Here’s the history of Resident Evil in under ten minutes


Resident Evil is one of the longest running series in the history of gaming. It may not be as old as Final Fantasy or The Legend of Zelda, but it’s a series that’s been following one major arc since its birth. We’ve been introduced to characters that have become some of gaming’s finest heroes and heroines. And a lot of fans have grown up with Chris, Claire, Jill, and Leon. We’ve followed their journey from Raccoon City all the way up until now.

With all that being said, Capcom has just released two videos that give hardcore fans and newcomers alike the history of events that have occurred in the franchise to date. Watching this makes me appreciate the series even more. Sure, we’ve had missteps here and there, and a divide amongst the fanbase as a result, but one can’t deny the importance of this series and how long it’s endured.

But…I still would like Capcom to kill one of the heroes! No one is immune to death after all…

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  • Xuchilpaba

    I always liked how RE had supported and informed their story through its gameplay. RE was one of those games that made me hunt every backstory related things. I mean it was interesting the whole close relation between the games. Seeing zombie Brad in RE2, revisiting RPD in RE3, Birkin’s note about ‘renegade’ Wesker, visiting your big brother’s office and commenting about his disorganized desk, there’s a piece of gun on Barry’s desk which he’s known as a gun nut. Things like this, little details made Resident Evil’s universe interesting. they’ve have made it a universe in the first place. Not just plot. The Plot alone is uninteresting and useless.

    • TH3J4CK4L

      Yeah the little details made the game. The storyline held up to about Code Veronics and then it went nuts in all directions with titles contradicting even its already established storyline. Re3 for some reason was my all time favourite.maybe because of the opening scenes and the introduction of the Umbrella mercs.

  • Andy

    The first video was on the good days of RE then it all went down hill after that.


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