PSA: How to Best Run Silent Hill 2-4 on a Modern PC

If you’re trying to run any of the Silent Hill franchise games on a PC, you’re probably going to run into a buttload of technical problems, due to the games aging without any official support. Luckily, the modding community has come up with a few simple wrappers that are getting really recent updates to make theย titles run beautifully — perhaps better than they ever have on the desktop.

If you’re looking to revisit these titles — or are finally going back to catch up on entries you may have missed — check out some of these github files and the related instructions.

This is a pretty delightful invitation to revisit some excellent games, which I’ve only played on consoles before. I can’t wait to see what kind of nonsense I can get into when my PC recovers from its most recent terrible crash. And if you’re a fan that absolutely hates what Konami did to Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3 in the HD Collection, this may be your best bet at an HD version of these games.

You can download the mods from GitHub and the like here:ย Silent Hill 2,ย Silent Hill 3,ย Silent Hill 4. Be sure to keep up to date on any new mod advancements for these classics by bookmarking the NeoGaf thread dedicated to the topic as well.

Check out some of these photos from the team behind the graphics upgrades. Cool, huh?

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  • Henrikm

    I always wanted to try out Silent hill book of memories but there is no chance I guess???

    Heared somewhere a PC port existed but not seen anything about it.

    I still play Silent hill series time to time one of my favourite think I have 3 on PC aswell.

    Otherwise I have the original ps versions.

    • Swifty07837

      Can’t see book of memories getting a port since it uses the PS Vita’s rear touchpad, not sure how you could imitate that, its a good game with many of the enemies and weapons from different silent hill games, but its not survival horror, more a silent hill themed dungeon crawler

      • Henrikm

        Yeah seen som playthroughs on Youtube,yeah I don’t know if I would have liked it have played some dungeon crawlers in my days like Diablo series and Torchligh and others.

        Just wanted to test out anything silent hill related but I guess this will be one of those that evades me.

        Like the recent Fatal Frame titles ๐Ÿ™


    • Brodequin

      SH Arcade was unofficially ported to PC by fans in February 2014:

  • Brodequin

    Silent Hill 2 – first that should be done after game installation is installation of Silent Hill 2 Modern Compatibility Fix:

  • Brodequin

    I would add Silent Hill Homecoming tweaks/graphic enhancement mods here:

    1. ENB series graphics enhancement patch –
    2. Button Icons Replacement/ Film Grain Remover patcher –
    3. To avoid loading screen freeze bug DO NOT make game running in any of compatibility modes

    • Jeremy Kaminski

      Duuudddddeeeeeeeeee! Thanks so much! I loved SH Homecoming, I feel it was the last installment that had the SH vibe!

      • Brodequin

        No problemo ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Xuchilpaba

    Use ThirteenAG and Aero_’s wrapper instead, for SH2. It’s more up to date:

    And according to the author the next release of sh3proxy will fix Low res DOF which awesome.

  • Jeremy Kaminski

    Totally downloading SH4 right now to try this out, haven’t played it in years. A lot of fans may dislike that installment but I really enjoyed it. Also, I’ve played 1, 2 and 3 way too much.

    • Brodequin

      I enjoyed SH 4 too. In fact, i enjoyed all of them ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Jeremy Kaminski

        I also enjoyed them all but Downpour just didn’t feel like a true SH game, it was creepy and a fun game but it just didn’t fit in the franchise.

        • Brodequin

          Yeah, Downpour was not as good as it could be. Still it has it’s great moments ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Xuchilpaba

            Like all the toilet flushing in grace, door opening in that technicality, old hags jumping behind your back majestically, that interactivity, that art design, unforgettable moments ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Brodequin

            Hehehe, well said

  • Henrikm

    Silent hill I still remember the first time heard about the series.

    I was already into Resident evil series and played those to death.

    One day on the bus too school I heard some classmates talking about a game similar too resident evil but way more scarier especially the school area..I picked up the name Silent hill.

    I bought the game a few days later had to check this one out.

    To be honest,the first playthroughs was fails,I never was good reading clues so never picked up the key in the doghouse.

    So couple of days I just ran around town wasting ammo on the monsters in town wondering where to go.

    I did like the atmosphere and though Silent hill is pretty linear I thought it was very cool to enter buildings with no real significant maybe some ammo,health item or cool note or message.

    So yeah never made it past dog house,so I put the game on hold but not for long really wanted to see that creepy school area all was talking about.

    So yeah picked it up soon again,started reading clues better and eventually made it too school and it was as great as I imagined it too be.Never regret returning to to the game..

    I remember when fans was on the forums posting various theories about the titles.Especially about the 4 first ones seemed to calm around homecoming sadly.

    Ah memories.


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