Check out Resident Evil 5’s Kijuju in Umbrella Corps


The next Resident Evil release is coming in just a few months. Umbrella Corps will be released sometime in May for PlayStation 4 and PC. The game offers a melting pot of various key locales from the series. We’ve already seen a substantial focus on the Umbrella labs along with Resident Evil 4’s village through the trailers. Now we have some new images that show off another location.

Resident Evil 5’s Kijuju will also be featured in the game, and the images below give you a look at the map and its enemies. Check it out.


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  • Henrikm

    I wonder if the majini and Ganados gonna be smarter then the average zombie.

    Ofcourse they are but what I mean if they are not affected by the jamming device that can be used on the zombies seen in trailers,the one that is makin zombies somewhat non hostile until destroyed,

    • John-Paul Conway

      Nice question but I think I have the answer. On the official site it says that these majini are lesser versions of those seen in RE5 and as such are less intelligent. So I assume the jammer will work. Also if you want to see some footage of this map in action head over to the official umbrella corp website.

    • John-Paul Conway

      Also the website seems to randomly show off the maps so there is a one in four chance you will get to see the RE5 map


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