Capcom’s Resident Evil 15th anniversary video shows us what lies ahead

Capcom has just (finally) released a video celebrating Resident Evil’s 15th anniversary. Not only that, but the video also shows us snippets of footage from the upcoming titles in the franchise that have been announced thus far. So yes, we do get our first look at Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica X in their updated HD versions. We also get a slightly extended look at the end of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City’s teaser trailer, the part with Leon in a remade scene from Resident Evil 2. So without further delay, check out the video below:

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  • Chris

    Ah yes! A finally an extended trailer. Gonna watch it now xD

  • Can’t wait for some mercs man.

  • Chris

    It was just like 5 seconds for operation raccoon city xD and yeah it looks cool multiplayer in re4 mercenaries I’ve been wanting that since I used to play that game xD


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