New Resident Evil Revelations HD video showcases HUNK

Yeah, I know you hardcore Resident Evil fans remember that image above. It’s taken from the original reveal trailer for Resident Evil Revelations. Fans were ecstatic at seeing Chris and Jill returning in a more traditional, old-school Resident Evil adventure. Fans were also happy to see that HUNK would somehow be involved.

Sadly, we didn’t get to see Mr. Death in the game when it originally released exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS last year. But fear not, HUNK is going to get nice and wet once the HD port of the game hits the PlayStation 3, PC, Wii U and Xbox 360 on May 21st.

Capcom confirmed, back when the HD port of the game was first officially announced, that HUNK will be a playable character in the game’s Raid Mode, exclusive to this HD upgrade. Now we get to see Mr. Death in action. Check out the new gameplay video below!


  • Neutron15
  • Scott Sands

    Wasn’t hunk met to be in the main game originally? I remember the 3ds trailer showed him in it.

    • Neutron15

      you mean the debut trailer?, that one was scrapped

  • Diego Siqueira

    >.< I have the 3DS version and i just get mad and mad in each trailer knowing it will not receive Hunk and other extra stuff

  • Patrick

    I liked the return to old school RE, but other than that I thought this game was bland and clunky. Does anyone know if how much of the graphics and/or enemies have been updated in graphics and/or AI?

  • Dino Zulim

    HUNK gameplay from Capcom-Unity livestream:

  • Grif

    “old school”