New Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City concept art shows Leon getting killed

Capcom, via Resident Evil’s official Facebook page, has just revealed the full verson of the artwork that has been featured on the cover of OXM showing off the hooded Vector. Now you can check out Vector along with his other USS squadmates: Beltway, Bertha and Spectre.  And apart from featuring zombies, this piece of artwork also lets fan see Leon getting his throat slit by Vector. That’s gotta hurt. You can check out the full image below.

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  • KoRnCreep

    Who ever made this arwork isn`t a normal person

  • ahmed

    your right koRnCreep but leon is not easy to be killed

  • LONE

    Well thats true ahmed IF the game took place after RE4. You have to remember that the Leon in the RE 2 and 3 time frame was only an inexperienced rookie. Anyways i for one will choose to protect him cause well he is one of my favorite characters. What can i say man Leon is a BEAST!

  • ryu

    yeah kill that bastard

  • KoRnCreep

    True… Capcom realy knows how to surprise RE fans, A$$holes!

  • luis

    Hunk all the way. no 1 can beat the 4th-survivor. just look at him in this picture.He’s too damn bad ass. its about time they brought him back.

  • War Shaman

    Ok 2 things.
    1. That person with the gas mask in the left, thats a chick! Look at the breast.
    2. C’mon, if Dr. Salvador could chop Leon’s head off and he shakes it off like nothing, getting his neck slashed by a combat knife is NOTHING.

  • War Shaman

    lol I meant
    1. That person with the gas mask to the RIGHT is a chick

  • I wonder if we might see Ada wong? she might try to defend him from them

  • retro

    Hmmm… Hopefully we get to see peeps from Nemesis 🙂 Jill FTW and Carlos FTW and Nemesis FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and let us kill them 😛 (except for Jill of course) hahahahahah mess up the RE canon… Lulz

  • Alex

    just to let u no that isnt hunk. his name is vector but hunk is probably gonna be one of the hidden characters.

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  • Amo a leon :)

    Leon no te muerass!!!! Que Te necesitamoshhh en otras sagas mejores qe esta chingada joder que los de capcom apestan!

  • Connor

    I think in the trailer, where Vector stabs Leon, i believe that is just to get him down and when Vector pulled the trigger and said the target is eliminated, i think it was an infected near them and he DIDNT kill Leon. Remember, Leon was taken by special forces


    Where are Four-Eyes and Lupo?

  • cant wait till the launch of this game.

  • Titan651

    You can’t kill Leon and then have him be back in 4


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