It’s Mr. X’s time to shine with another piece of exclusive Resident Evil Facebook art

Another day, another awesome piece of Resident Evil art exclusively for the series’ Facebook fans. First we got the Cerberus, yesterday brought us the Licker, and today gives us Mr. X, all rendered beautifully by Marko Djurdjevic. Does anyone else notice the connection and running thread between these three pieces of art?

Yeah, they’ve all been focusing on Resident Evil 2! And, yes, I’m aware that Cerberus didn’t make his debut in Resident Evil 2, but he was featured much more prominently there. And, of course, the Licker’s appeared in other games, but his big debut came with this survival horror classic. Oh, and I’m pretty sure we’re going to get William next. Damn it, Capcom! Now I have to change my desktop wallpaper again! Hell, I wouldn’t mind if this turns out to be a daily thing.


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  • Elyssa

    Since you pointed that out, it does seem like this could possibly lead up to a RE2 Remake afterall 🙂

  • Resguy

    Possible meaning: hints a REmake 2, It’s just for ORC or it’s just fan service… I’m tired of raising my hope for Capcom…

  • xXxJamesxXX

    More towards fan service for now, I wouldn’t get my hopes up until they actually announce it to be a Remake. Again if it doesn’t turn out to be what you expected, again you only hurted yourself and no one to blame but yourself not the company.

  • Most likely It’s just artwork for ORC …

  • Fabian

    After the whole Final Fantasy 7…you know…I learned not to get my hopes up.


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