of the helpless victims of Raccoon city and beyond, struggling to live through the first hours of the outbreak. It is very overwhelming to think that even a single person could escape the city. With RE6 coming faster than we could ever have anticipated, a blend of horror and action are expected. RE2 remains one of the few titles to successfully pull this off in the market of today. Which lead Capcom to follow it up with something that did so in a more direct way.

RE3 took what RE2 did and hyped up the progressive feel. Combining area movement with the newly constructed atmosphere of near death as the Nemesis hunted you. Every door was no longer a safe haven as the Nemesis could follow you through them. You never felt safe and often jumped off the couch while running for a door with the Nemesis closing the distance time after time with death in hand. Few stopped to fight him. those who did, rarely made it out alive. Then again, Most who ran were also no strangers to death. Capcom had you struggling from the beginning of the game and terrified the whole way. the RE6 trailer presents us with a new third protagonist who is no stranger to this. He himself is being hunted relentlessly by a foe that not unlike the nemesis. Capcom aims to bring these feelings and fears back through RE6. Drawing from games that did the job is no mistake. These atmospheres are key to this games success in the eyes of critics and classic fans.

We can expect elements from all three of the original installments in RE6, that much is for sure. This still doesn’t touch upon the timeline debate that is going on which can only add to the relating emotions here. Nobody is sure exactly when RE6 takes place in relation to RE5 with the “10 year” mark after the outbreak being a date of which falls only 6 months before Chris and Sheva’s arrival in Kijuju. These numbers can be vague.

Is Chris’ vendetta(mentioned in RE6 trailer) because this is before RE5 and he believes a certain fate became of Jill? Does this game perhaps take place both before and after RE5? If that really is Sherry and not Ashley, what became of her while in Wesker’s possession? How did she become free? When? Would we assume it happened after RE5 when we all know what happened at the end. There is evidence to lead one to believe in either direction. Only time will tell. Feel free to discuss any of these in the comment section below.

Closing Comments

With RE6 sure to bring back many classic feelings and settings with Tall Oaks and viral struggle, there are great possibilities that we are going to see subjects and characters from the origin of the RE roots. Although Capcom would recognize this and surely present the information for newcomers to the series so they can understand and jump on board, it does not necessarily mean that we should turn a blind eye. There are many current debates about timeline, character identities and possible plot twists. Much is sure to change between now and release, but we can only gain more knowledge and appreciation for the classic gems of RE by taking the time to learn more.

There is a substantial amount of depth to the classic RE franchise as RE: Zero all the way to RE: Code Veronica X all took place within five months of each other. There is a web of overlaying story that even seasoned fans have yet to know it all off the back of their hand. Let us have fun speculating while we can. There are so many opportunities that RE6 can bring to the table, who is not to enjoy it? I look forward to what the coming months will bring leading up to the demo (accessed through the purchase of Dragon’s Dogma). All the way up to the launch of Resident Evil 6 on November 20. RE6 is currently planned for release on the PS3, Xbox360 and PC. I for one, am very Excited.

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  • jawmuncher

    I love this. Especially about all the characters.
    Capcom has way to many loose strings in the RE universe that fans are just dying to know whats going on.

    I can say with confidence that I doubt RE6 will be the last. Or else they would have been using stuff like “the epic conclusion” etc, for a boost in sales.

    I said it before but I see this game ending on somewhat of a cliff-hanger to where hopefully they can answer a lot of the questions fans are still having.

  • ale

    Well I somehow don’t think the new guy is Steve, maybe I’m wrong but here’s why, given how the mysterious new male character has what seems special combat abilities and says he had important blood, my guess is that he is either HUNK or Alex Wesker, or a new character. He also says he is a mercenary and getting paid so Steve doesn’t fit in that.

    HUNK never failed a mission and was nicknamed Mr.Death, probably he could have been immune to the virus? His background is mysterious too so there’s a possibility.

    Also I think that blonde woman is Sherry, it does look like her and she is determined to do something about the viral outbreak it seems, and helping the new guy saying she won’t let him get captured. This doesn’t fit Ashley’s personality.

    We will probably see Ada, every game with Leon as a main character has Ada in it. Like you said her past and her true motives are intriguing and we don’t know what side she is truly on.

    I think RE 6 is after RE 5, the numbered games have so far followed chronological order so it is very possible this is after 5. Also in Xbox they said it took place in 2013, it would make sense since the Raccoon City Incident ended officially in 2003 when Umbrella was found guilty.

    also seeing how they are (maybe) 3 main characters we may have 3 different scenarios, like in RE 2. Each scenario would have it’s own focus and perspective of the game. Leon being survival/horror, Chris being action/ horror, new guy being action/combat? And they blend it all to make it more “dramatic”.

    Well these so far are my thoughts, I hope Capcom clear this things up and answer our questions and doubts about the game so far. I’m so looking forward to know more about it.

  • ^^^

    Some good points.

    -HUNK has blonde hair though. He is not even a possibility, in my mind. This new guy looks to be late twenties. HUNK looks around 28-30 around the Outbreak. Another 10+ years would have him looking about 40 years old. Our new protagonist looks late twenties. Also, if HUNK was immune to the virus, Umbrella would have him crammed into a test tube, not running around with a superior genetic structure.

    -Agreed on Ada

    -Xbox has been wrong 10,000 times before. And Capcom’s official release said 10 years. I’m going to assume that it means 10 years from the nuke. They would have said “Umbrella’s End” if they wanted us to know that.

    -Agreed on the meaning of numbers, though. Chronological games have been in order with numbers. We have seen what Capcom did to Devil May Cry though. Until we know more, hard to say. My logical side points to before RE5 though. But I can still see if it went the other way. Time will tell.

  • REDX

    The way i see it Leon scenario it’s gonna take place somewhere at the beginning of the 10yrs mark. Chris scenario is after “lost in nightmare” because he talks about a women and he doubts himself, at the beginning of RE5 that’s all he did and jill covers her face but you could tell it’s women so i’m thinking that’s jill when he mentions someone at the trailer. sherry and steve scenario (i hope is them) is after RE5.

  • Paul Smith

    I agree 100!their are so many loose Ends i wan’t to see a Conclusion.Like with Sherry whatever happened to her after Wesker Kidnapped her?Plus with Code Veronica when Wesker Kidnapped Steve Burnside Capcom never explained what happened.I still want to know about ADA & her true Intentions?Ive been so upset whenever we get a new Resident Evil but the story never gets Resolved.Even with Rebecca,Billy & Barry.Like why not in Resident Evil 6 if that is Sherry they do a Flashback scene and show what has happened to Sherry over the past 10 years?As much as I’m into the Horror/Survival of the Game,I love the Story just as much!I mean we only get these games what every 4 years or so?So when we finally get them i wan’t some answers.I know it will be a great game,I just want the answers that were not getting after all these years.Sorry for my long Rant!I’m just passionate about this Franchise

  • Augustus Lennox

    Great work James, you have great writing ability. Your article was very informative and well put together, I can see that you put much effort into it. I am excited to see your future articles.

    – Augustus

  • Ryan

    I’m going to say res6 takes place before res5 for the reasons James and Redx mentioned. I think it’s a good idea for capcom to take advantage of the large space of time taking place between res4 (2004) and res5 (2009) because their are a lot of characters and stories that haven’t been acknowledged recently and if they continue making entries that are set when they are actually released (like every 3-4 years) the Redfield’s will be in nursing homes before we even know what Rebecca and billy have been up to. Other than horror and thrills (for most of the entries anyway) resident evil`s biggest strength lies in it`s complex narrative, history and wide array of characters, many of these components have been neglected in recent entries. I`m hoping (and confident) res6 will turn this around.

  • RoXx

    I don’t think that the man in the Damnation trailer is Billy, because if you look at the picture it seems more like Chris’s RE6 hair. The movie is probably just a tie in to RE6

  • Henrik

    That is why personally is irritated on some new fans,not all some have done their history research.

    But some cant understand why older fans like myself wanted the return of characters above.

    Especially Sherry Birkin she had so much plot potencial Weskers interest in her,G-virus remnants.

    But Capcom has refused to use even when fans demanded it for years.

    New fans dont understand the reason why I/We want them back.
    They see Sherry as useless mainly as they dont read up on her history and her potencial.

    Same with Steve and Veronica virus or Manuela.

    Barry last word in RE3 epilouge was something like I cant let my friends fight on their own.

    Suspecting he would leave his family in safety and help Chris and Jill but was never heard off thereafter.

    Becca has not been heard of since mansion incidents.

    So yeah hope personally its Sherry in RE6 so many past characters left in Limbo.

  • Mrox2

    Pretty Well Said ! ^^

  • Steven Bayne

    I have been a fan of the Re series since day one and have always been open to new characters, settings and whatever else capcom can throw at us fans. As much as I loved 4 and 5,I would love for the series to go back to its roots and re–introduce characters like Sherry, Steve, Alex etc. This would definitely be a great jumping on point for newer fans of the series. I know that Re 6 won’t be one disappoint. At this point in the series,the only way to tie up the roots for the series is to bring back old characters with a good dose of horror for all of us long time fans.

  • AlanPartridge

    Nice article but For the life of me I don’t understand why so many RE fans find Steve furnside to be so important to future plots. He is dead, just the same as Brad, Luis, Mikhail etc. No difference. Wesker kept his corpse only to extract the t-Veronica sample because he failed to acquire one from Alexia.
    Said sample was then extracted and sold to Javier. Steve’s body was likely disposed of very shortly after the event of CVX. CASE CLOSED.

    Wesker’s admission to Claire was simply a taunt to see the pain on her face. Nothing more.

    Same with Billy. Why is he relevant? He had no interest in Umbrella, only his freedom. There would be no purpose in bringing him back.

    And the game takes place in 2013. There are worldwide outbreaks happening. No way it takes place before Bio5.

  • Estelvea

    I’ve been with the series from the beginning. My knowledge of RE lore is… ridiculous. I’m not trying to put myself on a pedestal here, but else I’ll be shot down in flames by these so-called ‘fans’. The ‘fans’ who say RE is crap since Capcom changed the gameplay to accommodate a more ‘action’ style of play.

    Yet half of them, I can guarantee have never played all the games. Not RE: Umbrella Chronicles which fills in VERY important plot holes and pretty much explains everything Wesker has done to achieve what he does in RE5.

    RE is all about story. All about its believable characters. It’s had to open up. The story has gotten bigger, though. The gameplay has HAD to have changed to accommodate this.

    Does anyone actually believe RE5 could’ve of been done with a slower style of gameplay? Perhaps even classic RE gameplay? Hell no. It needs a faster pace to lead Chris and Sheva through the story revelations they uncover and to put an end to Wesker’s ‘New World’. Especially with that same sense of urgency. And especially to keep up with the BRILLIANT cinematics.

    Furthermore, whilst I agree some of the older characters should show up again, like Barry… there’s no need. Barry had a family. Why would he want to continue the fight?

    Claire joined Terrasave to simply protest. She, as Leon explained, chose the role of ‘healer’, rather than ‘fighter’. She doesn’t want to continue this fight anymore (although I would REALLY like to see her again…).

    Parker Luciani, however, is already a fave RE character of mine. Maybe even my favourite. That’s proof that there;s still a place for many new, wonderful and believable characters in the RE story, and I’m glad to welcome them on board.

  • rscida

    Awesome article! Kudos! 🙂

  • @rscida – Thanks!

    @AlanPartridge – I don’t look at Steve as something that is very important. I feel he just needs a final closure. Sure we can assume. But we ened to be flat out told or shown what became of him. Once that closure has been known, we can stop wondering. Even if it is just “He died for good”. Wesker did make an obvious media foreshadowing to his return. We just want 100% knowledge of his fate, not his return. That would be nice, also.

  • Xander

    There is one thing I’m really wondering about RE6 that no one seems to bring up in the articles. Will RE6 connect to Revelations in any way?

  • kman

    i wonder if the graphics for this game will get tweaked? I wonder the graphics will be like re5, but the creepiest gameplay has been the re1 remake. the graphics for 6 doesnt look that impressive

  • kman

    correction to my last post……didnt type that correct at all. “Hopefully the graphics will get tweaked a lil bit, they dont look that impressive”

  • zachary mattingly

    resident evil revelations will have alot to do with resident evil 6 i think the ending is awsome and kinda sets some characters in place to reapear but knowing capcom we might not see these characters for awhile all i have to say i think jessica will play a big role in resident evil 6

  • tanner

    i cant wait till the resident evil 6 game man i hope wesker comes back outa no where and attacks us

  • tanner

    wait is ada still here i dont want ashley she is annoying

  • Grace Saunders

    I’ve got Revelations but I don’t have a 3DS. OK. I know that’s a bit dumb, but I guess you can still collect every RE game and get the consoles later on. I wanted to read the plot on Wikipedia from start to finish, but I guess they’re waiting until after February 7 to update the page.

  • SilverFF

    Ok…..question folks. What if Revelations tie into Damnation and then RE6 considering that we will get Revelations first and Damnation will come out later before RE6? Who is Chris calling a “Bitch”? Ada is one of my answers but I doubt it will be her. Revelations need to be released in the US immediately! Do we have another spy/double agent!?

  • zach mattingly

    the one chris is calling a bitch is probley jessica not ada i think damnation will actauly explain alot i just hope that really is billy

  • AlanPartridge

    @James. I understand. But I think we have already have closure.We already know what became of the virus inside him because of Darkside Chronicles. The Inside of Biohazard Darkside Chronicles source book elaborates on this further.
    Once Wesker would have the virus there would be no need to keep Steve’s body.
    The t-Veronica virus doesn’t reanimate the dead.

  • nemesis91286

    According to it says RE6 will take place anyway between ten to fifteen years after the destruction of Raccoon city so it’s very much possible that it will take place after RE5.

  • @Nemesis91286

    The Wikia pages are able to be edited by anybody. Do not take them as 100% fact without backup evidence. People must have seen the unconfirmed articles and assumed they were factual, thus changing the wikia. Nothing is known for sure other than Capcom saying “10 years after the outbreak”. Again, do not take the wikia as documented fact. It is not always like that.

  • Estelvea

    Resident Evil 6’s storyline will no doubt have major ties to Revelations, judging from the loose ends and questions it posed (won’t spoil the plot for people).

    But… none more-so important than Jill’s REAL feelings for Chris! ^^ I loved all that teasing in Revelations! xD

  • Red-Dragon-Cro

    Well another posibility of Steve still being alive,as said above by Alan,the T-Veronica virus doesn´t revive the dead but as any other virus in that case with the death of the host the virus itself would die aswell(most cases),eventualy Wesker would need Steve alive to be able to produce the T-Veronica virus and gather as much supplies of it.But still this is just what i think.

  • Ben May

    It’s because of the complexity of the story that it annoys me that some of the games are exclusive to certain platforms, such as REmake, Zero and now Revelations. As a fan, obviously I want to get all the games, but to have to buy so many different consoles in order to fully follow the story is a real pain! I understand its business and all that, I’m just saying.

    Just finished watching a YouTube walkthrough of Revelations (eyesight not good enough to use a handheld console very well, grrrr!). Revelations had a pretty good story. SPOILERS!!! I actually quite liked Jessica, so I felt genuinely betrayed when she turned out not to be who we first thought she was. I hope she comes back. I couldn’t take Raymond seriously though, due to the hairdo! He just looked as though he had a chicken attached to his head.

    Really looking forwards to Resident Evil 6 though. I hope it really does turn out to be how it appears – some new hi-octane actions with some hefty slices of horror and atmosphere.

  • James

    They really should conclude Steve’s story. Personally, I see no reason to bring him back. He was dead and his character is not very appealing for him to need to comeback which the mass majority will agree to that. However, they should conclude what Wesker did to him at some point in the game and be done with it.

    As for RE6, I assume it takes place still 1 year before RE5 so if it does, it’s best to start a new storyline here rather than have it continue RE4 and RE5’s storyline. I can only assume that Revelations will be the first part and RE6 will be the 2nd part of this story.

    Lastly, RE5 killing off Wesker in such a ridiculously way needs to be fixed. However, being that RE6 is a year before RE5 happened, it’s probably something they should plan on in RE7, not RE6. This needs to put the storyline in a new direction but hopefully conclude some other questions all of us have been asking for quite sometime.

  • Zaka

    RE story ended after RE3, later on it was just as mindless drag, it got after after Wesekers children, basically they can revive anyone and drag the virus/clone to any number of sequels.
    I personally want billy and Rebecca back with different looks, Billy is most badass male in RE and most overlooked, thanks to RE0 sales.

    Chris and Leon are milked to death.

    They can throw in Frankwest to cover virus stuff as easter egg or DLC.

  • nemesis91286

    Oh come on the story of Wesker had to end one way or another otherwise the story would just drag on it was only a matter of time that he was going to be killed.

  • nemesis91286

    @Zaka (cont)
    True he was the main vanilla of the Resident Evil series but he had to at eventually be stopped and that with every villain in video games. Just Liquid Snake in the Metal Gear series sooner or later they are going to die at some point.

  • nemesis91286


  • Alex

    One complaint, AMBER.
    Ashley’s eyes are amber, not “brownish-gold”.
    Look up human eye colors why don’cha! lol

  • steve smokes code veronica chronic

    i wasnt even excited for this game until i read how everything could stick together in the reveiw above thanx very much RE might not be dead after all……. and fuck u if u dont like steve …….. u sound like steve with ur bickering

  • Blake

    Interesting observation of Steve being the mysterious mercenary. I personally thought the “mercenary” was the vaguely mentioned Alex Wesker, whom had supposedly created an immortality serum. It was noted by Spencer in his diaries that there were thousands of test subjects that had vanished into thin air along with the serum, and this city could be exactly where it went. He was supposed to have disappeared sometime before Chris and Jill went on their mission to the mansion where Jill had supposedly died, and since RE6 MIGHT take place before RE5, then atleast that would line up with the timeline alittle. Back to the immortality serum, if the only sample of such a serum was in his blood stream, then that would explain why his blood is so valuable. The only thing that draws me away from Steve being the mercenary is how the guy states he’d charge the world for this blood. There isn’t any logical explanation why Steve would do such a thing, for even in Veronica he atleast had DECENT morals, and not instead be focused in some way on Claire and meeting up with her/contacting her. So, how about someone tell me the flaws in my theory and explanation so I can tweak and/or trash it?

  • Blake

    Just to add a bit, when the mercenary states that the world only needs his blood in the trailer and he wakes up, it looks like he just died and came back, sustaining the immortality serum. Also, this new “Nemesis” like creature was sent in to stalk him and retrieve his blood. If he starts saying “Alex”, I think Nemesis is gonna sue 😛 Back to the point, it appears the President was infected early on, possibly on purpose because he was going to expose some dark secret, and Leon has to shot him, but can’t, so that other Luis looking woman shoots him herself, and then says this is all her fault. She seems to think she has something to do with all of this virus infection, so she’s important. Then there are obvious cases of G-virus in short scenes, one obvious and two debatable so that’s in there. Then you’re general T-virus, and a giant monster whom I’m find quite reminiscent of El Gigante, though with the spiked back and slight differentiation in appearance, it seems more like a distant cousin or distant “BOW relative” if you will. Oh, and to make reference of Chris, I think he’s talking about some woman, maybe Ada due to the fancy spike ball I see, or possibly the woman Leon is fighting alongside , since she supposedly started this infestation. And for the record, epic motorcycle work catching her, Mr. “Mercenary”. I like how no seems to have noticed that

  • Prodigy25

    @ AlanPartridge

    I concur! I think a lot of times we look to find something that is not there.

  • Abathingbrandt

    This is after re5. The reason I know this, is because all the games that have been given numbers(0,1,2,3,4 and 5) are in order. If it was before 5, it would have another title. Like Resident Evil: New Beginning or something like that. I just pray they don’t fuck it up. Despite the new open world, 4 was fullblooded Resident Evil. 5 was a brilliant game, but it wasn’t resident evil. And certainly not worthy of the title ”5”.


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