P.T. Completely removed from PSN; Delete and lose it forever

That’s right, kids. This craziness is not over. We all thought we’d be safe and able to download P.T., the playable teaser for the now cancelled Silent Hills, once it was delisted from PSN as long as we added it to our accounts, but reports suggest otherwise. Both Kotaku, Polygon, and upset fans have noticed that P.T., unlike any other download that gets delisted but remains available for re-download through PSN account history, is totally gone. Deleted. Lost forever.

In other words, if you don’t have P.T. already on your PS4’s HDD, you’re out of luck, myself included. Having put the game in my download history via the PlayStation Store website did not matter, and it won’t for anyone else. Konami has gone ahead and ensured that P.T., and by extension Silent Hills, becomes a distant memory. Gamer parents will tell their kids when the PlayStation 6 is current gen about P.T., as if it was a legend.

“It was the greatest horror game never made.”

“Why did they delete, Daddy?”

“Because, son, because … life can sometimes be unfair. Now take your Freddy Fazbear and get to bed. You have school tomorrow.”

[Source] [Image: Polygon]

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  • RiesenRatte

    do I have to worry about them wiping PT from my Harddrive through system updates? Might have to take my PS4 offline then

  • D.j. Maupin

    Wonder how long before they start putting copyright claims on YouTube videos. I mean its the logical next step.

  • With P.T. still on my harddrive… I wonder if my PS4 is now worth more money… #flappybird

  • Darklurkr23

    Nooo Nooooo my Batman PS4 isn’t here until June!

  • Michael James Tabbut

    Whelp, Konami is no longer dead to me, instead they have my ETERNAL HATRED! GO TO FUCKING HELL KONAMI!

  • Manuel Eduardo Koegler

    I want to know how to make a backup of my copy, just in case.
    And yeah, Konami can go f*ck itself.

  • Liam Mountain

    Konami really don’t want to make money off the silent hill franchise .

  • Nico Varela

    you know the world is upside down when they cancell games like this, and keep doing games like night at freddy or slenderman horror style. nothing bad for those games, but their just a bunch of crappy jumpscares and gore and very predective

  • Nico Varela

    you die as THQ or live long enough to become KONAMI

  • Shane

    I’ll remember it for what it was, a well done tech demo that may or may not have actually been a great final product.

  • Thomas

    ……. here a kicker there are pictures of someone showing that there is a time limit to how long you have access/can play the PT demo. So after the time limit expires silent hills will be no more…….

  • Andy McCarthy

    P.T. is still in my download history even though I don’t have a PS4 yet, I wonder how long till they remove it from my list. Hopefully they forget about me…..

  • Andy

    Not just Konami but all 3rd parties are dying slowly and so is Japanese gaming. There needs to be another crash and fast.


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