Breaking down some more Resident Evil Revelations videos

IGN is still at it, continuing their coverage of Resident Evil Revelations’ early hours. This time we get more, actual, cut-scenes as opposed to just gameplay footage like we’ve been receiving before. There’s nothing really spoiler-heavy here as it’s all stuff we already know about to some extent, so feel free to view the videos below. And I think you definitely should, since they’re downright awesome and make the wait for February 7 even harder. So, let’s commence breaking these new videos down, shall we?

Who would’ve thought that the BSAA would be taking a page out of Samus Aran’s book? Well, it sure seems that way, thanks to the Genesis Scanner. I still can’t get over how satisfying, and helpful, it is to actually use this new item in the game. It works just how you would imagine it to, and should be really familiar to fans of the excellent Metroid Prime trilogy: you simply bring out the device and scan away. You can scan enemies as well as objects that may be housing some hidden items. Those eager to seek out everything in the game should have their hands full thanks to the scanner, and I’m sure it’ll be used in very interesting ways as we get deeper into the game. Also, the problem of running out of ammunition and health supplies is somewhat remedied by being able to scan for some hidden supplies. So, if you find yourself completely at a loss of supplies, make sure to scan around you!

This next video gives us one very awesome throwback to the original Resident Evil’s intro, specifically when Joseph picked up a severed hand holding a gun (then being killed by dogs…). Here we see Jill taking part in that very same act, after detecting an item underneath all that Ooze residue (yuck). And would you look at that! One of the Ooze just pops out from behind Jill after she picks up the severed, gun-wielding, hand. The creature then gets downed, though. You will be remembered…This is most likely a very, very early scene from the game, possibly after the opening cinematic which we’ll get to shortly.

This is a video we’ve already seen through the Queen Zenobia’s official site back when it first launched, albeit with some new additions. We see more of the FBC here, with Parker and Raymond being shown in panic amidst Veltro’s terrorist attack on the aquatic city of Terragrigia. We also see O’Brian with Morgan, as well as a Hunter disintegrating after the FBC opts to use the very satellite that’s been keeping the city up and running the whole time to destroy it completely, ceasing any chance of another viral outbreak like what happened in Raccoon City.

I can’t get enough of these two guys. Quint and Keith may seem like characters that are better off not being part of a game like this, but still, their combined effort to bring about a good dose of comic relief is more than welcome. Here we see the pair of BSAA operatives checking out some security footage, looking at what seems to be the plane that leads to the snowy crash site…before it crashes. It seems that Veltro units were actually trying to escape, with Hunters coming in and leading to the plane’s crash (it didn’t get much air time). And speaking of Hunters, we see a bit more of them, specifically the invisible ones.

Okay, okay, let’s get this out of the way first: there’s no ghosts in Revelations. Quint and Keith are just poking fun, but you must admit that Hunters with the ability to turn invisible are just as frightening, if not more. As we know, players will have to utilize the Genesis scanner in order to be able to see said foes. If not then, well…you’re f*cked. We also see one of the Veltro victims drop something as they’re being flailed around in the air by one of the Hunters. Perhaps that’s a key we’ll have to obtain?

And here’s the game’s opening cinematic. It all starts with a peaceful boat ride to the Queen Zenobia, where a good chunk of the game is set to take place on. Jill and Parker’s main objective is to find Chris, whose last-known coordinates place him aboard that very ship. But, as we all know, things will go bad quickly, and the pair will end up being faced with conspiracies galore. I’m glad to see that Revelations is Jill’s game, with all the other characters filling in supporting roles. And I don’t know about you, but I love me some Jill Valentine any day of the week.

Well there you have it! If IGN decides to post some more videos (they probably will) then you can rest assured that we will be breaking them down, piece by piece. Did you notice anything I may have left out? If so, let me know in the comments below!

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  • Red-Dragon-Cro

    “It´s a poltergeist!” hahahaha XD

  • Lex

    I’ve been following Revelations since it was announced like most of us. For a 3DS game, it looks good, better than most of the stuff made for Wii & it can only end up looking better by launch. I’m still not feeling the shift to fps during combat, I get that it’s done due to screen sizing issues & the touch screen use but I still hope you have the choice between first person or over the shoulder type.

    Last, still not feeling Jill’s new voice at all. Was hoping it was just a hold for the trailers but it seems to be the final product.

  • Takaki

    Listen everyone I hate to say this but the Biohazard series has finally declined. This is even less Resident Evil than RE5 was and if you can’t see that then your in denial like I was at the start. The characters are so comic stereo types that I can’t even stand it. And I thought this game was single player, but it looks like that fag Parker is going to follow you around the entire game killing the horror. This is so bad and unless Shinji Mikami makes another game, I’m done with these sequels. I’m just going to play all the other RE games before 5. Sorry but you all know this is the truth, and Capcom just wants your money.

  • KoRnCreep

    Agree with Takaki
    1st trailer released for Revelations gave me some hope and it looked far better, but now the more I see it the more I hate it.
    I`m giving Capcom one more chance with RE6…

  • Elyssa

    I wasn’t too keen on the “invisible hunters” (they’re cute & look like large bubbles) at first but I do like the fact that it further pushes for reasons to use the Genesis scanner. & Although I still admit I’m extremely excited for this game & still have high expectations for it, I have to agree with Takaki as far as Parker following you around goes. I was hoping he would only be around on certain parts of the game but its looking like he’s leashed to Jill the entire time which puts a bit of a damper on the horror aspects.

  • Elyssa

    Also, my bf & I were just discussing the very first trailer released for this game (Chris tied to the chair, Chris & Jill holding guns to each others heads, ZOMBIES!!)… & it looks NOTHING like the game we’re seeing today. As I stated before, I’m still really excited for this game because its a Resident Evil game with key characters to the series… but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit disappointed the game doesn’t seem to be turning out the way the first trailer portrayed it to be.

  • Smiley

    It’s not a return to form. It’s another version of RE4. Only replace villagers with creatures called “ooze” and instead of invisible bugs we have invisible hunters. Other clips I’ve seen include a boss battle where the objective is to lure him near explosive canisters, shoot them so he’s weakened, run close to perform a melee attack, rinse and repeat.

    Consider how the characters in the Resident Evil remake took the situation seriously. The humor was light and the characters you interact with didn’t have direct contact with you. It all added to a single player experience that made the game scary.

    Having a couple of characters together to joke around with each other (Quint/Keith, Chris/Jessica) doesn’t make the game scary. They’re mocking the creatures trying to be funny.

    The game play might be fun because it certainly looks to capture that RE4 over-the-shoulder feel, but it doesn’t look or sound like a classic title based on these clips.

  • KoRnCreep

    OK 1st sorry for posting this here but this cant be true…



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