Is Capcom planning Resident Evil Remake HD and a new Outbreak game?

Capcom’s Senior VP of strategic planning and business development, Christian Svensson, has  posted a rather intriguing survey on Capcom-Unity. It focuses exclusively on Capcom’s digital distribution practices, with the publisher eager to know what fans want to see them do with their digital-only games in the future, highlighting key franchises. And, of course, that includes Resident Evil.

The Resident Evil portion of the survey lists possibilities we’ve wanted to see come to fruition for quite a while now. The following potential digital projects were listed:

HD Remake? Yes, please. And I’m all for having the original trilogy showing up on the Xbox 360 for the first time. And I think it’s about time we get a new Outbreak-style game, or even just an HD port of the original.

Be sure to take this survey! Click the source link below to access it.


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  • ew keep ur nasty fucking xbox away from my resident evil

    • What’s wrong with Xbox 360 owners finally getting to experience the classic games?

    • Can we pretend that we’re not 7 years old at the playground. Thanks.

    • ariessiren

      lol everyone should experience RE classics anyway possible but that was really funny.

    • eew do all ps3 gamers act like a stupid kid just like you, naaah just you, plz grow up fag

      • ariessiren

        miguel in your quest to try to be mature, you just made yourself look like a bigger asshole with your choice of words.

      • I was with you all the way up until the last word you said. As I gay person, I am extremely offended by your indecency and your inappropriate word selections. It is my hope that you either clean up your vocabulary, or you get curb stomped by a 7 foot drag queen for being so vile.

    • Grif

      I found the twelve year old. Is anybody missing a kid?

  • Sterlin Ruther

    I was hoping that Operation Raccoon City would be a new Outbreak, but I was clearly mistaken… A new Outbreak game would be AMAZING. So would a REmake of 1-3.

    • Yeah, I was also expecting an Outbreak-type experience with ORC. ORC was fun to play with friends, but not a game I’ll be revisiting anytime soon. And like I always say, remake 2 and 3 together as one game!

      • BARRY 44 MAGNUM

        Sorry but for me RESIDENT EVIL OUTBREAK 1/2 its a true game : 5 stage so many bonus stage online/solo coop.Ok its a little short game, easy to finish(not for the difficulty very hard) And if capcom remake RES 1/2/3 rebirth and outbreak REMAKE COMPILATION 100dollars i buy the one day is coming but NEED ONLINE 4 players COOP IN ALL OF RES1/2/3 REBIRTH and OUTBREAK.WHY because its more funny to play in coop in SURVIVAL HOROR(OUTBREAK ONLINE EXPERIENCE GREAT) if have COOP 4 player in PSN and XBOX LIVE CAPCOM TAKE SO MANY BILIONS OF DOLLARS TRUST ME THE TRUE and why not OUTBREAK FILES 3!!!!!!!!!!!. And sorry i am not English i am french bye bye everybody

  • Jawmuncher

    Really hope that new Outbreak is a thing. Hell like people have said just an HD port of 1 and 2 would suffice. Outbreak has a huge loyal following especially on the capcom forums so hopefully it’s something they do. Would be a step Inthe right direction.

  • Outbreak was the best concept for an online RE.

  • i jizzed everywhere…..

  • StuntmanSnake

    Holy ****!! New Outbreak possibility? REmake ports?! Capcom, I will forgive your nasty business habits if you make this come true!

  • resh

    New outbreak please we re waiting since 2005 oh my god

  • tigerspaw

    I was thinking the same thing, Jorge. If they were to remake RE2, it should have three campaigns, Leon, Claire & Jill (RE3), they would have to totally rework the story lines if Capcom wanted the game to be partner based like the last two games, but who knows what route they would go.

    I would be happy with HD ports of the RE Gamecube games as digital downloads .-.

    • Just014

      You fergot campaigns 4 Carlos ;)))

      • disqus_1i9CBDaIkH

        You “fergot” campaign 5, Ada ;)))

        • Just014

          Why not a little capaingn with Sherry escaping from her school when the
          mother call’s her ;))) and later on at the police station that will
          be cool.

  • Iceweb38

    Come on everybody! Vote for HD ports of REmake and Outbreak!

  • petrol

    OMG The Outbreak games were AMAZING, probably one of the best survival horror games I’ve played! *___* I hope they make a new one since I never got to play online

  • Got my vote in for the old RE HD remakes. It was also nice to see Dino Crisis given the mention in the survey! I’d love to see that game make a comeback, more as a reboot though but a HD re-make would be good also.

  • Don’t you see? Capcom is just trying to shut us, they’ll give us the same game with shitty upgrades, everyone will come back to love Capcom, problem solved.

    Don’t fall for that, it is just a trap.

  • Thomas

    First of : this is CAPCOM were talking about and they have demonstrated before that they dont really listen to the fans and only do what hits the most domographics out there…….

    Second : i, as many of you proberly did as well, anwsered the survey…….

    For an advice in pretty much told them “Pleeeeeeese bring back survival horror”…….

    Third : This Remake of RE2 & RE3, you and i and pretty much all of us desperately want, how exactly would you like it to be. Revelations style or more like the REmake and RE 0 versions…….?

    Time will only tell if they will truely listen to any of us…….

  • Neutron15

    We’ve been discussing this on Gamefaqs, I hope its real, REmake on the Wii U and why is Revelations not on the list !!!!

  • That last option, new game types specifically RPG, got me thinking. Wouldn’t it be great to see a remake of Sweet Home?

    • Neutron15

      or The same route as Silent Hill: Book of Memories, Resident Evil with powers or (magic)

  • GreekShadow

    I remember playing RE Outbreak when i was younger.Man i loved this game,it was very hard but i was fine with that.I remember that i got stuck in the first mission(/chapter/episode),i was on the roof and i didn’t know what to do,after multiply playthroughts and searching i was bored and i gave my controller at a friend,he randomly shot a fence and the fence moved.I was like “Finally”!I shot this fence 3 times,it fell down and a path was revealed.
    ANyway i hope that we will see a new RE Outbreak,i liked it alot!
    Scary-Limited Ammo/Health-Hard-Puzzles=Perfect Horror!
    Online Multiplayer would be pretty interesting in this game!

  • Grif

    Where does it say HD remake up there? All I see is “ports”.

  • ariessiren

    my vote goes to an HD port of REmake. that was and is the best game in the series. RE2 was awesome, but nothing was like the REmake on gamecube. that was really scary

    • Thomas

      Ohh my good i have new found respect for you “ariessiren” because yes REmake “IS” the best Resident Evil game to date (it even surpassed the original game which doesn´t happen with many games out there) and it diffenently deserves an HD touch-up on newer consoles…….
      Many proberly never bothered to play it because it was on a NINTENDO console…….
      Shame on you…….

  • I’m voting for an Outbreak port. God knows they’d screw up an entirely new one

  • Koulamatata

    There’s a few sections for your own comments.
    Do it and tell them to REmake RE2.

  • Henrikm

    I never had the chance to play Outbreak online ethier,have both of them and enjoyed the whole atmosphere and loved how the main cast was mainly ordinary people.

    The best trained was probably Kevin and Mark who where a cop and ex-military but the rest was like me and you a avarage joe trying to survive the best they could while cooperating in certain sitiuations.

    I loved that.

    I have no problems with Xbox ports ethier. On the opposite I never understood the whole Console exlusive BullS– Why not make Resident Evil too all consoles for all to enjoy.

    Still waiting for a Revelation port.

    Remake is also one of my favourite titles so seeing a enhanced version of that again would be awsome.

  • As pretty much everyone voted for remakes of the classics(well its stated as port) and for Outbreak along other RE options.

    Damn all that Outbreak talk makes me wana play it again.*Turns on the PS2*


    not really related, but heres a petition for the resident evil 2 remake, this guy knows what hes doing. the petition is already more than 20,000 signatures strong and everytime it gains a thousand signatures, he forwards it to capcom every way he can, to show that there is support for the remake, which apparently will get them making it for us… so everyone who wants a remake as much as i do, or even if you just want to be helpful, please sign it and share it with whoever you can, t get this thing started.

  • …wait why has zero not had a mention?

  • Benjamin May

    I’ve done the survey. I would be most keen on ports of Resident Evil/Remake, Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 to platforms that haven’t seen these titles before, such as Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. I also mentioned Resident Evil Zero in the box for the comments.

    I think a Resident Evil RPG might work well. Some kind of parallel universe take on the series, in which things didn’t work out too well. An open-world apocalyptic wasteland populated by monsters from the Resident Evil universe – anything from zombies and crows to Hunters and Lickers through to giant alligators and Tyrants. You could also have Ganados, Majini – even J’avo! The variety of enemies would be pretty decent for a Resident Evil RPG!

  • Jorge .. Do you love Playstation systems ?

    I personally don’t mind sharing the experience with many players around the world .. but if you take a look at the XBOX community you will see many of them Prefer this kind of games ( Action and shooting ) more than horror.

    Anyway ..This does not preclude that we never share the experience, but I’m afraid to be on their way in the series somewhat offbeat ..What scares me even more that Capcom take their proposals about mindless directed sequel ..Which means that we will see the game in a new approach to serve the renewed public prefers Action and shooting Games which Capcom did that already on RE lately ..Add to that Capcom started to ignore the old fanbase of the playstaion and that’s …. Feels like a stab in the back.

  • willam

    Capcoms problem is this …. they stupidly released the REmake and Zero on the W R O N G ! platform ??? . anybody and very body new , knows you dont release heavy mature games on NINTENDO’S family attracted machines so when these games dident sell well and i could , and everybody else except capcom could predict it , they went sour they were hard touched by. My conclusion of this point is this , thats why a remake of 2 will never happen because they believe it wont sell , simply because they stuffed up with zero and the remake on the W R O N G platform they believe so heverly it was the right business decision and ultimately they already failed before development began , that’s why there wont be a RE2 remake no matter how many people have requested it in the last T E N ! years .

    With every thing i have written ether no body reads anybody comments or use are just plain stupid simply because what i have written is THEE definitive conclusional answer why RESIDENT EVIL 2 REMAKE wont ever happen , now article Writers put together what iv’e written summarize it up and front page it ! ?

  • An RE Remake HD would be awesome.. I just bought the Wii Version a couple months ago (RE Archives) and beat it with both Chris and Jill.. If they released an HD version on the 360/PS3, I would buy it again…for a full $60

  • SURE…

    l would love to see a HD remake of all the classic ResidentEvil games. 1-4 but only if it features FULL trophy support. like 40-50 plus a platinum. none of this 12 trophies crap like they did with their “HD” collections. because l call those half assed HD collections. because they were not full trophy supported. only games with platinums go in my list. so here is hoping they release those classics remade with FULL trophy support this time.


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