RE4 PC Edition footage appears online


We’ve gone over this. Resident Evil 4: Ultimate HD Edition is a thing that is happening in the near future.  Meaning that you will soon be able to play a game that will truly test the limits to the distance that your lower jaw can drop from your face without physically removing said jaw and hurling it across the room.

OK, I confess.  Maybe I’m not as thrilled about another port of Resident Evil 4 as I should be.  But…I can already play Resident Evil 4 on the Playstation 3, the Playstation 2, the Xbox 360, the Nintendo Wii the Nintendo GameCube, the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod Touch.  Oh, and also the PC.  Still no support for the Playstation Vita though, but…there’s always next year, right?

For some people (such as yours truly) these videos aren’t exactly going to impress.  What about you?  Resident Evil 4 will always be a good game, but with a bit of a visual upscale, a new control scheme and some Steam Achievements, will it be good enough to buy again?


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  • Earthbound_X

    It’s already had about 2-3 other PC versions, I doubt anyone is really excited for this.

  • Thomas

    ……. okay once again….. enough with the RE 4 ports, rehashes, re-releases & re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-releases already. How about actually giving us HD versions of REmake & RE0 (yes they would require more work/edits to make that possible but that doesnt mean its impossible…….

    Yes RE4 is a good game (its not an Resident Evil game period) but there are others RE games out there CAPCOM. Hell i´ll even settle for a remake of RE2 + RE3…….

  • Andrey Martim

    I’m not a huuuuuuuuuuge RE4 fan as I’m with the other RE’s (Mainly the 1 and the 3) but I playied it lots of times in PS2 and PS3… However, if Capcom is going to port RE4 why not to PSVita or WiiU? And where is the Resident Evil “Origins” HD? Please Capcom, since CODE/4HD the RE fans where asking for a HD port with Zero and REmake, and they not even talk about it, just lauching ports and reports (Ultra Street Fighter IV? CAPCOM PLEASE!).

  • Koulamatata

    The Gamecube version was good enough. Looked great and played great.
    How’s about you do RE2 instead, Capcom.

  • Wojciech Olczyk

    looks like PROPER pc port… finally… now make HD port of REmake and RE0

  • ShadowOne333

    Why even give more candy to a port that already has good graphics and all the extras in PC?

    Give me RE5: Gold Edition on the PC, or just make the DLC extras available on the PC and then we’ll talk
    Same for RE6.

    Damn you Capcom.

    • Diego Siqueira

      What?! RE4 on PC always been the worst version ever done, PS2 version was already a worsened port from the Gamecube version, then capcom does the porting based on the PS2 version, and done very badly. Is the crappiest version ever. A decent RE4 on PC was needed since long ago!

      I got my hopes all high when they announced REVeronicaHD and RE4HD for PS3, but was all a delusion…

      I couldnt be happier with this HD version, despite owning all RE4 versions excluding the PS3 HD.

      • ShadowOne333

        But the PC port already had a patch that made the graphics in par with that of the Wii version.

        Hell there are even texture packs to make it HD, there is no need for this so called “remake”, which is nothing but grabbing a bunch of texture packs by fans and pasting them in the right folder. There, make money now Capcom.

        I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but to mee PC gamers have always got the bad face when we are talking about Capcom PC ports. See RE 5, PC gamers never got Lost In Nightmares, the Mercenaries Reunion or anything else. Just the basic RE 5 release and that’s it.

        Give all your ports a decent treatment, Capcom. No special port deserves a VIP treatment…

        • Diego Siqueira

          I agree with your last statement, we really never got those extras from RE5 and RE6 (guessing, dont know how many DLCs this one has, i know is many…)

          But you must see like this:
          Those packs are very badly done, and i wont mean the textures/graphics itself, i mean in a programming point of view. Is a mess, you have to unpack the game files with a tool, get the folders, replace the needed files and even so, not everything is able to change like the Menu/StartScreen. The game’s executable wasn’t optimized for that so it lags a lot if certain features are used like ENB. The cutscenes are exactly as in PS2, videos instead of rendered like in GameCube.

          They fixed all those things by exception of Ada’s missions where the cutscenes are still videos (i guess they lost the source files or never had them to begin with, they just done a movie since this was a PS2 only thing)

          AHHH that patch you mentions wont helps much besides fixing a few game bugs, it wont raises any quality at: Gameplay, graphics, texture, sounds,etc

          • ShadowOne333

            Yeah, it’s quite bad since I own RE5 for PC and never really got to play those extras since I don’t have a 360 or PS3.

            Never really guessed the PC port was still quite a mess after those patches.

            Well, it’s ok if they just released like a pack with the extras and patches for the PC version, but I still find it quite greedy for them to release ANOTHER PC version, adding just some Hi-res textures and putting the HD title over it just to get some more bucks out of it.

            The demon for the capital sin of Greed is now known as CAPCOM.

          • Diego Siqueira

            Same… I still need to see RE5Gold…

            Yes, the PC port is quite a mess.

            Yeah, what you said would be good/preferable but not affordable. I think it would be something like a PS3 update (i guess was Dead Rising 3) that had 13GB and from those 13GB, only 1Gb was new content, the rest was fixes/restructured file system for the new content. For me with a speed of 120Kb per download…. would take at least 2 weeks to get it…

            LOL HAHAHA i wouldn’t go that far but yeah, is not wrong either xD

          • ShadowOne333

            Yeah it sucks that PC gamers are deprived of the console extras, while we all know that PC gaming will always be superior in all extent.

            Well that case you could just “pay” for the extras and download them when you are online. Something like a torrent download of some sort, so the download doesn’t stop whenever a connection issue occurs.

            Whatever way it is, I don;t like this.
            Capcom is literally milking everything they can out of my poor old GC RE 4…
            I mean come on:
            Gamecube, Playstation 2, Wii, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, iPhone, iPad, IPod Touch, PC, PC HD release now?

            RE-lease 4: Ultimate HD Wii Edition is what we are lacking.

            I think I need to play RE4 on my toaster too. Capcom, can you make a port for it too?

          • Diego Siqueira

            Yeah, sucks very much u.u …

            Ahh i see what you mean, could work well, still, poor of me and people with very slow speed connections u.u …

            Agreed, we are missing just on Android.

            LOL Wii with HD, would be cool, give us capcom *-* (sarcasm)

            If Wii had a better resolution and antialiasing at 2x instead of a GC modified, RE4Wii would be by far the best version, is very easy to play with the WiiMote+Nunchuck. (Wii is nothing but a GC with better and smaller hardware in all terms you can think of)

          • ShadowOne333

            Yes, could work well, but since Capcom doesn’t give a damn about their customers and fans, i is not being implemented.

            Dont worry, give it a few years and we’ll see RE 4 on Windows Phone and Android, really freaking soon.

            Why not even release the Ultimate HD version of CV and Re 4 on Wii U with Wiimote compatibility?
            Could work great but noooooo because Wii U is struggling.

            People seem to be forgetting that Nintendo hasn’t released any First party proper title.
            Wait for the next Zelda and Smash, you will see how the Wii Us will blow off the shelves…

            Ooops, off topic.

            Yeah, RE 5 Gold PC Edition. Please :3

          • Diego Siqueira

            Yeah, pretty please :3


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